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AEFL solitaire league tournament


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Hey solitaire players, I have an 8 team solitaire league, 4 teams in an Eastern Conference and 4 in a Western Conference and I’m just about ready to go with a regular season. Prior to that I am running a tournament that consists of each team playing the other 3 teams in their conference once and then pairing the top two seeds in each conference in a conference championship game with a league championship game to follow. I am running the tourney to test out my solitaire rules prior to the regular season and to identify the talent on all the bases in real competition. At the conclusion of the tournament I will remove all the bases, name them and run a draft lottery for the 8 teams. Then the plan is to play a  regular season (10 games for each team)Below is where I am at in the tournament and I will have full game film of the western conference championship game that I will place in the video/ highlight forum for those interested!




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Eastern Conference championship game preview.

Ohio Comets at Pennsylvania Bucks

Line: Even

Both of these teams are 2-1.

Winner plays the Arizona Flames in the AEFL tournament Bowl

Players to watch:

#42 wr Bucks 9 rec 390yds 3 tds(leads league)

#71 dt Comets 3 sacks tied at first in league

#70 de Bucks 3 sacks tied at first in league 

#12 Bucks qb 629 pass yds 5 tds 2nd in league 

#7 Comets qb 628 pass yds 4 tds 3rd in league 

6A1A26CA-2BF6-4EB8-8BBA-A4C4E25A84BA.thumb.png.18ad2c052309812ade306bb1cf0756b5.png5478AE80-FB85-4AA6-A5E3-BCD1593EA90C.thumb.jpeg.b0b1e31bcbf89632bae907a94d395f7f.jpegThese teams played each other in Pa back in July and in  meeting the Comets won 28-24. The Bucks came into that game undefeated, but Buck QB 12 was sacked 5 times and also threw an interception. Ohio wr #14 had a 92 yard kickoff return for a Td.

Other highlights in the July game, #48 hb Bucks had 6 carries for 91 yds and 1 td. Star Buck wr #42 had 2 catches for 88 yds and 1 TD. All three of Comets Dt#71 sacks were in this game.

Quick note on the photo of the helmets, the Ohio Comets face mask, stripe and lighter color around the emblem is white not grey…..it’s just a bad photo.

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On 10/3/2022 at 11:51 AM, nefgm.org said:

What size is your field? Looks to be a "monster board". 

Correct, it is the scale size, I finished it late last year. Now working on the stadium facade(partially built in the background) and the lights!

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The AEFL Tournament Championship Game is set. The Ohio Comets vs the Arizona Flames. Both teams are 3-1 and the Comets come in as 3 point favorites. Here are both teams warming up under the lights at the neutral site of this Championship tilt in Tallahassee Fla (Florida Whales stadium).






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AEFL Championship Game preview
Arizona Flames vs Ohio Comets 
Site:Tallahassee Fla, Florida Whales stadium
Players to watch: Comets wr/cb#88, almost won eastern conference championship single-handedly. Caught two passes for 132 yds. 1st rec went for a td and the second rec set up a td on the next play. He also had an interception at cb and assisted on the second int, had a 57 yd  kickoff return and made the game ending tackle. Hb/Safety #31 always seems to be around the ball on defense grabbing a crucial int in the last game. Arizona defensive line took over the western conference championship in the second half with three sacks including a game ending one by de/ot #79. Wr/cb#11 had only 1 catch but it was a 75 yard game winner on the second to last play of the game.#20 continues to be a dangerous receiver in the slot.

This is the first meeting between these teams which will be played this weekend with game film up in about a week.B7EBF7AA-AB2B-4B28-A51A-9922AB095576.jpeg.65f9b5a2227981c1f1f1145f93be2ed5.jpeg

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8 hours ago, BuzzNewbie said:

Hey Carl! Watched your videos on You Tube, count me among the impressed...do you have a hardcopy of your solitaire ruleset available by any chance?

Thank you! Unfortunately as of right now I only have them scribbled on a notebook in writing that only I could probably read…lol. It is my intention to get them typed up but I am also working on tutorial videos in installments that I hope to have up pretty soon. It’s tough right now with the holidays but I am working on it. When you see the passing game it will seem like a lot but it actually runs pretty smoothly, that’s the video I am currently working on.

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