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Every league sets their own rules and style of play. We will be adding more rules as they are submitted from different leagues.


     You have now put together your Tudor Games Electric Football set. Now is the time to play it “just like football”. This rulebook will give any electric football coach or league that wishes to play electric football with a ruleset and gameplay just like American football an opportunity to so. I read an entire professional football rule book (every rule, section and article) and put it into a version for electric football. This rulebook highlights the rules, laws, timekeeping measures and scaled distances of professional football. We want coaches to play it. The game can be played with the new scoreboard app or a scoreboard clock.

     In this gameplay, just as it in football, the defensive coach has to defend the field. The offense does not give away the play until it is time to execute. The offensive coach controls the time, read blocking schemes and have an array of passing skills. Special teams are important and included. Played to scaled distances. Returns are possible also. The game moved along quickly and it started with this simple yet profound component. That is, “the OFFENSE knows how and where it wants to attack”. Read the rule book, examine each procedure and try it.

Korin “Kit” Kinchen

Coach, TOEPRO-Football

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