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Mert’s pliers

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So ITZ sent me my curved pliers today,(along with a pink Blitz round front base and a Starter flat front base. Thanks ITZ!). It comes to my attention the videos show heating the pliers before using. I do not possess the outlay I saw in those videos to heat them. Any ideas on how to heat the pliers? Do I really need them heated? 

Journey On!

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49 minutes ago, Daryl Collins said:

Any ideas on how to heat the pliers?

That ITZ formula 37 plastic is so soft you may not need a hot plate or coffee warmer. ♨️

A cigarette lighter may be the cheapest way to heat the pliers. 

You may already have a blow drier in your bathroom and that will certainly be hot enough.

My hot water heater is set for 120 degrees or you could boil water on the stove.

Heat causes the molecular structure of the prong to easily change from the original shape of the mold to the new shape of the pliers. In theory heat allows the long side of the curve to stretch and the short side of the curve to compress and then the new molecular structure 🌙  will be what the plastic remembers.

Enjoy the journey    T43.    🏈♾️


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Excellent! My wife has one she never uses but it was a Christmas present this last year and it may be too soon to co-op just now.

Report on my first foray with Mert’s Pliers. I received an ITZ Starter base and a pink ITZ Blitz base which has a very soft plastic I haven’t worked with before. The Starter base went from turning tight circles to actually moving straight down the field at a very decent clip! This was after about a five minute tweak. I’m working on my Home Bears in Uni-Forms and a receiver claimed it quickly. This is pre adding weight. I bought some tungsten putty to try out, so this receiver may be a complete lab rat.

The pink Blitz base was more of a project. I took about 15 minutes with it and produced a light looper with fairly good speed. With weight it would be a possible starting base. This was from a base that was at a jittery standstill pre-tweak!
All in all, I would give these pliers a solid A from a limited test run. I bought them to tweak ITZ bases and I probably won’t use them on Tudor bases. Probably. I have my repertoire down for those. The ITZ bases, on the other hand, we’re giving me a fit and these seem to be an answer. They feel well made and are not clunky. ( I thought a bit light at first, but this is not the case.) they are proportional to the bases they were, apparently, made for. As of now, I am very satisfied with these pliers!

Journey On!

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