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The Philly "Tush Push"


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How does your league do the Philly "Tush Push"?

In my league the GTO are playing the Knights in White Satin and a QB Sneak failed on second down. So on third down I tried a Philly "Tush Push". Here's the video.



I guess the Philly "Tush Push" qualifies as Stacking. Most leagues don't allow Stacking unless it happens accidentally. I've noticed that just about every NFL team is "Tush Pushing" now so maybe we need to ask our collective EF selves why is Stacking illegal? Is it to prevent the stacked pyramid play we all experienced when we were kids, or is there some other reason?

My league allows stacking but only two deep. I'm rethinking that because the Philly "Tush Push" is three deep (center-QB-tailback).

Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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Our league forbids stacking, except for the QB under center.  All other players need to be at least a base-length behind a teammate in front of them.

This allows a RB (or even two) directly behind the QB, so long as it's a base length.  And since RBs have to be 10 yards off the LOS to be elegible for the automatic handoff anyway, this puts them only two yards (620 fields) deeper than that.

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This is ONLY way you can achieve the TUSH PUSH in TOEPRO Football.  [Rule number in brackets]IMG_5932.thumb.jpeg.32351fd3cf983de33e0f5d19f26b47aa.jpeg
1. Line up a TUSH PUSH legal formation with the QB under center on a standstill base, tailback in-line directly behind the quarterback, offensive lineman blocking at “0”. 


2. Without audible to any back, simply announce, “number of the quarterback, RUN”.  Hand over remote to defense. 

The play is legal because:
* The formation is legal [7-5-1]
* The standstill QB does not go initially toward the line at the snap and if it did, it is exempt. [7-4-2. Exception a)].
* The “un-audibled” tailback pushing the ineligible receiver “under center QB” [8-1-10 Exception)] is allowed in-line in a runner location and wasn’t an “audible” to create the push [12-1-4 (a)]. 
* They can even audible a lineman because it’s blocking, not pushing [7-4-9].

EF fair play doctrine:
The offense has a right to its formation and player movement from its SET position. 
However, if ANY offensive player receives an audible, it MUST comply with football until the down ends. 


I’m not your offensive coordinator.  I’m the commissioner so simply understand the law, rules, rights, privileges and common things found in football and you will more likely find you can execute most plays. 

Kit Kinchen
TOEPRO Football 

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