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29th Championship Game report

Jim Fitzpatrick

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The 29th Championship game (Super Bowl 29) has been won by the Lancers, over the Warriors, 23-7.

The Lancers concluding their 2021 season at 7-2-1, met the Warriors, who finished 6-4, at Warrior Stadium.  This was the fourth championship game meeting of these two teams.  Interestingly, all have been played with Warriors as home team - and the Lancers have won every one.

The first quarter opened with all the auspices of a defensive struggle, as the Warriors made a concerted effort to stop the Lancers' ground game.  In this, they were quite successful throughout the first half, with the longest Lancers' run being a mere 7 yards.  The first quarter ended in a scoreless tie, as both teams' quarterbacks had trouble hitting their open receivers - when they were open.  Coverage was generally quite good for both teams throughout the game.

The second quarter opened with the Warriors moving the ball downfield in an impressive drive.  RB #5 ripped off a 54 yard run, and QB #12 finding the range, and hitting 3 out of 4 passes, the last being an 8 yard TD pass to WR #82, giving the Warriors a 7-0 lead, following the conversion.  The Lancers responded by driving the ball downfield themselves.  QB #6 hit WR #25 on a long pass (only one of three completions he made in the game), and the Lancers advanced to the Warriors' 6 yard line.  But #6 was sacked by SS #30, and the Lancers attempted a FG - which went wide left.  At that point, things seemed to be going the Warriors' way, but suddenly went south.  On third down, inside the 10, #12went back to pass.  No one was open, and the Lancers were getting pressure.  He pitched the ball to #5, who, trapped, reversed his field, trying to avoid the safety.  As he was running left, Lancers' FS #30, fell over (this is considered an injury, and he was out of the game for subsequent plays), but #5 ran right into him, making the score 7-2.  The half soon ended.

The Lancers got the opening KO for the second half, and replacing QB #6 with #9, began a drive in which #9 completed 4 out of 4 passes.  The drive was capped off with #41 running for 3 yards and a TD.  After the conversion, the Lancers held their first lead - which would not be relinquished - in the game, and the momentum shifted.  The Warriors found it increasingly difficult to run the ball, with #5 losing more yardage than he gained (he finished the game with only 56 yards rushing).  The Lancers continued to dominate, and #9 was on a roll, making several key completions.  Late in the third quarter, he drove the ball downfield, and reserve FB #24 broke through the left side of the line for a 37 yard TD run.  The Lancers now had a 16-7 lead.  On the last play of the third quarter, #12 completed a pass to TE #88, who fumbled, and the Lancer's DE #98, quickly running downfield, recovered.

On the very next play (the first play of the fourth quarter), #41 broke through the middle of the line, and scored on a 49 yard run.  With the Lancers now leading 23-7, the Warriors replaced QB #12 with #8, but he too was unable to generate any offense for the team.

#41 led all rushers with 86 yards; #9 (MVP offense) went 7-11 passing in the second half, and provided the spark the Lancers needed; #85 led all receivers with 4 catches.  For the Warriors, #5 had 56 yards rushing, and #82 and #88 were the principal receivers, with 3 catches each.  The Lancers had 3 sacks (2 by SLB #56 and 1 by DE #87), the Warriors only 1.  The Lancers also had the fumble recovery, with dashed all Warrior hopes.  There were no interceptions.  Warriors' #61 (who replaced the injured WLB #91 in the first quarter) was the MVP defense for sealing off the weak side throughout the game.

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I play the game to the conditions that are currently outside.  This game was played in light rain and overcast skies.  I remember the old time games, played on natural grass, that often turned into mudders - for instance, the '64 Giants at Cards 10-10 tie, in which, by the second quarter, all players' numbers were completely obscured.  Those were great times, a classic age!

I'm in the off season now, and the big thing is adding one more player to each team's roster, bringing each team up to 31 players.  To do this, I've been "modifying" certain figures by cutting off and repositioning arms.  Thus, a tackle figure is changed into a LB or S;  running backs become DEs or WLBs.  Thus, each team will be able to field 6 DBs for next season.  The results have been good, and I wish Tudor would consider selling individual figures instead of whole teams.

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On 1/12/2022 at 9:03 AM, Jim Fitzpatrick said:

The 29th Championship game (Super Bowl 29) has been won by the Lancers, over the Warriors, 23-7.

Thanks for the report. I like the names of your teams. I've adopted some non-NFL names for many of my teams.

i.e. Knights in White Satin, Angels of Avalon, Siren of Titan, and Quick and the Dead. 

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