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For older coaches who’s fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be, dice work quite well. I respect those of you that can use the triple threat and complete passes. I used to be quite good at it myself. If I were a younger coach and played in a league, I can see doing either physical passing or using TAP rules and playing with passing sticks.

The cool thing about this hobby is pursuing a path that allows enjoyment of playing electric football, be that solitaire or in a league. 
I do miss being nimble enough to pull off passing with the triple threat, but I enjoy the flow of my games without the frustration. In my case, the dice work and my style of play is totally enjoyable. 

Journey On!

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5 hours ago, CEDRIC ROGERS said:

The only true way in electric football is to use a passer . You actually have to throw the football.

Cedric, Pick up a real football, crank back, and really throw the ball at a moving target.

Feel that pigskin in your grip! Feel your body muscles working together and your breath quicken! Watch the moving target and the ball come together!

That's actually throwing the ball.

A plastic catapult is really different than that. But you have a fairly good imagination if you believe they are the same. That's good! 😃👍

My imagination is pretty good too. I pretend the cornerback and wide receiver are pumping down field shoulder to shoulder. I pretend the quarterback sees the wide receiver get a step on the cornerback. I pretend the QB lets rip. I pretend the cornerback and the wide receiver jump at the same time...

Then I let the dice decide who catches the ball, or if the ball falls incomplete.

Electric football has a hundred ways to pretend and all of them are fun. Lasting fun.

Enjoy the Journey.     T43.    🏈♾️

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Cedric Rogers, I have a video so you can watch how using dice makes passing a lot of fun. 😃👍


You may also notice that my figures are attached to the base with a screw, washer, and nut. 🔩

The minimum weight for a little plastic peep in my Consortium is 5 grams. 🏋️‍♂️

You may also notice there isn't any pivoting. In my consortium stopping play to pivot slows the game down and simply doesn't happen.

My Consortium uses Stop Forward Progress tackling. I stopped playing touch tackle a long time ago.

Enjoy the Journey   T43.  🏈♾️

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Although an arthritic finger ended my music career, I find I still am able to use TTQB's and my homemade footballs from twist ties. They are very accurate. If a pass lands between players, they turn and race to the ball. So for me the only way remains with passes that are actually thrown but the concept of dice determining a receiver sounds intriguing for when things start becoming more difficult. When really old age finally gets the best of my playing ability, I honestly hope to be able to give all my EF resources to nefgm.org because I do not have someone that I can turn it over to that would enjoy it nearly as much. But that is a future hope which may still have to wait awhile. At least dreaming is free, right? 🙂 Blessings, Curt

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Apologies for being technology challenged and unable to provide pics. I really need to replace my flip phone with one that I can learn how to do that stuff with. As for twist tie footballs, I take 3 and 7/8 to 4 inch twist ties, fold them in half twice and bend them to make an arrowhead/boomerang like shape. They balance well at the top of the Triple Threat Quarterbacks and can fly the whole length of my Ultimate board and beyond. That with being very accurate, I allow field goals from anywhere on the board and I have made dome doozies. 🙂 It's all a part of "my game, my rules, my weirdness" but it works very well for me. Good luck with finding your best solution. Blessings, Curt

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