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TOEPRO Football Officiating Handbook 1.0.0

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About This File

Electric Football Officials and Coaches, 

Being an electric football official has challenges. We need to know the legal pre-snap actions, at-snap formations and post-snap reactions. We need to keep a watchful eye on action as it takes place. If a foul occurs, share the information and enforce penalties. Being an official has judgment calls that will disappoint coaches and fans. You in electric football will have the same. Just do the best you can with the information provided. 

TOEPRO Football is like the NFL to the maximum extent possible. Meaning it is different, yet not difficult. We want this to be a guide to inform officials (or coaches when competing), of the key observations to ensure proper compliance with the rules. 

We’ll begin before the game starts. From the kickoff to scrimmage to the rare fair catch kick. Then show you the official signs and penalty enforcement. Over time, the casebook will grow to show instances and rulings base the TOEPRO Football Manual. 

The position and responsibilities through words, pictures and diagrams, will assist you to be well prepared to officiate TOEPRO Football games.

It’s not a toy, it’s a game. Just like football.
Aaron “A.J.” Johnson 
TOEPRO Football Officiating Council

We have method of gameplay, let’s play it the right way.
“Jimbo” Dunagan 
TOEPRO Football Officiating Council 

From my days as kid, I offer you this.
Korin “Kit” Kinchen 
Commissioner, TOEPRO-Football 
Professional Football, on an Electric Field

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