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RSFL Week 1 Action Spring ‘21

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Last Monday was our first week of games. The visiting ‘39 Packers beat the Lions 6-3 on their “new” 1967 620 home field. Packers missed a PAT, but controlled the ball for the entire second half (16 plays) to seal the win. Green Bay had 3 picks, the lions one. 

In other action, the Broncos, playing on their new home field—a ‘78 660–handled the reigning RSFL Champion Giants Blue, 13-10. Giants tried to tie it up as the clock expired with a field goal, but it was unsuccessful. A good beginning for the upstart Denver squad, who last season played as the Bears and finished in last place. 



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I’ve been typing up rules. As always, they are a work-in-progress. I can post if anyone’s interested. 

I feel my special teams plays are a little unique. I have set them up for more action and less stoppage. Everything is a trade-off. 

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Ok. Rules will be shared soon. 

but on to week 2:

‘39 Packers at NYG Blue: 6-0

The Packers used a mix of ball control and defense to keep the reigning champs winless. Clark Hinkle ran the ball effectively, and he featured in the passing game as well. Don Hutson also contributed, and Arnie Herber ran a key sneak for a 1st down in the final quarter. 

Tiki Barber had his moments, and the blue giants did threaten in the second half. But the Blue Giants sputtered in the red zone, never recording a si for point. 







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In other Week 2 action, the Giants White won their first game of the season, besting the Broncos in their second home game, 14-6. The white G-men scored on their first possession and never looked back.   Defense lead the way, with two picks and a sack, while the rush-focused offense chewed up the clock. 

The Broncos made a game of it early in the second half, but never seriously threatened in the fourth quarter. White Giants kneeled the ball to cement the win. 





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I posted the rules we are using to my league page. They are based on the assumption that we want to have fun playing moreso than total realism, and we believe the game is best when it’s turned on. 

We try to keep the rules as simple as possible for friendly (but real) competition. But as some rules become second nature, we are adding more wrinkles to improve the rule set. 

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Week 3. Detroit at NYGBLUE. G-men prevailed 10-0. A 30 yard rush on 2nd & 10 in the first quarter made it seem like the Lions might score first, but a pick three plays later eventually resulted in a field goal for New York to close the first half.

In the second half, Charlie Batch was no better. After three consecutive incompletes, Detroit got flagged for OPI on 4th down. Giants didn’t do much going 4&out. On the next play, Batch threw another puck, and the giants scored a TD with only one play remaining. 




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The other game was the Packers’ home opener, hosting the NYGWHITE. 

It was a back-and-forth affair, but the Packers had two explosive plays—a rush for 48 for Hinkle, and an 80 yard pass from Hebert to Milt Gantenbein. 

Hebert ran it in himself in the third from 12 yards out to score the only points of the game (but PAT was good) to win the game 7-0. 




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Week 4 featured the battle for NY—Blue at White. First game on the speed turf field. All Blue in the first frame, ending with a TD for a 7-0 lead, though White did record a sack on the drive. 2nd q was all White, featuring a 30 yard reception, but as the half expired, the White’s field goal attempt failed. 
Second play of the second half, White turned it over on an interception, but Blue ended up punting 4 plays later. White fared little better, turning the ball over on downs 5 plays later. Blues put it in the end zone with back-to-back pass plays of 20 or more yards, 14-0. White was left with only two plays, and left the field scoreless. 










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The other game was Denver at Detroit in a tight battle. Denver got the ball to start and drove through the 1st quarter and into the second, scoring a TD. PAT failed, which proved crucial. 
Detroit had a good kick return of 42 yards, and a pass play for 34 put lead to pay dirt. PAT good, Detroit leads 7-6. The rest of the game was some back and forth, but no one scored. Detroit kept the ball away on 4th down on the last play, and hit an 84 yard completion—just short of the end zone. 









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