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  1. I play 17 plays in first and third quarter, 18 int 2nd and 4th. I found I get realistic scores for games doing this. I keep stats. I will add my score sheet later today. I have all teams in home and away uniforms and I have just started the first season for Super Bowl 1.
  2. I just wish the supply would get back so that companies could sell their products and we could enjoy what they are bringing to our table.
  3. Saw a rumor on Facebook that more college teams would be available here from Tudor. That is awesome!!! My question is will college fields be available for the teams that you will have, when they go on sale?
  4. Thanks for the update. Hearing that makes me smile and hopefully it continues. I personally enjoy having you around to help bring reasonable priced products to the hobby. Looking forward to seeing updated paint schemes and new products. (scoreboards, updated refs painted and painted chain gangs would be awesome!!) Thanks Walt
  5. Was curious when your expecting teams back in and stadium. Lots of items are out of stock, which I guess is good thing.
  6. Was curious when your expecting teams back in and stadium. Lots of items are out of stock, which I guess is good thing.
  7. Tudor you have done awesome. I order 3 teams from on Dec 8th made it to Greensboro NC by the 12 and they have been trying to get 30 miles west ever since. I believe I could have walked 30 miles and back in 12 days. The USPS has dropped the ball bad during the 2020 holiday season.
  8. RickLM30 I agree just because a team changes its uniform does not always male it look better sometimes but not always.
  9. im getting batter at paints stripes but use decals for detail on helmets makes them look so much better
  10. I enjoy Tudor new boards i personal prefer the medal field though
  11. I have adopted from another set of rules( Beenutt) using gunners. The gunners are 2 guys, i usually use wide outs, unblocked run the board for 3 to 4 seconds depending on which give best results. Stop board the receiving team gets the ball 10 yards from furthest gunner down filed. You can then pivot all unengaged players toward ball for tackle or blocking or take a fair catch.
  12. Ravenna Al yes I will be playing the AFL and NFL season to have each Champ meet in Super Bowl 1. Finalizing my rules how many plays per quarter I will be using. Playing 11 men team, one figure will be 1 on offense and play another while on defense. Looking forward to the games beginning.
  13. About a month or so away from playing the 1966 NFL. Going to replay entire season. I got the Giants to paint and decaling left on Dolphins in Dark and will be ready to roll
  14. Arrived today!!! Cleveland Browns in all brown (pants and jersey) KC Chiefs in Dark unis Cowboys in both White unis Packers in both Dark unis Vikings in Dark unis they look awesome!!!! Thanks
  15. Thanks for the link. The new teams look awesome!!! The field covers I’m glad you have, installing my first one from Tudor Games tomorrow. Can not wait to see how it runs.
  16. Is there any way to get a list of when the teams that are out of stock will be available again?
  17. Keeping an eye out looking for teams to come. Ready to order some teams.
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