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  1. TOEPRO-Football PAKs V3 with Magnetized Base

    How to make TOEPRO-Football PAKs V3 with Magnetized Base



  2. 2022 TOEPRO Football Rulebook for Tudor Games

    Electric Football Coaches and Commissioners,
    Creating the new 2022 Season TOEPRO Football Rulebook for Tudor Games is a pleasure and truly a labor of love. When professional football change, we change.
    It has changes based on the law and rules of the game.
    This is an inclusive version of The Official Electric Playing Rules of Football.
    Easy to read (16 pages in booklet format) for enjoyment while playing with kids, adults, first time coaches or just returning to game who want to play as close to American Football as possible. Playing by these rules will excite your desire to play the advanced gameplay version as your skills progress.
    As you, the coaches who will try and play TOEPRO Football, find something that needs adjusting, feel free to state your concerns about it. Should your league decide to incorporate some of the procedures, go for it. I would be flattered, not frustrated by it. You helped to create this, enjoy it. I have said that TOEPRO Football has covered EVERYTHING, so the only thing you need to bring is your team and footballs. The same thing a coach brings, along with a game plan, strategy and as much as possible, let the players play.
    There is also a comprehensively written, NFL-formatted, TOEPRO Football Manual and an abbreviated Reference Sheet at the TOEPRO Football page.
    Just download it to your iPad or iPhone.
    From my days as a kid and EF Coaches, now grown up, we offer you this.
    Thank you for your help,
    Korin Kit Kinchen
    Coach, TOEPRO Football
    Professional Football on an Electric Field
    Tudor Games Version-The Official Electric Playing Rules Of-Football.pdf



  3. Create a “hand at apex” passer.

    Create a “hand at apex” passer.



  4. Bengals v. Chargers

    First game of the 1968 Season is in the books with a thrilling 34-30 Chargers victory



  5. Electric Football Strategy Playbook

    The pages in this play book contain all kinds of information vital to planning and organizing a successful scheme for your Electric Football team to run. A football team plays the way it thinks. This is how we think.
    Included in this playbook are:
    1. Basic information about our formation and positions.
    2. A rundown of fundamental plays and defenses.
    3. Brief notes on philosophy of strategy and tendencies.
    4. A lexicon of terminology.
    You are responsible for all the information in this book. You can’t play the game if you don’t understand it, so come back to this book again and again. Listen in on the meetings concerning rules and procedures, take notes when you need to and study hard. If you want to win, you have to pay the price. Don’t beat yourself! Be smart!
    * * * * * * * * *
    This book is property of the football team. It shall be kept on your person, in a locked room or in the trunk of your car. With increased base performance you can achieve many combinations as seen in football. This playbook throughout will illustrate how to run plays as diagrammed in a football playbook with basic directional movement or provide an electric football equivalent to it.



  6. Advanced EF Rules - TOEPRO

    Every league sets their own rules and style of play. We will be adding more rules as they are submitted from different leagues.
         You have now put together your Tudor Games Electric Football set. Now is the time to play it “just like football”. This rulebook will give any electric football coach or league that wishes to play electric football with a ruleset and gameplay just like American football an opportunity to so. I read an entire professional football rule book (every rule, section and article) and put it into a version for electric football. This rulebook highlights the rules, laws, timekeeping measures and scaled distances of professional football. We want coaches to play it. The game can be played with the new scoreboard app or a scoreboard clock.
         In this gameplay, just as it in football, the defensive coach has to defend the field. The offense does not give away the play until it is time to execute. The offensive coach controls the time, read blocking schemes and have an array of passing skills. Special teams are important and included. Played to scaled distances. Returns are possible also. The game moved along quickly and it started with this simple yet profound component. That is, “the OFFENSE knows how and where it wants to attack”. Read the rule book, examine each procedure and try it.
    Korin “Kit” Kinchen
    Coach, TOEPRO-Football



  7. Offical Electric Football Rule Book and Instructions

    Download the assembly instructions and basic rules included with each Electric Football game. Inside, you will find instructions on setting up your board, tips on how to get the most out of your game, and detailed rules to follow. There are even scorecards printed on the last page. Download for free and prepare for battle on the electric gridiron!



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