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TnPEFL Championship Game


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18 hours ago, Ravenna Al said:

It's wintertime and the snow is falling. The Showboats will get stuck like a canoe in an ice flow while the Bears come alive to devour them Da Bears 27, Tugboats 20

Al , only one thing wrong with your prediciton. Its sunny and in the mid 40's in the MUSIC CITY @ Game Time!!

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Just finished the end of the 3rd Qtr - Game Summary so far

!st QTR                                                                                                                                           

The Bears received the opening kickoff at the 11 and returned it 24 yds to their 35. 3plays netted -27yds. Punting from their 18, White of the Showboats blocked the punt, giving the Showboats the ball at the Bears 6 yard line. QB Lewis of the Showboats took in in from there on a 6yd run and after the PAT failed, the Showboats took the early lead 6 - 0. 

Taking the kickoff from the 21 and returning the kick for 36yds, the Bears bein their next possession from the Showboats 43. 5 running plays gaining a first down and 15yds put the ball on the Showboats 29 yd line, and on 4th down an 8yds to go for another first, the Bears kick a 45 yd Field Goal to cut the lead to 3, Showboats 6 Bears 3 with 5:55 remaining in the fIrst period.

Showboats receive the kickoff at the 5 and start their next possession at their 10. RB Quarles runs for 7 and then RB Reid breaks loose for an 80 yd run to the Bears 3. Reid then takes it in from the 3 and with a successfull PAT kick this time, increase their lead to 10, 13 - 3 over the Bears with 2:34 remaining.

RB Faircloth of the Bears receives the 54yd Kickoff at the 11 and returns it 14yds to the Bears 25. After one running play by Faircloth of 3yds, the Bears RB breaks loose for a long run but fumbles the ball at the Showboats 18 and after a wild chase to recover the loose ball the Bears OT Daniels recovers it at the Showboats 6 yd line for a net play of 66yds giving the ball to the Bears 1st and Goal at the Showboats 6. A pass from QB Troutman to FL FRazier at the GL falls INC. as the quarter ends with the Showboats maintiaing their 13 - 3 lead.  


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Settinig up for the Championship game. I used my Miggle / Tudor 6072 game board that is on display in my personal mementos section of the NEFGM. It is just hanging on screws in the wall from each corner of the game board.

 DSC01530.thumb.JPG.be3044e314bb79def2f63b83ab914ed4.JPG   DSC01531.thumb.JPG.b4aa27595c29a913daeece8758f97c28.JPG  DSC01532.thumb.JPG.26bd7f5079b269fa4252ab9fd41b710c.JPG

I used Bumper Stickers to decorate the End Zones and Window Cling decals for the field logo decorations.

 DSC01535.thumb.JPG.e8ec30ed7ca325de0797b502eda06fe3.JPG     DSC01536.thumb.JPG.aa2d965f0b9754136c109c9149aeb39c.JPG     DSC01537.thumb.JPG.090fc41d1d007d10b01db4f398aeb826.JPG

The switch of this game board wore out years ago and so I removed it and just use a remote control swith to turn the game board on and off. 

DSC01533.thumb.JPG.86588268c13e8855ab5391292d736c15.JPG     DSC01534.thumb.JPG.57410d42664a9ea0d537fb2ea7d1b550.JPG     DSC01539.thumb.JPG.dff0e72b2e618b7f610c88759ec23722.JPG



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2nd QTR

Bears score on the first play of the 2nd QTR with a 6 yd run by RB Nichols. PAT is Good. Bears 10 - Showboats 13. SE Carney of the Showboats returns the ensuing kickoff 92yds for a TD and the exptra point makes it Showboats 20 Bears 10.

Bears next possession begins at their 40 yard line and 4 runs by RB's Faircloth and Nichols nets 26 yds. They then kick a 51yd Field Goal making it Bears 13 Showboats 20. The Bears tie it up when DE Daniels intercepts a pass on the next possession by the Showboats at their 41 and returns it for a TD. The extra point is good and the score is now tied at 20 all with 5:58 remaining in the half. 

Once again SE Carney of the Showboats returns a kickoff 85yds for a TD. The Showboats regain the lead 27 - 20.

The Bears then take the ball to the Showboats 40 and the TWO MINUTE WARNING. A 47 yard Field Goal Attempt is then blocked by DB back Carney, giving the ball back to the Showboats at the Bears 47. A one yard run by RB Quarles and a 54 yd breakaway run by RB Reid for a TD solidifies the lead for the Showboats going in to the half. 

At the Half Showboats 34 Bears 20 with the Showboats set ot recieve the 2nd Half kickoff.  



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3rd Qtr

RB Reid of the Showboats combines a 28yd KR and a 72 yd Run on the first play of the 2nd Half to increase the Showboats lead by 21 points just 1:04 into the half.  Showboats 41 Bears 20.

The Bears answer with a 3 play 55yd drive making it Showboats 41 Bears 27.

After a 44yd KR by RB Reid from the 8, the Showboats come right back with a 5 play possession from the Bears 48, capped off by a 14yd TD run by RB Quarles. Showboats 48 Bears 27

On the next possession by the Bears, Showboats DB Quarles interecepts a 1/10 from the D45, pass at their 44 yard line and returns it 35 yards to the Bears 21. Four plays later with the ball at the Bears 5 yd line, the 3rd quarter comes to a close with the Showboats looking to increase their lead by 4 touchdowns going into the 4th Quarter. 

The Knoxville Bears having shut down the previously unbeaten Memphis Southmen in their SEMI-FINAL Game the week before have just been no match for that other team from Memphis, and their Blue Division rival, the Showboats. This is the third meeting of these two teams this season and the Showboats won both of those games in WK's 4 and 5 by scores of 40-28 and 42-31.  Barring a miracle comeback by the Bears it looks as if the Showboats are going to continue their dominance over the Bears to capture the Inagural Championship Game of the 2020 TnPEFL season. 

It make take me a while to finish this game as I plan on doucmetning it more fully with game action photos and creating a video from those photos to fully capture the style of play I have used in this first season of the TnPEFL. I hope you have enjoyed following this solitaire league and greatly appreciate your feedback, questions and comments. STAY TUNED FOR THE 4TH QTR.   

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