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TOEPRO Football Manual 1.0.0

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About This File

Electric Football Coaches and Commissioners,

Creating the new 2023 Season TOEPRO Football Manual is a pleasure and truly a labor of love. When professional football changes, we change.
Added the articles to mirror the NFLs articles.

Updates as professional football has changed:
     New postseason overtime rules
     Max field goal attempt increased to 66 yards

We also clarified:
Center Audibles
Ball in play QB beyond the LOS actions
     Ineligible Receiver downfield base positioning
     Defensive holding exceptions
     Fumble by moving players only

We also included great ideas from the members:
     Plays per quarter added; two-play warning gameplay

     Broken Tackles coin flip procedure added
     Field positioning standards added
     Intended receiver defined, (PASS to ##); procedures updated
     QB-RB “contact handoffs” procedures added
     Fumble criterion added
     Intended/ineligible receiver downfield relationship clarified
     Offensive pass interference added

It has changes based on the law, rules, rights and privileges of the game of American Football. This is a comprehensively written, NFL-formatted, TOEPRO Football Manual. It’s a fun in-depth read (96 pages) for first time coaches or just returning to game who want to play as close to the National Football League rules as possible.

As you, the coaches who will try and play TOEPRO Football, find something that needs adjusting, feel free to state your concerns about it. Should your league decide to incorporate some of the procedures, go for it. I would be flattered, not frustrated by it. You helped to create this, enjoy it. I have said that TOEPRO Football has covered EVERYTHING. The only thing you need to bring is your team and footballs. The same thing a coach brings, along with a game plan, strategy and as much as possible, let the players play.

There is also an inclusive version of The Official Electric Playing Rules of Football for Tudor Games and an abbreviated Solitaire Reference Sheet at the TOEPRO Football page.
Just download it to your iPad or iPhone.

From my days as a kid and EF Coaches, now grown up, we offer you this.

Thank you for your help,

Korin "Kit" Kinchen
Commissioner, TOEPRO Football

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