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TnPEFL Cross Divisional Playoffs Round 1 Game 2


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Oilers vs. Bears Game Preview

The #6 seed Oilers finsihed the Regular season with a record of 0-5-2 tieing the #3 seed Cherokees 17 - 17 in the final game of the season. The #4 seed Bears (2-4-1) were handed their 4th lose of the season by the undefeated #1 seed Southmen 21-17. Their only meeting in the Regular Season occurred in Game 2 of the first Week. A high scoring affair that produced no winner, A 37 - 37 tie.  The Oilers have a strong running game with RB,s George and Thomas, but QB #9 McNair has the ability to scramble out of the pocket and make a big play out of nothing. #'s 23 and 31, Faircloth and Nichols do the running for the Bears and QB #12 Ttoutman has the same uncanny ability of making the big play when needed.  ''I'm predicitng thisgame coming down to the end wtih no clear winner and  the first ever OT game to give one of these teams  the victory and a berth in the next round of the playoffs."                                        


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At the Half - The Oiles are leading, with the score Oilers 10 Bears 0. While holding the Bears scorless in the first half, the Oilers have scored with a 48yd FG in the 1st QTR and a First and Goal from the 1 Thomas run for a TD in the 2nd. With the Oilers set to recieve the second half kickoff they could put the game away early and upset the Bears to move on in the playoffs.    


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SCORE Update - 

The Oilers failed to capitalize on their first possession of the 3rd QTR. A 3 and out series losing 5 yds set up a 4th down punt from their 35 yard line. After a shanked 28yd punt to the Bear's 36 and a meager 6yd PR, the Bears start their possession at their 42. After an Incomplete pass on first down and the ball still @ the 42 yard line RB Nichols took a pitchout from the QB and roared through the line for a breakaway 58 yd run for a TOUCHDOWN. The extra point was good and "just like that" the Bears were quickly back in the game, trailing only by 3. Score Oilers 10 Bears 7. 

With 8:42 remaining in the 3rd Quarter, the Oilers began their next possession from their 41 yard line. In a ball control, time consuming 8 play drive, with 0:39 showing on the clock, and the ball @ the Bears 30 yard line the Oilers began to set up for a 4th and 3  40yd FG attempt. With the clock showing 0:04 remaing, the snap was made and the Oilers ended the quarter with a succesful Field Goal - Score at he end of the 3rd Qtr: Oilers 13 Bears 7        

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Bears Win!!!

Oilers just could not get it done, Here is the final 2:28 of the game. 

  2:28 KO Bears to Oilers 44yds to 21 / Thomas 27yd KR (Faircloth)
Oilers @ their 48
  2:02 1/10 @ 48 - McNair 5yd Run (Faircloth) Time Out
  1:50 2/5 @ D43 - McNair pass to George @ 42 COMP 2yd Run OB
  1:17 3/3 @ D41 - McNair Shotgun pass to Wycheck @ D24 / INT Bears Nichols 48yd INT Return (McNair)
  0:42 1/10 @ D28 - “Victory” Formation - Troutman Kneels Down / -2yd Run (FP)
  0:38 2/12 @ D30 - Game Clock allowed to run until Time Expires 
        Oilers 13 Bears 21



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23 minutes ago, Ravenna Al said:

Ok, I got the score wrong, but the margin of victory remains the same. Just call me Carnac! 

Al, after the first half, I thought for sure the Oilers were going to pulloff the upset. This game had an inordinate amout of fumbles. I do use a foam rubber ball to pace in the hand of the ball carrier. So there were a lot of turnovers in this game. I aslo play more of a, "the ball carrier isn't down or tackled until he stops moving forward". This style does allow for a lot more broken tackle runs and "the pile is still moving forward scrums". Since I use a multi-stop style of game play. I often stop the board upon initial contact of a defender and ball carrier, readjust or pivot all unengaged blockers (offensive players) and tacklers (defenseive players) until there is a clear "tackle"(stop of foward motion or reverse of direction) of the ball carrier. This results in the ball vibrating out of the arms of the ball carrier sometimes.


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