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Kicking cards


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I am working on that. In the meantime here are some pics from an Onside kick seguence. The cards are only for placing the ball on the field. You line up your teams and proceed with the play however your rules specify. In this particular onside kick play. I line up the teams 15 yards apart and flip the switch on for a guick 1 second. 

DSC01498.thumb.JPG.3fc016c5db2d5efa2a31090063faaa44.JPG    DSC01499.thumb.JPG.cb5663c951b890de73d9009ab75bdea2.JPG

Then flip up a card from the "ONSIDE KICK" deck, revealing an 8 yd distance from the kicking team's restraining line and near the left side line.

DSC01500.thumb.JPG.8e06dfe2708f3b0509d17241aa3aba9c.JPG     DSC01502.thumb.JPG.a78467c1571fbe61cf99229041bf49bf.JPG

I then place the ball on the field as indicted.


I then turn the switch on and the player of the team that first touches the ball recovers the kick. DSC01504.thumb.JPG.91abfa28a81f86e2d341e8c02e2e30d5.JPG    DSC01505.thumb.JPG.5a91c06501b7420c3fe718cb5ecb2177.JPG 

Hard to see where the ball is I know. 


On this particular play, the ball was simultaneously recoverd by a player of the kicking team and receiving team thus giving the ball to the receiving team at the spot of the recovery. I follow the rules of the NFL for all my game play as much as possible. Technically the kick was a short kick, since it did not travel 10yards and would have been given to the receiving team anyway since it is illegal for a player of the kickng team to touch the ball before it has traveled 10 yards. 

The cards are FOR PLACEMENT OF THE BALL ONLY. with the Onside Kick cards there are only 5 possible placements and to one side of the field. So you know which side of the field to line up your teams to ahead of the kick. 

A 51 card deck of the kicking cards,consist of 19 KICKOFF, 19 PUNT, 5 PUNT from Inside Midfield, and 5 ONISDE KICK sub decks and 3 Instructional cards. 

I also use the distances from the "KICKOFF" cards to determine the success of Field Goal attempts and PAT kicks. 

Hopefully this will help some to explain how they are used. Like I said, I am working on a video. Put it will only consist of a stop action photo sequence like the above for each sub deck of the cards and the optional Field Goal and PAT results. 

If you have any other questions then please send me an email at nefgm2019@gmail.com.



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Just the distances. I still line up the teams for the field goal and run the board for 2-3 seconds to give the defense the opportunity to block the kick by running a player of the defense into the holder or kicker. The distances on the Kickoff cards range from 30 to 73 yards. So measuring from the spot of the kick (usually 7-8 yards behind the line of scrimmage) it is possible to kick a field goal from the offenses' 37 yard line to the defenses' 20 yard line. If the field goal attempt is from inside the 20 it is good unless blocked by the defense. 

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I have an old Tudor NFL Strategy board game. I used the kicking cards from that game to create my EF kicking cards. 
For the kicks I run the board:

Kick offs 3 seconds

Punts 3 seconds 

Field Goals 1 second 

On Side Kick 1 second

Then I roll the dice and place the ball on the field per per the card. I updated the Field Goal chart to reflect current distances  







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