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Does anyone create new figures from the Fab Five?


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Hi. I'm prepping ten teams for the Hunger Games Tournament so no game this week.

As I was touching up the paint I wondered if other people create new figures from the Fab Five?

I create a linebacker from the Fab 5 Tackle and I create a defensive end from the Running back.

Basically I apply a bit of heat to an arm at the elbow and then straighten the arm to resemble a linebacker or defensive end tackling the ball carrier.

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words so here's the video:



If the melted plastic gets a bit deformed I paint the arm to resemble the cast on Jack Youngblood's arm in the Super Bowl.

Enjoy the Journey.   T43.  🏈♾️

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I personally have never done it. But I know in the past people have used Fab 5 figures to create custom poses by heating limbs and moving or cuttting and regluing arms and legs. Another common pratiice is to use "green stuff" to sculpt more detail onto figures. This was the way to "customize" figures before 3d printing became affordable. I am sure you can find some videos on you tube. 

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These pictures are of a QB/TE figure I customized about 10-15 years ago to be a custom WR.  I used a Dremel to socket the arms into a different position to "reach for the catch" and also lifted one leg to simulate him running.  the leg was also socketed and repositioned.  I finished by using Green putty to shape the shoulders.IMG_0531(1).thumb.JPG.bcd6808f1cc4b391a30947bf3ccbe677.JPGIMG_0537(1).thumb.JPG.8f48af126f1c8486c6d696fddaea9663.JPGIMG_0555(1).thumb.JPG.d4ea64427399eee8c0fcbb2da46b2a6f.JPGIMG_0543(1).thumb.JPG.926acd08eaf9056cb70cae9445a8313a.JPG

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