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Getting TE open

Greg F

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One option is to put him backwards on a TTC base set to run an arc to the outside.

(Edit: TE figure is facing forward; the base is backwards so he moves away from the LOS first before coming around and heading downfield.)

Sometimes I have the WR outside the TE on the line, so the TE is off the line (our league this is five yards back).

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I usually set up my TE on or close to the O line as an extra blocker, and at times adjust his base to curl in order to provide a quick outlet receiver should the QB be under pressure. Another thing I'll do is stack receivers so that the front receiver will take on the DB and leave the back receiver to potentially run free; with potentially being the operative word. 🙄 The problem with that is some defenses instead of stacking DBs to counter that measure will shift one DB to rush the QB, in other words, blitz. It's a chess game to be sure.

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All very good suggestions!! First thing I do is to put him on a Round Front Base. Rookie or TTC Dial, doesn't matter. Can be tweaked to run straight or curve to the right or left or set the dial to give him a specific direction. It really boils down to the rules you are using for setting formations and the restrictions you are placing on player set up and pre snap player adjustment. You are playing solitaire. Get creative and don't limit yourself to too much. These are the ideal bases for TE's in my opinion. 


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It really boils down to the rules you are using for setting formations and the restrictions you are placing on player

I follow Coach Shawn's suggestion for homefield advantage and allow an extra pivot to a TE to get off the line of scrimmage and get open faster. Hope that makes sense. Blessings, Curt

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8 hours ago, Greg F said:

does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the TE off the line of scrimmage to get open?

This is one of those claw-your-your-brains out decision. 🤪

If the TE is strong and can sustain a block, then the TE is not getting open for a pass.

If the TE easily gets open for a pass, then the TE can't sustain a block.

There doesn't seem to be a middle ground, that is, a TE that can chip a defender, catch the pass, and then take the pass straight down the field for a Touchdown.

I've had the best luck with single-direction bases (Tudor calls them Rookie bases but I don't have a clue who thought of that misnomer) or Standard bases as ITZ calls them. In my mind the perfect TE is so strong that the TE actually turns the defensive player to the outside and then races past the defender and down the hash marks. #98 of the Oughtin' Otters is just such a Tight End.


Quick and the Dead Free Safety #29 is one of my best at man-to-man coverage players.

Video Description

Both player are capable of pushing 22 grams which is 4 times their weight (and that isn't accounting for friction!). I used dice because I figured dice are something every home has and that way coaches can determine the strength of the two players in the video.

Oughtin' Otters TE #98 runs very fast and very straight as demonstrated in the 50 yard dash.

Head to head Oughtin' Otters TE #98 stops Quick and the Dead Free Safety #29 (the chip) at the Line of Scrimmage. Then TE #98 turns #29 to the outside and away from harassing the QB. Finally, TE #98 races down field to catch a Touchdown Pass. The last clip is the whole sequence in slow motion.

I have TTC bases that can do what #98 does in the video but in my experience they are rare.

Enjoy the Journey    T43.   🏈♾️

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