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The NEFGM's Collection of Football and other Misc. Sports and Board games.

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This is the game I probably played the most and enjoyed playing before I ever got an electric football game. Especially loved the pictures of the NFL helmets on the Game Instructions manuel.  An IDEAL All-Pro Football Game made in 1967. Had a price of $3.99 stamped on the side. DSC01917.thumb.JPG.8f30ed9577091acc0419acf2efa1a144.JPGDSC01918.thumb.JPG.9879b31a68915985e6b8e667c5eba763.JPGDSC01919.thumb.JPG.402368ef31a07502da4ebb492f9d68d6.JPGDSC01920.thumb.JPG.839e421f1a718cee227030f551b2553a.JPG 

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Basically you set up teams in offensive and defensive formations. Each team would get 3 moves to advance the ball (offense) or tackle the ball carrier (defense). Offensive and Defensive linemen could only move laterally or vertically. Ends and backs could move laterally, vertically and diagonally. Blocking was done by placing a player of one team on top of the other team player which also eliminated them from making any more moves. The dice were used for passing. Passes were complete if the number on the dice matched the distance to the receiver (# of sqaures) or intercepted if there was a defender on the square that matched the distance. Dice were also used for kickoff, punt and field goal distances. The play was over when a defensive player landed on the ball carrier's square or when the ball carrier was successful in making it to the endzone to score a touchdown.  I will eventually create pdfs of the instruction manuals included with these games. 

My main interest in collecing these games were in the fact that I either owned or played many of these games growing up and that there are many elements of these games that can be used in electric football game play, especially solitiare. Such as offensive and defenseive diagrams. kicking, punting, passing and penalty charts. the distances that I used for my kicking cards actually came from the charts in one of these games. 

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When i was a kid 2 games i played besides electric football was Mattel talking football ( i still have one and the sports caster works ) ...great game....and i also played monday night football the game where u put the long cards in and the result of the play would shine up on the field..still have that one too.....great post....thanks for the memories !

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