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uni-forms missing teams

Benoît Racette

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Hey guys.


Any news about when the missing uni-forms teams will be available?


Also a suggestion for Tudor. Maybe they should sell their uni-forms sets on division set (for example: 8 sets of teams (home/away/alternate) as well as 8 sets of figures like a bindle. What do you think? Just like the good old time of Miggle.



Please let me know what do you think..


Cheers, Ben

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I don’t think any of the new uniforms and helmets will show up this year. I really don’t know what to expect. Out of Stock seems to be the only consistent mantra when it comes to this product. I got the feeling they were going to throw all their energy towards the painted teams, but as I sit here wanting to order another one of those, “Out of Stock” until the painters catch up. Right here at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I need 2 of the Uni-Forms but one of those is “Out of Stock”. I want to order everything all at once to avoid two different shipping charges.

I want to be patient with the new regime and give them some space to get it all together, but it’s hard to see a product you love not be planned for….apparently. I’ll be supportive of Tudor no matter. I want them to be a strong company and succeed. I have enough to keep busy for a long minute. Out of Stock just ain’t no fun.

Journey On.

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A BIG shoutout to Beenutt and the team! Uniforms for pro teams restocked AND college teams in Uni-Forms! Now I may have to hold off a moment for the college Uni-Forms because I shot my mad money on a painted team and the two pro teams I needed in Uni-Forms, but hot dang boss! It IS Christmas with the college team’s showing up! Totally unexpected. I am so stoked right now!

Journey On!

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