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  1. Nice! You have the NFL 100 Logos and the old color scheme for the Seahawks. Do you have a team in that uniform aswell?
  2. Thanks. It's my favorite team aswell. Is there a chance that Tudor get some other facemask sheets? I don't need all the classic facemasks for now so I would love to have some modern variations and most of all a full sheet with modern ones.
  3. So I decided to make my own and because I wanna make Super Bowl specific teams I can make Super Bowl patches, Nike Logos, the bumpers, Flag and Super Bowl sticker on the helmet as well as gloves and shoes individual for every player. I decaled up my very first figure, it isn't perfect but for my first experience with decals I think it's quite nice. I still need zu reconstructer my shoe decals they didn't fit. Now I have to paint over the edges of my decals to make them look cleaner, add chinstrap als facemask and seal it with a matt coat I hope that I can get rid of the sheen that way.
  4. I tried to order them and also a Field Cover but I can't because I'm from Germany and I get this Message
  5. So I finally got my hands on the Ritterlich Blue and painted the first figure. I think that's just right for my Seahawks team. On the left is Ritterlich Blue and on the right is Brilliant Blue. Now I have to paint the rest of the team and try myself in decals for the first time. Have somebody experience in making his own decals?
  6. Thanks that's one of the better painted figures. I already painted the whole team but now I have to go over the pants and helmets again. I decided to paint it Ritterlich Blue. Void blue looks a little bit darker that would be better for a Bears or Texans team. And I found out that the old handpainted teams Tudor says what similar colors were used and for the Patriots, Chargers, Seahawks...it's Ritterlich Blue. @NO Dave: no I made the towel out of Green Stuff. It's great to make accessories or customizing figures. I used it alot on this team. Towels, Handwarmers and Hair.
  7. Hello I start this topic to exchange the experience from the Tudor Master Series Paints. I hope that everyone who used this paints could contribute. I'm going to make a Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII team so I bought the Brilliant Blue and Pale Green as recommanded on Tudors website. The Pale Green looks really good in my opinion but the Brilliant Blue is a little to bright. This is also recommanded for the Patriots and Broncos. Have someone made one of those teams and used that paint? I probably paint over with Ritterlich Blue which was recommanded for the Bears and Texans but as of late they changed those teams to Void Blue. So I'm confused and want to know other opinions. Here is a picture of my painted Mike Rob figure.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to this hobby and to this forum. I want to introduce myself and tell you about my complicated start to all of this. My name is Marco, I'm 33 years old and I'm from Germany and that's were the problems begin. Couple years ago I found out about this hobby on YouTube and I liked it so much that I want to buy a game but there is no chance over here in Europe and shipping from the States is expansive. But last year I found a Deluxe set on Amazon com for an OK price including shipping. I was so happy when it finally arrived but the box was crushed and so the game board inside. I sent it back again I had to pay a lot of money for shipping. I got a replacement and finally it came in good condition. Unfortunatelly I couldn't get the speed cleats to work. So I ordered some TTC bases and a Mean 13 Pro Pack plus facemasks and chinstraps from tudor because I want to make some custom teams. Again shipping is quite expansive and it took about 8 weeks to deliver mostly because they held it in customs and I had to pay some custom fees on top. I liked the bases and mean 13 so much that I made another order from tudor. Again some more mean 13 and TTC bases. Same procedure this time but as I opened the first mean 13 pack there was one Lineman missing, only 12 figures included. The lineman are the biggest reason to buy those figures that was a big let down. The other packs were complete. Had anybody else such a problem with those? And that's my story so far it was like a Rollercoaster ride. At the moment I'm working on my first custom team I already made some custom figures. I'll post some pictures when I'm done. Thanks for reading my long story and I hope my english is good enough for you to understand. I'm looking forward to have a lot of fun with you guys.
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