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Passing Sticks for Ultimate Field


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We used the Buzzball size sticks (based on 620 field 40 yds measuring stick, 6, 12, & 18 yard placement sticks) on both my 600 and the ultimate field last season. When we used the slightly smaller 660, we used sticks scaled to that field. 

Thing is, it was almost always a white or blue pass on the big Ultimate field. If I made sticks scaled to that board, however, the ball would be too far from the receiver, and there would be many more incompletions—a blue stick pass would be as long as the red and blue combined. 

Thinking about scaling the measuring stick to the ultimate field but using the 620-sized placement sticks. 

Tudor’s passing sticks are shorter than the Buzzball ones, so that doesn’t help. Any other suggestions?  And remember, one of our coaches has CP and can’t do the TTQB, so that’s out. 

Ive also thought about using yards past the line of scrimmage as the determination of the placement stick to use, but that fails to take into account throwing across the field. 

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I faced this same problem. On my ultimate board I use the Tudor sticks and measure form the line of scrimmage. To pass across the field, if the QB is between the far hash mark and far sideline from the receiver I use the next longer stick if the pass is longer than my measuring stick I combine my red and blue stick. this gives me a completion percentage about equal to the QB’s of today. It has worked well for me.

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I’d rather let the players decide—this game is best when it focuses on the men and the board is running. 

Played a game with a buddy last night using the longer measuring stick (18 yards long on the ultimate field) and the standard 620 placement sticks. Worked out well. 

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