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TnPEFL Cross Divisional Playoffs - Round 1 Game 1


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The Game is Over!!! Anyone want to take a guess on the outcome??? The score at the half was Cherokees 13 Titans 7 with the Titans set to receive the 2nd half kickoff, did the Titans pull off the upset and advance to meet the winner of the Game 2 matchup between the Oilers and Bears? OR did the Cherokees maintain their dominance over the Titans with their second win of the season against the #1 team from Nashville. In their only previous meeting of the season with both teams coming into that WK 5 game with identical 1-3 records, the Cherokees beat the Titans 13 -7, holding the Titans scoreless in the second half while scoring 10 points of their own. 

The Official Game Report is written and I have lots of pics. Still processing and editing the pics. MY GUESS is this was anyone's game until the end. Going into the last 2 minutes of the game both teams still had a chance to win. 

STAY TUNED!!!     


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1 minute ago, Ravenna Al said:

The Cherokee are just playing around with the Titans to make them look good. They’ll give Tennessee the Chattanooga Noogie. 


That's what I like the most about you, AL!!! "The Chattanooga Noogie" got to be an end zone dance or song or something  in there somewhere. 

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In the opening game of the Cross Divisional Playoffs Round One, the Chattanooga Cherokees defeated the Tennessee Titans, continuing their dominance over the Titans this season, 23 -14.

 After winning the “coin toss”, the Titans elected to defer to the second half. This was a new rule added for the playoffs. During the regular season, if the coin toss was “heads” the visiting team automatically received the kickoff, it is was “tails” the visiting team automatically kicked off to start the game. Deferring to the second half is a strategic option used by most teams in “present-day” football that gives the team winning the coin toss the first choice of receiving or kicking off to begin the second half, with most teams choosing to receive the kick and therefore hopefully to gain some momentum in the game by having the first possession in the second half.

 The opening kickoff was a touchback giving the Cherokees first possession to begin the game. After 4 rushing plays netting 34 yds, QB Haushalter connected with TE Brown to complete a 41 yd pass for a TOUCHDOWN. The conversion kick was GOOD and the Cherokees jumped out to an early lead, 7 - 0.

 On their first possession of the game, the Titans got all the way down to the Cherokee’s 8 and on the last play of the first quarter missed a 1/G pass to the end zone squandering an opportunity to tie the game up before the quarter ended.  Score at the end of the first period: Cherokees 7 Titans 0.

2nd Quarter

3 plays later and a combined loss of 10 yards on 2 plays, but the ball at the 18 where the Titans attempted a 35 yd field goal. In a rare occurrence of electric football game play, the teams lined up for a field goal attempt and after a 2 second run of the game board, the defensive surge of the Cherokees was able to push back the line of the Titans and cause a Titans player to fall over into the kicker, thus causing the kick to be ruled as a BLOCKED FG Attempt.  No score for the Titans and a turnover to the Cherokees at the spot of the Blocked Kick.

With 1/10 A their own 25, the Cherokees began a five play drive netting 0 yds and with 32 yards needed for a first down, the 4th down punt was shanked traveling only 27yds where the Titan’s Lewis fielded the ball in Cherokees territory near the left sideline and began a 48 yard trek to the end zone for a Titans TD. A successful Conversion Kick tied the score at 7 all. with 3:44 remaining in the half.  

A 16yd KR and A 59yd pass to Brown from Haushalter resulted in a one play quick score for the Cherokees, but a missed extra point left the Cherokees with the 13 - 7 lead and they took that lead into the locker room at the half after a 29yd KR from the 11 by Henry, a “no - gain” run by Lewis, and a 19 yd Pass Completion / lost Fumble recovery turnover giving the ball to the Cherokees @ their 37 with 0:24 second remaining. Haushalter then took a knee allowing time to run out in the half.  

AND THAT is how we got to the half time score of Cherokees 13 Titans 7. Stay tuned for the second half report.         

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3rd Quarter

Cherokees kickoff to the Titans where, after a 31yd return of a 57yd kick, the Titans began their opening second half drive from their 39. 3 plays / net -4yds / 53yd punt / 29yd PR - Cherokees @ their 40. 6 plays / 60yds / 32yd TD Pass from Haushalter to Bradley (Kick Good) - Cherokees 20 Titans 0.  53yd Kick / 22 yd KR / 3 plays / net -9yds ends the 3rd quarter.

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4th Quarter
15:00 4/19 @ 25 - Punt 40yds to D35 / Bradley 12yd PR (Evans)
Cherokees @ their 47
14:43 1/10 @ 47 - Haushalter handoff to Henley / 19yd Run (Brown)
13:31 1/10 @ D34 - Vandergriff 13yd Run (Johns)
12:00 1/10 @ D21 - Haushalter Pass to Brown @ D7 COMP 20yds (Tannehill)
11:09 1/10 @ D1 - Henley FUMBLE @ D2 / Titans Lewis recovers @ D5 / 0yd FRR (Henley) - Henley -4yd Run     FUMBLE
  9:19 1/G @ 5 - Tannehill pass to Henry @ GL INC
  9:04 1/G @ 5 - Tannehill (falls down) FUMBLE @ 2 - Brown recovers @ 2 -Fumbles @ 15 - Tannehill     recovers Down @ 21 / Tannehill -3yd Run / Brown 13 yd Run / Tannehill 6yd Run (Henley)
  6:34 1/10 @ 21 - Tannehill 9yd Run OB
  5:08 2/1 @ 30 - Tannehill Pass to Lewis @ 40 COMP 70yds TD
  3:30 Conversion Kick (GOOD) 
        Titans 14 Cherokees 20
  3:30 KO Titans to Cherokees “Onside Kick” 8yds to 43 / Vandergriff @ 43 1yd KR OB
Cherokees @ D43
  3:29 1/10 @ D43 - Haushalter handoff Vandergriff / -2yd Run (Brown)
  3:04 2/12 @ D45 - Vandergriff 3yd Run OB
  2:05 3/9 @ D42 - Allow clock to advance to 2:00 - Time Out
  2:00 3/9 @ D42 - Vandergriff 2yd Run (Brown) Titans Time Out (1st)
  1:40 4/7 @ D40 - 57 yd FG Att. (70yds) GOOD 
        Titans 14 Cherokees 23
  1:31 KO Cherokees to Titans 73yds / No Return / TOUCHBACK
  Titans @ their 25
  1:31 1/10 @ 25 - Tannehill Pass to Lewis @ D44 COMP 37yds (Hogan) Titans Time Ou (2nd)
  1:16 1/10 @ D38 - Tannehill Pass to @ D17 INT Cherokees Bradley / 6yd INT Return (Philips)
  0:37 1/10 @ 23 - Haushalter -2yd Run (FP) - Victory Formation Kneel Down
  0:32 2/12 @ 21 - NO PLAY - Time allowed to expire
End of QTR - Game Over
        Titans 14 Cherokees 23

Took me a long time to do the first write up, so I got lazy and just posted a short review for the 3rd Quarter and then the play-by-play for the 4th.

This was a good game and I had a blast playing it. I did take lots of pics and am working on a stop action video, I hope. 

The #3 seed Chattanooga Cherokees will advance to the next round of the playioffs to play a yet to be determined opponent.   

1st Quarter action!!! Video not too bad. 

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