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Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Elétrico

No, I don't speak Portuguese, and this league isn't in Portugal. In my quest for year-round American football (I'm a soccer coach - go figure), I stumbled onto American Football International a few years ago. It is a website full of news and highlights of American football being played around the world. When the pre-painted teams from Tudor went on sale, I ordered a bunch to paint some of the European leagues. I will be playing tournaments to determine the champion of each league. One of the first leagues to start play in the calendar year is the LPFA, or Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano. The LPFE will consist of two four-team divisions. The North includes the Braga Warriors, the Maia Renegades, the Paredes Lumberjacks and the Porto Mutts. The South includes the Algarve Sharks, the Cascais Crusaders, the Lisboa Devils and the Lisboa Navigators. Because Portugal is not known as one of the stronger leagues in Europe, all players will be using un-tweaked, un-weighted regular rookie bases. Each team's offense will be based on what the actual team runs, or ran, in the case of defunct teams. I will post the league rules later, but they are designed for quick games.



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I will be using a tweaked version of Beenutt's solitaire tournament rules. For reference, I have attached a copy of his 2013 Solitaire Tournament Rules, and below is his great video demonstrating his rules. Like his college tournament, my European leagues tournament will involve over 100 teams, so first round games are one possession each starting on the 25. If both teams score, the rest of the game will be similar to a college overtime, with each team getting a possession in each round. League Championship and later round games will consist of two 15-play halves. Now here are my tweaks to his rule set: 

  1. No kickoffs, even in later rounds. Each possession starts on the 25, unless there is an interception.
  2. No extra points - I am playing games on a model 500 field, so there is not much room in the end zone.
  3. No field goals
  4. No stacking - there must be 5 yards space between two players lined up vertically. 
  5. Defensive backs may not jam wide receivers. After contact, the board is stopped and the DBs are pivoted to move downfield with the WRs. This rule does not apply to tight ends and slot receivers.
  6. No passing sticks - I will be using two six-sided dice. The quarterbacks on many of the real European teams are less than 50% on passing accuracy, so I have different levels of passing. For instance, some of the less-skilled QBs can only complete a pass with a roll of 6 or 8. If the intended receiver has a defender less than 10 yards away, a roll of boxcars is an interception. A roll of snake eyes is always an interception, going to the closest unengaged defender. 
  7. Magnets - the offense can put magnets under the bases of the QB and a RB, and the defense can put put magnets under two players, usually safeties or inside linebackers. The magnets may be removed during one of the stops, and must be removed if another player of either team contacts them.


beenutt solitaire rules 2013.pdf

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First Round  - Braga Warriors defeat Paredes Lumberjacks


Warriors QB #18 passes to #19 over the middle. #19 outruns the defense for a 47-yard touchdown, 7-0.

warriors-lumberjacks4.JPG.81f781c8908f8efc4d00923c6a6f9162.JPG   warriors-lumberjacks5.JPG.372f27112e758c5ec608b9683fa3d030.JPG

Warriors defensive end #63 pressures Lumberjacks QB on 4th and 12, pass incomplete.


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First Round  - Cascais Crusaders defeat Algarve Sharks, 14-7

Sharks #7 catches a pass for 37 yards.


Sharks QB #1 hooks up with #7 again for 18 yards.



#1 hits #14 on an out pattern, but he is stopped on the 2 yard line by Crusaders #18.

crusaders-sharks6.JPG.79e4a1c297cc7bfc88da588cabc3cc28.JPG    crusaders-sharks7.JPG.0c222f1cc3afee69e77b5b920b265e2c.JPG

#1 hits #14 on a slant on 4th and goal, Sharks lead 7-0.



Crusaders QB #1 completes a 62-yard pass to #23



Two plays later #1 finds #18 to tie the score 7-7.



Sharks #1 runs for it on 4th and 15, but is stopped short by Crusaders #18.

crusaders-sharks12.JPG.e6412217d580e8b65047ccf0be8bbda5.JPG   crusaders-sharks13.JPG.da7b0aa7821b95fb1d56bcbbcd15d2b3.JPG


The Crusaders offensive line opens up a huge hole for #24, who runs for 21 yards.

crusaders-sharks16.JPG.8b85d630c373b59916e6f52cbd6189e6.JPG  crusaders-sharks17.JPG.be755c0a44ff1ac3e3c01647625fc954.JPG


With the Sharks defense expecting a pass, #24 gets outside on a draw play

crusaders-sharks20.JPG.99207e4fae5833362dd2b6fce12426fc.JPG  crusaders-sharks21.JPG.24e1d7028819bf49e2c1d3ce77e628e3.JPG


and wins the game for the Crusaders on a 52-yard run!




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First Round  - Lisboa Devils defeat Lisboa Navigators, 14-7

Devils #23 gets outside for 21 yards.


39-yard pass to Devils #15.


Devils go up 7-0 on a 3-yard pass to #27.


Navigators #27 takes a swing pass 29 yards.


Navigators tie the score on a 39-yard pass to #15.


Devils #23 carries for 15 more yards.


Devils QB #16 passes to #15 for 29 yards.


Devils #16 threads the needle to #27 for a 31 yard score to take a 14-7 lead.


Navigators QB #18 scrambles to avoid pressure and runs for 52 yards.


Navigators #13 catches a pass over the middle but is stopped on the 2 yard line.

lisboa17.JPG.299413f82e29f92ae0ab7e2ba47fa0b7.JPG         lisboa18.JPG.db34bff749cb44cde972f01126bb02a8.JPG

On fourth-and-goal from the 2, Devils #77 sacks Navigators #18 for the win.


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Semi-Final #1 - Porto Mutts defeat Braga Warriors 7-0

The Warriors won the toss for first possession, and #49 carries for a short gain.


Warriors #19 catches a pass over the middle for 34 yards, but the Warriors QB went back to the well one too many times. The pass to #19 in the end zone is intercepted by Mutts #84.

mutts2.JPG.e17a7a6e13f8d5de52137c8a0d2337b1.JPG                       mutts3.JPG.310645d2d58d6d0f6c0ceac70252c35e.JPG

On the Mutts possession, #33 carries up the middle for eight yards, then QB #10 keeps for 27.

mutts5.JPG.0b3e93e4b28246d554e5e664f5299018.JPG    mutts7.JPG.a6705fbd49f83da9abc199ea69ff1a33.JPG

Mutts #84 catches a 10 yard touchdown pass for the win.


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Semi-Final #2 - Cascais Crusaders defeat Lisboa Devils 14-7

Devils #15 catches a pass over the middle for 25 yards.


After two incomplete passes, Devils QB #16 goes back to #15 for 25 more.


Devils #15 catches his third 25 yard pass, this time for a 7-0 lead.


Crusaders #24 gets outside at the 30 and picks up a great downfield block from #85 to go 70 yards to tie the score.

cru4.JPG.58fc6be53105442b33249aa7f4796c4a.JPG  cru5.JPG.682393dffd1149546b3c8aa448fe28fc.JPG

The Crusaders have the first possession of the second period, and #24 follows #85 for 25 yards.


#24 gets outside again and goes 50 yards to give the Crusaders a 14-7 lead. If you are keeping score at home, that's 3 carries for 145 yards and 2 TDs!

cru8.JPG.fd3da87b30f09dd708182cc8e933641e.JPG       cru9.JPG.025007000d85b02d03ca99e883cf8f02.JPG

Devils QB #16 is pressured by Crusaders #50 and throws long into good coverage. Crusaders #18 intercepts for the win.

cru11.JPG.726b0de059305301e37a28bfda99fb42.JPG  cru10.JPG.cc2f1f2abfeb01e335ec822671aaa6a5.JPG

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LPFE Championship Game - Porto Mutts vs Cascais Crusaders

The final consisted of two 15-play halves, no extra points or field goals. If the game was tied at the end of regulation, the overtime format would be just like the early round games of the tournament. Instead of onside kicks, if a team scores and is still trailing with five or fewer plays left, they can take the ball 4th-and-25 on their own 25 yard line. The Mutts won the coin toss for first possession.

Mutts QB#10 gets outside for 19 yards, but is then sacked for 10 yards by Crusaders #56.

3.JPG.0bd3984b59c49de428dbff6a08e0d3f3.JPG         6.JPG.c7e6e80dfb4a1f6e15c3b5b3452c79aa.JPG

Mutts #85 catches a pass in the open, but is forced out at the two for a 59 yard gain.

7.JPG.83866c12d65297ead998fba8fc2278de.JPG 10.JPG.6d8eef517cb784a9bdec445862d52105.JPG

Mutts QB #10 finds #85 in the end zone for a 7-0 Mutts lead.


It only takes the Crusaders one play to tie the score, as #24 gets outside for a 75 yard TD run, 7-7.

14.JPG.8e4a9bc142c63ce1af0cc0aa2ec44739.JPG      15.JPG.98ca1cd04221a1924df5498f6e128990.JPG

Although held to -3 yards rushing in the first half, Mutts #33 catches a pass for 27 yards.

19.JPG.fe82611e59170320dad4a69617f30931.JPG 20.JPG.d73f1613329f94c9b62f32bf8afdb0e1.JPG

On the last play of the first half, the Mutts come up short.


On the first play of the second half, the Crusaders score on another 75 yard play, this time a pass to #85, who gets a great block from #23. Crusaders 14, Mutts 7.

22.JPG.006305fdd20c21f581b6d3da6c7ddc2f.JPG  23.JPG.d1f3ea65c9b4520bbd80d43c6aa2e0d0.JPG

Crusaders #75 fights off a block to stop the run.


Mutts #10 overshoots his receiver and is intercepted by Crusaders #85.


The Crusaders strike quickly again, this time on a 49 yard TD pass. Crusaders #18 jukes two Mutts defenders for a 21-7 lead.

27.JPG.39ed4ff25f5cdd150a9a323de2d7af90.JPG   29.JPG.4b10ef1f00c57afa665718b8eace82fd.JPG

Mutts #45 catches a swing pass out of the backfield for 22 yards.


Mutts #33 finally gets a decent run - a 27 yard TD that cuts the score to 21-14 with only two plays left.


Trailing 21-14 with only two plays left, the Mutts choose to take the ball, 4th-and-25 from their own 25, but #10 passes incomplete for the turnover-on-downs. The Crusaders end the game in victory formation.


The 2020 LPFE CHAMPION Cascais Crusaders!




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