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Solitaire and Reference Booklet-TOEPRO Football 1.0.0

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I sometimes practiced schemes and plays by myself as a kid to prepare for competition in my neighborhood league.  This, in my later years, became known to me as “Solitaire Gameplay”.  TOEPRO Football is no exception to this case and the same philosophy will be applied to it.

Only teams and a football will determine the fate of the game.  The offense will select its plays and act as an offense does.  We build your confidence in passing, punting and kicking the ball because the ball must fly.  We have created a “tiered results” for beginners to keep play moving along.  A defense will scheme and react also.

The variable is an item used in football…a coin.

The rules are the same as it relates to gameplay.  Leading to an understanding of the laws, rules, rights and privileges of American professional football contained within the TOEPRO Football Rulebook for Tudor Games.  Playing TOEPRO Football at the advanced level with another coach is the ultimate method.  We placed a quick reference to play against a friend, but if you can’t, here is the next best thing until you find someone.

Enjoy and have fun.

From my days as a kid, I offer you this,

Korin “Kit” Kinchen
Commissioner, TOEPRO Football

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