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Dual Purpose Base

TOEPRO Football Kit

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Inside TOEPRO Football 

Less is more

I was always trying to figure out how to do more with less.  How to adapt and overcome.  The answer to somethings are right in front of us. 

In TOEPRO Football, the defense couldn’t replace players so my secondary coverage had disguise itself but also move forward to make plays.  Furthermore, replacing the on field QB for a standstill counted as an audible that didn’t want to waste on a play nor did I want to spend on additional players to achieve this objective. 

In the “20 yards of fame” all kinds of things are happening but I don’t want to spend on things not in football to achieve this. 

BC27A1D1-5CD2-42A7-A519-DC87775F8143.thumb.jpeg.204af1ef1bd4aa50c75e8ed245bd2e89.jpegThe old TTC base had it all the time. The dial tab, seen as a throw away attachment, was the answer right in front of me.


1. Tweaked the base to go forward as desired.

2. Turn the dial 180 degrees.50827163-9202-4515-8826-21CCC61BCB13.thumb.jpeg.75f781c640ec7297b0f807c4902d2aff.jpeg

3. Squeeze the dial tab a little. This increases the dial tab length. Do it until all the prongs come in contact with the surface when closely viewed from the side.CA19B36C-6940-4F36-A7E3-3848F9FFE9E6.thumb.jpeg.82fb3d4b17e54b60fdfe0f23d690e1de.jpeg

4. Rotate dial forward to notice tab no longer touches the field (because of the slightly forward tilt of the base).EEFD42DC-7968-4E17-A627-3A2311A78FE0.thumb.jpeg.10abcd492b1ec0efe801d927ca0204f2.jpeg

This allowed for dial motion (directional and standstill) without additional things added. E7CBBF00-F58F-433A-9025-BC9E71DA9771.thumb.jpeg.fdc736bb577ef84f2c2045936110afaf.jpeg

Now my QB can roll out or stay in the pocket without purchasing another player and my safeties can stay in cover 2 or can sneak down  for run support. All with one base. 

Now I can save money to buy something else. 

From my days as a kid, I offer you this.


Kit Kinchen

Commissioner, TOEPRO Football 

Professional Football on an Electric Field

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