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Running plays from the I Formation is difficult because 4-3 defensive tackles can clog up the middle and the outside linebackers (sometimes called Loopers) come in and make a touch-tackle for lost yardage.

Stop Forward Progress tackling can neutralize fast Outside Linebackers a little but a good Tight End can take the Outside Linebacker right out of the play.

In the attached video the Polaris Tight End #83 is a very weak base. When the motion generator is turned on the Christmas Spirit Weak Side Cornerback #29 pushes Polaris #83 right into the path of the Christmas Spirit Outside Linebacker #48.  BOOM 💥 The weakest player on the field takes out both defensive players.

The video has three examples of the I formation in action. Polaris Halfback #5 is the ball carrier is all three videos. In the first two examples I used slow motion to make it easier to see TE #83 and HB #5. In the third example the Christmas Spirit clog up the middle really good but #5 continues to fight for yards.

Technical Detail:  In all three videos Polaris Center #52 and Polaris Left Guard #68 are adjusted to double team Christmas Spirit Defensive Tackle #66 and Middle Linebacker #54. Polaris Right Guard #69 is adjusted to block Christmas Spirit Defensive Tackle #70 one-on-one. 



The Polaris Fullback #43 can assist #69 with a double team. Coaches prerogative.

Enjoy the Journey. T43 🏈☄️


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Good play Coach. 
The end is executing an “influence block”.  Rather than trying to overpower the LB it’s just enough to divert the defender’s direction to delay the attack. 

If you had a big/heavy package (more TEs), then the LB could have been beaten but the CB would have been able to crash down.  So the LB being stronger isn’t always better. 

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I'm glad your league has rules they agree on. That makes the game fun! Do you allow double-team blocking?

I use stacking like a hammer hitting a nail. I use it on defense and offense. However, I only use stacking two deep which occurs naturally when the safeties run up, or the Middle Linebacker blitzes. Of course, I use it on offense to bump the Middle Linebacker out of the play, or to influence the defense in the wrong direction, like in the video.


I do the Offset I formation also. Frequently I setup the Fullback behind the Tackle and I call that the Upback Formation. They both work the same way but with the emphasis on running through the B gap instead of the C gap.

I use the quarterback as a blocker, rather than pulling the Center, because it is easier to coordinate the Power Sweep.

Enjoy the Journey. T43 🏈


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Hi Commissioner Kinchen. Thanks for the tip. I just bookmarked the Electric Football Playbook in my favorites.

From what I can see in the Dogfish Head video, I think Jim “The Hulk” Davis runs a lot of I-Formation plays.

Thanks. Enjoy the Journey. T43 🏈

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