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Favorite EF moments or Games...?


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Ladies and Gentle Dudes, 
Hope all is well with you. Thinking about our wonderful hobby while playing yet another game. Still trying to catch up season 19 from delays caused by COVID! The regular season games should complete by Christmas, but Season 19 Post-season games will most likely have wait until after New Year's Day. 😞 Finishing those games and then completing season 20 by Christmas 2024 should not be a problem if I continue with my aggressive minimum 1 to 2 quarters per day schedule to put myself back on track.
Many exciting games have come and gone but today's game with Tampa Bay hosting Indianapolis was incredibly intense, one I'll remember for a very long time. It was quite the fight. Tampa scored first to have a 7-0 lead. Indianapolis quickly made it 8-7. Tampa bounces back to regain the lead 13-8 and after Indianapolis threw an interception, they allowed Tampa to drive some more, upping their lead further to 20-8. Indianapolis re-volleys to make it 20-16. This time Tampa draws a turnover card and it was Indianapolis, taking advantage of the opportunity to drive themselves to another touchdown making it 23-20. You may have guessed it, Tampa not being done, tied it up at 23-23 and so it ended up going into overtime. Neither team was able to score anything else and so while overtime games are fairly rare, unresolved overtime games are even more rare. 🙂 
I think this will certainly go down in the record books as one of my favorite games. 
With my Ultimate sized board, running 80+ yards for touchdowns are rare too. I love those infrequent "surprises" that do come along once in a while. All that to ask coaches to tell us about some of their favorite EF play or game memories. 🙂
Blessings to all, Curt

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My greatest moment in EF came years ago playing in the first National High Voltage Football League (NHFL) postseason tournament. I was the #16 seed playing against the #1 seed, Coach Lavell Shelton, an EF Legend. I won the coin toss and elected to receive the kickoff. My KR returned the opening Kickoff 100 yds for a touchdown. Levell came right back with a touchdown drive and on the subsequent kickoff my KR again ran back the kick 100 yds for a TD. Again Lavell came right back with a score tying drive. Kickoff return #3 and my third 100 yard return for a touchdown. Another scoring drive for Lavell tied the score at 21 all. However, on the 4th KR, he was finally able to stop my KR for a short return and I had to give up the ball on downs which then gave Lavell the opportunity to take the lead which he promptly did. And so ended my greatest EF moment with a 28-21 loss. 

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17 hours ago, Curt said:

All that to ask coaches to tell us about some of their favorite EF play or game memories

Wow. Great question Curt.

I asked my wife which enduring memory I talk about the most and she said, "The Blue Jay / Norsemen Fruit Bowl when we lived in Spartanburg, SC. Definitely that one because Tudor had gone out of business."

Readers' Digest condensed version:

The Blue Jays and the Norsemen were undefeated going into the Fruit Bowl. The Blue Jay running attack ate up yards and the clock. The Norsemen passing attack could score in seconds. In the Fourth Quarter the Blue Jays scored the go ahead Touchdown and about 5 seconds remained in the game. Norsemen #8 returned the kick off to mid-field. A single tick remained on the clock. On the ensuing pass play Norsemen #8 caught the pass at the line of scrimmage and then tippy-toed down the sideline into the End Zone.

Two-point conversion, or Overtime?

I decided on Overtime and the Norsemen won the toss. Norsemen #8 took the Kickoff 100 yards for the win. #8 was the MVP.

Couple years later I traded Norsemen #8 to the Valkyries. In Fruit Bowl #7 the same base and player (different coat of paint) #8 caught 5 passes for 202 yards and two touchdowns. The Valkyries beat another running team, the Shamrock Bay. Once again, #8 was MVP.

I don't know what happened to Norsemen/Valkyrie #8. I don't have a Hall of Fame, except between my ears.

Thanks Curt. I really enjoyed writing that.  Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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Sir nefgm.org, So sorry you lost your game. 😞 Similarly, one of my most vivid [but not happiest] of memories was when my oldest foster girl beat me for the first time. I don't even remember which teams were playing, just the shock that the inevitable actually happened. She was thrilled. I was not.
Sir Daryl, you know that exact idea has crossed my mind before. A stopwatch times my games. NFL rules for clock stoppage guide my league and are easy enough to follow. Once in a blue moon, a ball carrier gets knocked over because they get hit so hard. This gave consideration to the circumstance that should it happen again, the clock would be stopped for what would be called an injury timeout, with that person being replaced for at least one play, yadda, yadda, yadda but I don't have replacement players, so it got passed off as just a thought. This might be valuable to those who do have many players for one team, however.
Sir Terry43, You are welcome for the question. I love hearing all the comments. It is part of what makes the journey so enjoyable. To keep moving forward in the journey is definitely the plan. Blessings to all, Curt 🙂 

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My favorites;

when I got back into the hobby and setup to play my first official season game in years, the Vikings took the opening kick off 100 yards!   What a cool way to start my new league!

Then back in Treasure Bowl IV my opponent was at my 35 yd line, threatening to score on the last play of the first half.    I decided to leave his center uncovered so he would move out and open a hole for my MLB to shoot thru and sack the QB.  It worked perfectly!!!  See the end of the video below.


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6 hours ago, Coach Shawn said:

 I decided to leave his center uncovered so he would move out and open a hole for my MLB to shoot thru and sack the QB.  It worked perfectly!!!

Blitz worked to perfection!

I'm glad you loaded the whole 2nd quarter of Treasure Bowl IV on Youtube and then linked it to the Forum. 😃👍  I watched it twice!

Your editing is fantastic. Love the arrows pointing to the ball carriers, receivers, and events like, "RB is open." 😃👍  Cube transitions was an excellent choice.

The slow motion close up of the safety and receiver going for the ball is like watching Sunday Night Football. 😃👍

Enjoy the Journey.  T43.   🏈♾️

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All right - Let's get into this - 

Photo 1: The beginnings of the Jefferson-Orleans EFL, circa 2004. We played in a wedding hall outside of New Orleans, and we had a good thing going. We were set to have 12 coaches to start the 2005 season, and then Katrina hit. We never again had more than 8 coaches in a season. 

Photo 2: My first JO Bowl win, 2006: I had the Cardinals and beat a very good Bears team on a Field Goal on the final play. 

Photo 3: Tudor Con 14: one of several national tournaments that I got to officiate. 

Photo 4: Scene from the championship game of that tournament. I'm on the far right in stripes. 

Photo 5: Promo for the local league. We had about 25 coaches through our doors in our 14-year existence. 

Photo 6: JO Bowl X, 2016: the third of my championship wins. 

Photo 7: The old league logo - my design, refined by Weirdwolf

Photo 8: The local news story - we did a few of these for the local TV stations. 

Photo 9: Iconic photo from the Miggle Toys Tournament in 2008. 63 coaches, all NCAA rules. Jim Davis won the day on a 2-point conversion over Norbert Revels. 

Photo 10: From JO Bowl IX, 2015, the second of my championship wins. 

It's been a run. This hobby means more when you do more. Go out and meet the community. 

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.06.48 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.07.50 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.10.34 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.11.12 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.04.20 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.02.55 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.01.40 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 1.52.25 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 1.42.15 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 1.46.03 PM.png

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Yet another awesome occurrence. Those who know me are familiar with the as-completely-random-as-possible way my league runs. Another favorite result came up today as the last round of season 19 regular games began. Keeping things as unbiased as possible, I do not look at team stats before their game. This aids in not preferring one team over another from the standpoint of "Well if this team wins, they take division and go to the playoffs" or "This team has no chance of getting to the playoffs so why bother trying to win." Does that make sense? Anyway, the teams are ranked from 1-33 based on W-L record, then Points Scored, then Points allowed if need be. 
Well, my Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Atlanta Falcons 24-22. It left both teams with just 1 loss. Pittsburgh did not take division however because Atlanta ended up having won divisionby an overall 7 points. So Atlanta will go to the playoffs and Pittsburgh will have to wait upon the conclusion of the regular season to see if they earned the best-of-the-second-place team wildcard position to face whoever secures the 11th place division winner. Does that make sense. Hope you enjoyed this. I did. Blessings to all, Curt 🙂 

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On 9/10/2023 at 5:10 PM, Coach Shawn said:

see the whole game

I watched the whole game and really enjoyed it! 😃👍

Your editing keeps the game moving quickly and I enjoyed the occasional cheer. At the end of the Fourth Quarter when the Oiler Looper stops the Bronco RB short of the line to gain. "He got him!" "He got him!" It was thrilling! 

The Broncos had a chance to win the game when they intercepted the Warren Moon pass. For a short time there was hope!

The Orange Crush Broncos' jersey is still my favorite Broncos' jersey. Of course the Oilers' white jersey is like the Dolphins' white and the Cowboys' white, simply iconic.

The strategy of placing a running back behind the stationary QB sort of baffled me. Is that a strategy created by passing sticks? 

Enjoyed the video.    T43.   🏈♾️

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7 hours ago, Terry43 said:

The strategy of placing a running back behind the stationary QB sort of baffled me. Is that a strategy created by passing sticks? 

By placing the RB behind the standstill QB he hoped to gain several advantages;

First he ends up with what is, in effect, an extra standstill player.  Once the RB contacts the QB he usually stops.  This leaves the RB in position for the short red stick pass if no one else gets open.  This backfired at least once when the RB hit the QB but did not stop, but instead he pushed the QB forward and my line got a sack.

   Second, It also forces me to guard against him using the RB to run the ball.

  I believe he abandoned this practice after that season.

Thanks again for the compliments.  It was an exciting game.  I need to get TB v and VI edited and put on youtube.

I won TB V in overtime and Lost TB VI on the last play of regulation!!  Very exciting games.

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