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Uni-Forms v Pre-paints

Daryl Collins

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So I hear the fact Tudor is bringing back pre-paints. Cool. What is the state of Uni-Forms? Are they doing well enough that we will see something as exciting as the last drop of 14 (?) teams in the future? Or is the needle moving back to pre-paints and away from Uni-forms? I don’t expect the kind of drop we just experienced for more than every 1 to 2 years, but an occasional retro team release would be cool. Super Bowl sets with 2 teams from say Super Bowl V or XX in the unis they wore in those Super Bowls with Super Bowl graphics on the box! I’m spitballing here because I don’t want to see Uni-Forms relegated to the bench. Thanks!

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Thanks Daryl! You have been a real champion of Uni-Forms and we really appreciate it. We aren't planning on phasing them out, on the contrary we're planning on releasing more designs in the coming year. Thanks everyone for all of your support and for allowing us to expand our product offerings to allow more people to experience this special game.

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