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Red Peg TTC Sprue


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Hi. I believe the red prong TTC bases are, perhaps, the most misunderstood bases in Tudor history. Tudor had an extraordinarily innovative idea with red pegs, but they couldn't economically give the red peg bases the weight necessary to perform at peak efficiency. Attached is a video where I take an untweaked red peg base and add a screw and a nut. This increases the weight from 2.29 grams to 4.18 grams. The first part of the video shows how the red peg base performs before the nut and screw are added. The red peg base runs in tight circles and is very weak.

The last part of the video shows how adding the nut and screw causes the base to run straight and increases the strength. All the weights shown in the video are in grams. You will note that the red peg base is pushing around Tudor bases with nuts and screws added and an ITZ base with a nut and screw that weighs over 5 grams. 😃

Please note the only tweaking performed on the red peg base was adding the nut and screw. I didn't use pliers to bend or flatten the prongs and NO HEAT was applied. The science behind the improvement is A) Speed X Mass = Momentum; and B) a reduction in drag, or the coefficient of friction. 

Thank you. Terry43


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Thanks 👍

I'm guessing your league plays by TOEPRO rules. 🤪 

Because your Red Pegs will never get to play a single down of electric football, here's a video of my Red Peg Rhinos pushing my Suncats out of the way for a Touchdown. 💥🏈

The Suncats are riding on Playtime Butterscotch bases. I think the butterscotch bases were made for Playtime by Tudor. The butterscotch bases are another example of great bases that are largely ignored. But from my 50 years of experience, I'd trade a hundred Invisibases, or a hundred ITZ Blitz bases for 20 more butterscotch bases. 

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On 4/5/2023 at 6:36 AM, zak99b5 said:

We don't use TOE PRO, though we have taken more than a few ideas from them.  It's a buddy beer league, so while we all want to win (there's some cabbage involved), we also like to keep it relaxed and fun.

Keep it relaxed and fun. That's what I like to hear. Too many of the highly competitive leagues and tournaments have taken the fun out of the game. 

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Hi Greg. When you invite the Red Pegs to training camp try adding a gram or two of weight rather tweaking like you would a Tudor or ITZ TTC base.

It's like the Air Force Blackbird in the movie Space Cowboys. Those Red Pegs should settle down and astound you. 😀. Terry

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