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NFL Games for the 2022 Season

NO Dave

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NFL Predictions for Week 1

Here's what I got, what do you think? Chime in! 


Saints (-5) at Falcons

Saints should win it, but not sure about the points. This will be a close one.


Browns at Panthers (-1.5)

The “Baker Bowl” should be intriguing. Browns should win this one.


49ers (-6) at Bears

Great matchup between two young quarterbacks. Niners have too many weapons, and win this one.


Steelers at Bengals (-7.5)

Steelers’ offense marred by many question marks. Bengals cruise to a win in this one.


Jaguars at Commanders (-2.5)

New mascot, new QB, same results in DC. Look for the Jaguars to make a statement and win today.


Ravens (-6.5) at Jets

Ravens have Jet fans headed to the exits by halftime.


Eagles (-4.5) at Lions

Don’t sleep on the Lions’ offense. Eagles win this on a field goal.


Patriots at Dolphins (-3.5)

Patriots are outgunned and on the road. Dolphins start the new year with a win.


Colts (-7) at Texans

Matt Ryan and the Colts come to impress. Colts win this easy.


Giants at Titans (-5.5)

Derrick Henry vs. the Giants? Titans win.


Packers (-1.5) at Vikings

Packers win this one, and it’s not as close as you think. Packers defense is that good.


Raiders at Chargers (-3.5)

Take the points and the Chargers W.  They are better than you think.


Chiefs (-6) at Cardinals

Chiefs start their Super Bowl return today with a win.


Buccaneers (-2.5) at Cowboys

UPSET SPECIAL - Cowboys over Bucs! You heard it!


Broncos (-6.5) at Seahawks

Russell Wilson shines in Orange. Broncos win handily.

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Week 2 NFL Predictions -

Thursday -

Chargers at Chiefs (-3.5)

This game will be this close. Look for the Chiefs to pull this one out.


Sunday -

Dolphins at Ravens (-3.5)

Ravens at home are hard to beat, but the ‘Fins make them earn it. Ravens win this one by a FG.


Jets at Browns (-6.5)

Did you see the Browns trample all over the Panthers? Lather, Rinse, Repeat, and the Browns go 2-0.


Colts (-4) at Jaguars

Colts will have their groove back, and win this easily.


Buccaneers (-3) at Saints

Brady hasn’t had success in the ‘Dome since 2001. Saints will keep it that way with a win.


Panthers at Giants (-2.5)

Giants look good, and Barkley will run wild on the Panthers. Giants win a close one.


Patriots (-1.5) at Steelers

What? Steelers keep the Trubisky train rolling, since all they probably need is 13 points to win it.


Commanders at Lions (-2.5)

Lions win this one, and it won’t be close. OK, it might, but it’ll be high-scoring.


Seahawks at 49ers (-10)

The Seahawks impressed me on Monday night. This one will be a street fight, but the Niners win it. However, they won’t cover the spread.


Falcons at Rams (-10)

Rams will be hungry after the thumping by the Bills. All should be well in L.A. for this week.


Texans at Broncos (-10)

The heck happened to the Broncos? Texans are going to get them into another wrestling match, but the Broncos should not have to resort to a 64-yard field goal to win it. Or do they?


Cardinals at Raiders (-6)

Raiders win this, no problemo. Cardinals are a dumpster fire.


Bengals (-7.5) at Cowboys

Dallas’ defense is rough. Look for the other Joe (Mixon) to win the day for Cincy.


Sunday Night -

Bears at Packers (-10)

The NFL’s grand daddy of them all! Take the under on this one since Packers receivers can’t catch. However, they still win it.


Monday -

Titans at Bills (-10)

Bills look good and keep owning the Titans. What is up in Nashville?


NO Dave for the season: 7-8 (Did not pick the TNF game)

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NFL Week 3

Thursday -

Steelers at Browns (-4.5)

I cannot pick the Browns to win this. Nope, can’t do it. So Steelers win this.


Sunday -

Texans at Bears (-2.5)

Bears win this one. This is the game that is on while you fall asleep on the couch.


Raiders (-2.5) at Titans

Someone has to win it right? Titans should get back on the right path today.


Chiefs (-6.5) at Colts

Chief win this easily. What happened to the Colts?


Bills (-5.5) at Dolphins

Mark this down - DOLPHINS win this one!


Lions at Vikings (-5.5)

Vikings are kind of a mixed bag, and the Lions are good. Vikes win this one at home.


Ravens (-3) at Patriots

Patriots are doing a lot better, but the Ravens are quietly good. Ravens win this one.


Bengals (-4.5) at Jets

Bengals are looking every bit like previous SB losers. J-E-T-S win this one!


Eagles (-6.5) at Commanders

Eagles win this by running all over the Commanders.


Saints (-3)  at Panthers

I can’t do this again. Look for the Panthers to win the Dumpster Fire Bowl.


Jaguars at Chargers (-7)

Chargers win it, but you might want to watch it. Gonna be a good one.


Rams (-3.5) at Cardinals

Rams will be fine and win this one.


Falcons at Seahawks (-1.5)

The ‘Hawks still look good, and should beat the Falcons.


Packers at Buccaneers (-1.5)

Bucs are too banged up. Packers will win this one.


49ers (-1) at Broncos

Almost even? Wow, gotta go with Jimmy G and the Niners.


Monday -

Cowboys at Giants (-2.5)

Finally! A real test for these teams. Giants win an early statement game.


For the week: 10-5 (Forgot Viking/Eagles). For the year: 17-13.

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NFL Week 4

For the week: 9-7. For the year: 26-20.


Miami Dolphins (+2.5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)

The Dolphins have been getting the hype all week, and Tua may not play. Therefore, the Bengals win this.



Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) vs. New Orleans Saints (+2.5) - @ London, England

The Saints have played well across the pond, but Sean and Drew are gone. Vikings win, ‘nuff said.


Cleveland Browns (-2.5) vs. Atlanta Falcons (+2.5)

The Falcons are trying to make things interesting. They will beat the Browns this week, too.


Buffalo Bills (-3.5) vs. Baltimore Ravens (+3.5)

Bills are playing for a little payback, and beat the Ravens.


Washington Commanders (+2.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys (-2.5)

Look for the Dallas bandwagon to keep on growing. Cowboys should win this one.


Seattle Seahawks (+6.5) vs. Detroit Lions (-6.5)

This could be a statement win for the Lions, but they will be missing key players. Look for the Seahawks to win it. 


Los Angeles Chargers (-6.5) vs. Houston Texans (+6.5)

Chargers win as long as Herbert plays. Chargers should prevail for this one.


Tennessee Titans (+3.5) vs. Indianapolis Colts (-3.5)

Don’t let the smoke and mirrors fool you. Colts win this one, but it’s close.


Chicago Bears (+2.5) vs. New York Giants (-2.5)

Giants have receivers who can’t catch. Bears should win this one, and it’s a good one.


Jacksonville Jaguars (+6.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5)

Doug Pederson vs. his former team. Eagles win it, but this will be another good one.


New York Jets (+3.5) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5)

Zack is back for the Jets, and the Jets respond by regressing. Steelers win this one.


Arizona Cardinals (+1.5) vs. Carolina Panthers (-1.5)

Look for the Cardinals to win this snooze fest.


New England Patriots (+8.5) vs. Green Bay Packers (-8.5)

Packers win this one. Rodgers is finding his groove.


Denver Broncos (+2.5) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (-2.5)

11 points won’t cut it here. Raiders win, but it’s another defensive battle.


Kansas City Chiefs (-2.5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5)

Chiefs still have a lot of firepower, and win this one.



Los Angeles Rams (+2.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers (-2.5)

I like the Niners with Jimmy G, and wait until he gets a full week of practice. Niners win this easily.

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NFL Week 5 Predictions - 

For Week 4: 13-3. For the year: 39-23.


Indianapolis Colts (+3.5) vs. Denver Broncos (-3.5)

Hard to see which Colts team shows up. Broncos win this one. 



New York Giants (+7.5) vs. Green Bay Packers (-7.5) @ London, England

Packers keep finding their groove. And the Packers keep on winning as well. 


Pittsburgh Steelers (+14.5) vs. Buffalo Bills (-14.5)

Steelers have a rookie QB making his first start. Bills win this one, but it should be a good one.


Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5) vs. Cleveland Browns (+3.5)

Chargers have lots of weapons, and the Browns keep digging. Chargers win this one.


Houston Texans (+7.5) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-7.5)

Up against history. The Texans have owned the Jags since 2018. It ends on Sunday with a Jags win. 


Chicago Bears (+6.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings (-6.5)

Can't say "No way", but this is about close. Vikes win this one.


Detroit Lions (+2.5) vs. New England Patriots (-2.5)

This is a tailor-made win for the Lions, unless Goff melts down. Lions win this one. 


Seattle Seahawks (+5.5) vs. New Orleans Saints (-5.5)

Seahawks look good, and the Saints will lose this at home. Look for the bag heads to return in NOLA. 


Miami Dolphins (-3.5) vs. New York Jets (+3.5)

No Tua is a problem as the Dolphins go into free fall. Jets will win it. 


Atlanta Falcons (+7.5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.5)

Brady and the Bucs should win this one in their sleep. 


Tennessee Titans (-2.5) vs. Washington Commanders (+2.5)

Titans are starting to turn things around while the Commanders wander aimlessly. Titans win this one.


San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) vs. Carolina Panthers (+3.5)

Only 4 points? Ok, I'll take it as the 49ers cruise to win this one. 


Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5) vs. Arizona Cardinals (+4.5)

Eagles are good, but this looks like a trap game. Eagles will win and go to 5-0. 


Dallas Cowboys (+5.5) vs. Los Angeles Rams (-5.5)

The Rams got keel hauled by the 49er defense. The Cowboys will punish them again. Rams win this, but it's close.


Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5) vs. Baltimore Ravens (-3.5)

Ravens forgot their defense in 2022. Look for the Bengals to win this one. 



Las Vegas Raiders (+7.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5)

Chiefs win it, but this will be a pretty good game.  

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NFL Week 6

For Week 5: 9-7. For the year: 48-30.

Teams on Bye: Lions, Texans, Raiders, and Titans

To the Broncos: Catch a ball!

To the Lions: What was that?



Commanders at Bears (even)

Come on, this is it? Bears look like the picture of stability next to the crumbling Commanders, and the Bears win this one. 



Vikings (-3) at Dolphins

No Tua means Mo problems. Dolphins defense will slow down the strong Viking offense, but the Vikes still win this one. 


Ravens (-5.5) at Giants

This is going to be a good game, but look for Justin Tucker to bail out the Ravens for the win - again. 


Patriots at Browns (-3)

The Patriots defense gave the Lions nightmares, while the Browns are itching for a win. Browns win it this week. 


Bengals (-1) at Saints

Joe Burrow comes back to the Bayou State. The Bengals will leave with a win. 


49ers (-5.5) at Falcons

This is a cross-country jaunt, which usually spells trouble for the visiting team. Niners have too much juice and win this one.


Jets at Packers (-7)

This sounds about right, only because the game is in Green Bay. Packers rebound this week, but don't sleep on the Jets. 


Buccaneers (-8) at Steelers

Tampa slogs their way to another W, but doesn't it seem like it's getting tougher to do each week? 


Jaguars at Colts (-2)

Jaguars blanked these guys in Week 2 at home, and had a tough loss last week. Jaguars win it this time. 


Cardinals (-3) at Seahawks

What is th..wait, Seahawks can't stop the run. There is no way the Seahawks lose this one at home. Seattle takes it.  


Panthers at Rams (-10)

Highest point differential so far this year. Let's see what a new coach, new DC, and Sam Darnold can do for the Panthers. Rams still win. 


Bills (-2) at Chiefs

Chiefs are playing on another level. I like the Chiefs to win this one, so the Bills win the playoff rematch. 


Cowboys at Eagles (-5)

Eagles win this one, only because it's at home. Cowboys' defense will be the star of the show. 




Broncos at Chargers (-6)

The Broncos haven't been this bad on offense since The Beatles played on Ed Sullivan (1964). Chargers win this one. 

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NFL Week 7

For Week 6: 6-8. For the year: 54-38.

This was my first time this year falling below .500 on picks. Let’s see if I can redeem myself.

Bye Week: Bills, Rams, Viking, Eagles



Saints at Cardinals (-2.5)

DeAndre Hopkins returns for the Cardinals. Cardinals win it because the Saints are still a mess. This could be the best TNF game in over a month.



Browns at Ravens (-6.5)

No, no, Browns, you’re not fooling me again. Ravens win this one.


Buccaneers (-11) at Panthers

XFL Represent! P.J. Walker takes the snaps for the Panthers. However, Bucs should win this.


Falcons at Bengals (-6.5)

Don’t sleep on the Falcons. Bengals win this one only because they’re at home.


Lions at Cowboys (-7)

Dak is back! Cowboys win this one, and take the over (49) on this.


Giants at Jaguars (-3)

The Giants are banged up. I’m taking the Jaguars to win this one.


Colts at Titans (-2.5)

Will the real Colts please stay standing? I’m taking the Titans here.


Packers (-4.5) at Commanders

Ron Rivera had it right, but the Packers aren’t impressing anyone either. AR may not go, and the Commanders are starting Taylor Heinicke. XFL Represent! The Commanders win it!


Jets at Broncos (-1)

What is the Jets’ front 7 going to do to Danger-Russ? It will be dangerous…ly bad. Jets win this one.


Texans at Raiders (-7)

Raiders are trying to put the house in order and win this one.


Seahawks at Chargers (-6)

The injury bug has decimated the Chargers. Look for the Seahawks to get the win.


Chiefs (-2.5) at 49ers

The Chiefs want to rebound, and so do the Niners. I’ll take the Chiefs for the win.


Steelers at Dolphins (-7)

A whole seven points? Oh, wait, Pickett may not play? Tua could play? Dolphins win it.



Bears at Patriots (-8)

The more we see of the Bears, the less impressive they look. The more we see of the Patriots, the more we have to kind of like. Look for the Patriots to get an easy home win.

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NFL Week 8

For Week 7: 11-3. For the year: 65-41.

Bye Week: Chargers and Chiefs


Ravens at Buccaneers (-1.5)

Ravens win this one as the Buccaneers keep on slipping.



Broncos at Jaguars (-2.5) (@ London)

Broncos' coach has his job on the line. Jaguars win this one. 


Bears at Cowboys (-9.5)

No Zeke, no problem. Dallas' defense keeps making statements, and this one becomes another Cowboy win.


Raiders (-1.5) at Saints

Raiders are fighting a flu bug, and the Saints are still in free fall. Raiders still win it. 


Panthers at Falcons (-4.5)

Falcons bring the Panthers back down to Earth and the 'Birds win this one. 


Steelers at Eagles (-10.5)

In the recent past, this was must see TV. Now it's all Eagles. Eagles win this one.


Dolphins (-3.5) at Lions

Lions are banged up and deflated. Dolphins are trying to right the ship, and win this one. 


Cardinals at Vikings (-3.5)

Vikings should win this one pretty handily. 


Patriots (-2.5) at Jets

Patriots have quarterback issues and the Jets defense is ferocious. Look for the Jets to win this one.


Titans (-2.5) at Texans

Gotta take the Titans on this one.


Giants at Seahawks (-3)

Giants travel cross-country looking fired up. Seahawks' offense is banged up, so the Giants get the win.


Commanders at Colts (-3)

This could have been the Carson Wentz revenge matchup. Now, it's Taylor Heinicke making it two wins in a row. Commanders win it! 


49ers (-1.5) at Rams

49ers still look too good, and the Rams come off a bye week. I'll take the Rams in this one.


Packers at Bills (-10.5)

Aaron Rodgers is dealing with a thumb injury. The Bills win it and keep on rolling. 




Bengals (-3.5) at Browns

The ghost of Paul Brown may haunt these teams on Monday, and the Bengals should bust out a big win. 

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NFL Week 9

For the week - 9-6. For the year - 74-47.

Bye: Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Browns, Steelers, 49ers



Eagles (-14) at Texans

Eagles should cruise in this one. Seriously, Amazon?



Chargers (-3) at Falcons

The ‘Bolts are banged up. Look for the Falcons to win this one.


Dolphins (-5) at Bears

Here comes Chubb! Dolphins win this one.


Panthers (-7) at Bengals

The Panthers’ performance against the Falcons was no fluke. Lookout - Panthers win.


Packers (-3.5) at Lions

A team that can’t win versus a team that won’t win. Packers win this by default.


Raiders (-1.5) at Jaguars

Jaguars get back on a winning track in this one.


Colts at Patriots (-5.5)

Patriots still look pretty good, and win this one.


Jets at Bills (-12.5)

It doesn’t get easier for the Jets this week. Bills win it easily.


Vikings (-3.5) at Commanders

I know I’ve been high on the Commanders the past few weeks, but the Vikings win here.


Seahawks at Cardinals (-2)

Looks for the Seahawks to win this one.


Rams at Buccaneers (-3)

Bucs are the walking wounded. So are the Rams. Buca win this for being at home.


Titans at Chiefs (-12.5)

No Tannehill for the Titans? Chiefs chalk up another win.



Ravens (-2.5) at Saints

Saints have played well on MNF at home. So, Saints should win this one. Right? Right?

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NFL Week 10

Last Week: 8-5 For the year: 82-52

Bye: Ravens, Bengals, Jets, Patriots



Falcons (-2.5) at Panthers

Look for the Panthers to win this one, because I got a team of them in the mail today!



Seahawks at Buccaneers (-2.5) (from Munich, Germany)

Apparently Germany is full of Seahawks’ fans. Which is good, because they will beat Brady.


Vikings at Bills (-3.5)

Bills win this, all I can say.


Lions at Bears (-2.5)

Does the Justin Fields party continue? Yes, it does. Bears win!


Jaguars at Chiefs (-9.5)

Chiefs win, but this will be a game to watch.


Browns at Dolphins (-3.5)

Fancy vs. Smashmouth, Filet vs. Ground Chuck. Dolphins win it, but Browns are looking pretty good.


Texans at Giants (-4)

I like the Texans this year, but that’s not saying much. Giants come off a rest and win this one.


Saints (-1.5) at Steelers

Can’t believe the Saints are still favored here. The Saints have never done well in the Steel City (have only won there three times). Steelers win this one. 

Brees beat 'em there in 2014. Prior? The last time the Saints beat the Steelers at home? 1987! 

Broncos at Titans (-2.5)

This one’s kind of a weird one. No it isn’t. Titans win, but true to their style, it’ll be close.


Colts at Raiders (-5)

Coach Jeff Saturday! Get ready to take the first “L” of many. Raiders, well, uh, should win. Because if they don't.....


Cowboys (-4.5) at Packers

The Packers are crumbling, but Rodgers has Dallas’ number. The Cowboys have Mike McCarthy, so Cowboys win!


Cardinals at Rams (-1.5)

This could be a battle of backups. All right, I gotta go with the Rams here.


Chargers at 49ers (-7)

Chargers are banged up on offense, and the Niners look ready for the stretch run. Niners win it!



Commanders at Eagles  (-11)

The (Hahaha!) Carson Wentz revenge game - No, it isn’t.  Eagles win this one at home.

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NFL Week 11

For the week: 7-7, For the year: 89-59

Bye: Jaguars, Dolphins, Seahawks, Buccaneers



Packers (-3) at Titans

Titans will keep punching people in the mouth, and the Packers return to the doghouse. Titans win.



Bears at Falcons (-3)

Falcons still playing with a chance. The Bears aren’t. Falcons win at home.


Panthers at Ravens (-13)

Ravens should run through these guys.


Browns at Bills (-8)

Bills come back with a vengeance and beat the Browns.


Commanders (-3) at Texans

The Commanders travel to Houston and get a win.


Eagles (-7) at Colts

The Colts are putting weapons back on the field while the Eagles got gashed by the Commanders. Eagles win this one, but it’s a good one.


Jets at Patriots (-3)

Sorry Jet fans, the Patriots win this one and continue to muddy the waters in a crazy AFC East.


Rams at Saints (-3)

OK, so no Cooper Kupp for the Rams. Saints have to win this one, right? I’ll take the Saints on this one. Might regret this.


Lions at Giants (-3)

Giants win it, but this is a good one.


Raiders at Broncos (-3)

Raiders are crying while the Broncos are dying….Raiders will keep crying because the Broncos find a way to win at home.


Cowboys (-1.5) at Vikings

Not a prime time game? No problem, Vikings win it.


Bengals (-4) at Steelers

The Bengals win one in the Steel City! Yep!


Chiefs (-5.5) at Chargers

Chiefs keep on rolling with a win here.




49ers (-8) at Cardinals (in Mexico City)

Niners keep up the winning ways.

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NFL Week 12

For Week 11: 11-3  For the year: 100-62

What? 40-3? Ahh Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, because of food, family, friends, and football. Got a turkey on the smoker, so let’s see who else gets smoked -

Bye: None

Turkey Day!


Bills (-9.5) at Lions

This could be the best game of the day. Bills win it, but it’s closer than 9.5.


Giants at Cowboys (-9.5)

Giants play the ‘Boys tough at Jerrah’s World, but the G-Men are losing momentum. Cowboys win, and should have the dishes put away early on this one.


Patriots at Vikings (-2.5)

Just the one to watch while you’re having your sixth plate of food at your last stop. However, Vikings in prime time has been a red flag. I still say the Vikings pull this one off, but this is a good one.



Buccaneers (-3.5) at Browns

Buccaneers seem to be finding some mojo while the Browns fall apart like that brined, smoked bird up against my carving knife. Bucs win! 


Bengals (-1.5) at Titans

The Titans will go through the Bengals like Grandma’s green bean casserole. Titans win!


Texans at Dolphins (-13.5)

The Texans are like the guest who shows up with a six-pack of Doctor Thunder. Dolphins are rolling out the whole thing, and win big.


Bears at Jets (-5)

The Bears without Justin Fields are like the guest who brought sweet potatoes, and they’re frozen. The Jets are like the guest who runs late and shows up with all the kids. Oh, I guess the Jets win this one. Go kids!


Falcons at Commanders (-4.5)

The Falcons don’t get roasted by the Commanders, but think of this as a slow cook. Yum. Commanders win it.



Broncos (-2) at Panthers

The Broncos are playing like the guest who brings the salad and forgets the dressings. The Panthers are playing like your old aunt who put salt instead of sugar in her homemade pie. Panthers still win, please eat some salad, and tell your aunt her pie was good.


Ravens (-3.5) at Jaguars

This one is a good one, but the Ravens win it. The best I have for a guest reference is that both of these guests would bring booze. The Ravens bring a bottle of wine. The Jaguars bring a suitcase of Old Milwaukee.


Chargers (-4.5) at Cardinals

The Chargers are the guest who remembered to bring a board game and a deck of cards. The Cardinals are the guest who shows up empty-handed. Chargers win, and play some Electric Football with the young ‘uns!


Raiders at Seahawks (-3.5)

The Raiders are just playing like a bunch of turkeys, and the Seahawks are like the dish your cousin made for the first time that turns out to be the best thing there. ‘Hawks win!


Rams at Chiefs (-14.5)

The Rams will likely be without Matthew Stafford, and no Cooper Kupp, which means they're the ones who show up at the house and park on the neighbor's lawn. The Chiefs are still rolling like mama’s cornbread dressing. Chiefs win this one.


Saints at 49ers (-9.5)

The Saints are like the guest who says they’re bringing the cranberry sauce, and then forgets it. The 49ers are the guest who happened to have two cans since they caught a sale. Niners win!


Packers at Eagles (-7)

The Packers are the guest who brings a casserole that’s been frozen since last year (don’t mind the ice chunks!). The Eagles are the guest who got the good spiral-cut ham from Honey Baked. Eagles win it!




Steelers at Colts (-2.5)

The Colts are the late arrival who show up with hot apple pie. The Steelers brought one 2-liter bottle of soda that explodes all over your good sweater when you open it. Colts win!

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