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  1. Check out the tweaking bases section on this forum ,very helpful
  2. Only do that for players released. I doubt he gets released.
  3. Fun doing a whole team. Glad I went with stick on numbers as with all the roster changes I have had to up date every week.working on a badgers 2deep roster next.
  4. Not brave just careful. It’s not for everyone.
  5. Make sure to seal the helmets and masks before gluing so the paint doesn’t run. I use model airplane glue but there are other options. I am almost done with the decals but I’m going to use stick on numbers so as roster changes so can I.
  6. Painted and face masked now to the decals
  7. Been working on my defense and in a 4-3 defense I have been having a lineman (my tallest players) drop into coverage and bringing a linebacker or db on a blitz.works well with a passing qb but not so well with passing sticks. Don’t think it works as well with a 3-4. I just use different blitzes. anyone else do this?
  8. Started a large undertaking, my favorite teams training camp roster. have some touch ups on painting then the decals and face masks.
  9. When did the goal posts get moved to the back of the end zone? This is something that I never considered in my solitaire games. But I should when using my older teams.. I wish I still had my game from the seventies.
  10. A combination mean 13 and fab five would make up a Canadian team. Would have to include decals and team color paints. I guess I would rather see college teams first. But for those north of the border it would be great. I would have to brush up on my passing skills also.
  11. I would also like to see some Canadian teams as well.
  12. Basically the same team as the 65 packers. Because it is a decades league I chose one team from each decade so it could have been any year.
  13. Gillingham, Nitschke,and Kramer definitely make my team as they are 3 of my all time favorites.Tausher is my right tackle as he is another favorite as is Ken Bowman. ( yes I do tend to favor Wisconsin players) Skoronski was the most underrated player on Lombardi packers and should be in the hall of fame. Ted Hendricks makes my NFL team but he is also on my Packer team for the one great year he played for them. John Jurkivic makes my team. He may not have been a great all time player but he was a great guy that I enjoyed talking to. What is great about doing a team like this is who is great to one person wouldn’t make another persons taxi squad.
  14. The only players I don’t have in my solitaire league that I would have to come up with would be Alex Karras from the lions and Butkus and Sayers of the bears. Guess it’s time I add those 2 teams to my league.
  15. Donald driver at one wr and I agree with Gilbert Brown, Leroy Butler is also a lock.
  16. Thinking of doing a solitaire game of my favorite team (packers) vs favorite non packers. Only players I have seen play so no Jim Thorpe or Curley Lambeau. And my favorites but not necessarily the greatest. My favorite Packer QB would be Lynn Dickey and backfield would include John Kuhn and John Brockington. My favorite NFL backfield would be Fran Tarkenton (vikings) at QB with Robert Newhouse (cowboys ) and Earl Campbell (oilers). My NFL team would be dominated by 70’s and 80’s players and mostly cowboys, 49ers, oilers and raiders as these were the teams I enjoyed watching the most back then. Very few if any modern players will make my team as the game and players have changed so much since then and I just don’t enjoy it like I did back then. I’m curious if anyone else has done this or thought about it and who would be on your teams.
  17. Would like to expand my packers decades teams to include all decades. I see that you can get heads from Itz bases but what about figures. Can a person get pre 50’s players anywhere or do I Need to purchase modern players and modify them.
  18. Sorry 83 packers were 0-2 and 2019 packers were 0-2
  19. Packers decade tournament standings classic 72 packers 2-0 65 packers 1-1 83 packers 1-1 modern 95 packers 1-1 won tie breaker(largest point differential) 2009 packers 1-1 2019 packers 1-1 next up championship game 72 vs 95
  20. Nanook

    Field cover ?

    Love your setup. Nice score cards.
  21. Nanook

    Field cover ?

    Born and raised a packer fan and l’m 62 now. Was in the army in the late 70’s in Texas and became a Dallas and Houston fan but that ended when the oilers moved and Landry was no longer the coach of Dallas. So now it’s greenbay only. But good luck with your board.the team logos do look great no matter what your team is.
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