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The next step in the Evolution of the NEFGM


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My goal from the very beginning of the creation of The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum has been to build a physical location to house the artifacts, collections and media library archives of the museum and to provide a place where people can view displays and exhibits featuring the artifacts and collections of the museum as well as learn more about the history of the game and experience playing the game firsthand. 

In the four years since that time, I have been able to create and build a very successful virtual museum with a worldwide audience on the internet. nefgm.org 

The question I get asked more than any other is if this is a place I can come and visit. The answer is yes, the temporary location of the museum which is housed in the bonus room and a spare bedroom of my house is always open to anyone who would like to visit if you are ever in the area (Spring Hill, TN in the area 30 miles south of Nashville just off I-65). 

But it is not the permanent location of my vision for the museum.  

Therefore, I have established a building fund in honor and memory of one of our founding members of the NEFGM Board of Directors to solicit and accept donations to help us with this fulfillment of this vision. Please click here to learn more about this opportunity. 


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Are you aiming for about $300,000?

Is there some way to link the Museum to the NFLPA. If you look at Forum Posts for CAPANTHER or LIEFL, or the TOC, they read like a hall of fame. Maybe Canton has some money to give.

I'm just thinking that a GoFundMe account might find a broader market if we tie it to remembering the players we love.

Enjoy the Journey   T43.  🏈♾️

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Like all your ideas. I am open to any and all suggestions.  I am really thinking $100,00 to get started, and that is just to secure a lease for a commercial building for one year. There are several locations that come up around here where I live, that is for rent or lease that would be suitable to get started in. I got "Raiderman" Paul Bartels to draw up a basic floor plan for a building last year that was 4500 sq ft. and with the cost of building materials at that time, we estimated it would cost $900,000 to build it and that was just for the building, it does not include the property.  

Ideally, I would like for it to become part of another museum, such as the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City, MO or the Stong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. 

The success of the "Art of the Buzz" exhibit that I did in the Pryor Art Gallery at the first of last year did indicate to me that an EF Museum could be a viable permanent museum exhibit and tourist attraction somewhere.

Some of the other options that I have around here are the Tennessee State Museum and the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in Nashville. 

The Pro Football Hall of Fame did an Electric Football exhibit in 2001 and read somewhere not too long ago that someone was able to get a display of electric football in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame at one time. 

I do have the advantage of having worked in some of these museums (Tennessee Sports HOF, PFHOF, and the Packers HOF) during my career as a museum exhibit fabricator and installer as well as many others around the country. That is the job I retired from 4 years ago. 

Another option that I am looking into is becoming a part of a local city or county Parks and Recreation Dept. since part of my concept for the museum does include an interactive play area for people to experience playing the game. 

Have I ever mentioned that I am not dead set on it being located here where I live? I am open to relocating it anywhere in the US as long as a building can be provided and there is someone who is as passionate about preserving the game and its history as I am who I can trust to be responsible for its upkeep and day-to-day operation. I got the artifacts if you got the place to put 'em!! What more can you ask for?


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