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  1. Example of my scoring sheet. I usually get around 60 plays +/- per game. I can also keep basic stats in the spaces.
  2. I use the NFL rules similar to nefgm above. I use 15 minute quarters. I stop the clock after every play and have a 40 second run off for offensive and defensive setup. I don’t use the run off time after scores, OB, incomplete passes, or change of possession. I can get anywhere from 12 to 18 plays per quarter. And the playing time is similar to nefgm above. Approximately hour per quarter.
  3. Perfectly scaled to the field. Also the best QB that I have tried. Works great for bullet passes and touch passes.
  4. I don’t know of any real hobby that doesn’t take time, money, and effort. And as long as you are enjoying yourself, it is worth it.
  5. Yes. This is on my Ultimate Board. I also used it on my 9092 board.
  6. Here is a picture of my setup.
  7. Yes it is. It is also an awesome game to play.
  8. I have an old Tudor NFL Strategy board game. I used the kicking cards from that game to create my EF kicking cards. For the kicks I run the board: Kick offs 3 seconds Punts 3 seconds Field Goals 1 second On Side Kick 1 second Then I roll the dice and place the ball on the field per per the card. I updated the Field Goal chart to reflect current distances
  9. Yes. When the coach declares Touch Pass, he also declares the receiver. That receiver is the only offensive player that may be pivoted to catch the pass. Similar to the use of passing sticks. The defense can pivot any unengaged players.
  10. I allow pivots after the ball is passed. I still allow direct passing. The coach has to declare “Pass” or “Touch Pass” before the throw. It just adds another level of passing instead of passing sticks. I like the feeling of a well placed ball. I threw a perfect fade route in the corner of the end zone in my game this morning.
  11. Now that I have my Ultimate Board, I have plenty of room for all the passing routes. I saw an excellent video on Touch Passing. Instead of passing sticks you actually pass the ball to a spot on the field. You place the ball at that spot and then let the receivers and defenders run toward the ball. The video placed the ball where the ball came to rest on the field. I place the ball where it first contacted the field. If it unintentionally hits the receiver then I place the ball where it comes to rest. If it hits a defender then it is intercepted. I enjoy being able to pass the ball on all the receiver routes (fade, out, dig, cross, etc.)
  12. I made a QB to Receiver measuring stick out of 1/4” square dowel. It is 40 yards long (Ultimate Field). 20 yards Blue and 20 yards White (Tudor colors). I just use the Tudor sticks for ball placement.
  13. I have family in Nashville. I will have come see the museum when I’m in town.
  14. Thank you for the input. I like the wall idea, if I can get it past my wife.
  15. I got my Ultimate Game Board for Christmas and it works great. However, I have a question about storage between games. How is the best way to store the board? Upright or flat with a support. I want this board to last a long time.
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