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How do you perform Onside Kicks?


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Ladies and Gentledudes,
In the News and Announcements category I found an entry titled Tudor Fantasy League with a description of Onside Kicks published September 18 by Terry43 which includes the following: Both teams line up on their 35 yard line. I place my purple unicorn dice on the fifty yard line on the hashmark closest to me so I can see the action. I turn on the motion generators. The first player to touch the purple unicorn dice recovers the Onsides Kick. The ball cannot be advanced. He then includes a couple of really cool video examples to help better show what he means. I'm not technical enough to do videos but this leads me to an upcoming question more appropriate for Strategy and Gameplay. 
Kickoffs have the kicking team always lining up on the 30-yard line and the receiving team starting at mid-field to give an even 20 yards in between for both teams to cover with an onside kick. A gentle kick is made. If it touches a receiving team player, that player is free to run until tackled, out of bounds. or scores. Shorter than 10 yards requires a re-kick. 
The ball must travel 10 yards. If it goes out of bounds, the receiving team gets the ball at that point but if it stops in bounds without hitting any receiving team player then as many as desired players from either team may be pivoted toward the ball. From there it is a race. Whoever gets to the ball first is free to run until tackled, out of bounds, or scores. How do you perform Onside Kicks? Blessings, Curt

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I am a disciple of Coach T43 and have adopted 80% or more of his method of solitaire play. This is the way I perform onside kicks and I understand this method of play is not for everyone, but, like most of his model, it satisfies the conceptual need. It is compact, equally fair, and keeps the action moving without sacrificing drama.

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For an onsides kick in our league, we line up 5 kicking team players at their own 34.  Receiving team lines up 6 players at their own 46.

Kicking coach drops the ball where he wants anywhere over the 45 yardline.  If needed (almost always) the ball is then moved straight forward or back to the 45 yardline from where it came to rest.

Coaches point players, and the board is turned on.  First player to touch ball recovers it, and it cannot be advanced.

The thinking:

   --ball is ten yards ahead of kickoff spot, where it's legal for either team to recover it

   --receiving team has the advantage of an extra player AND is closer to the ball (9 yards away vs. 11 for the kicking team), making successful attempts fairly rare but achieveable, like it was in the NFL until a couple seasons ago

   --randomness (to a degree) of where along the 45 yardline that the ball actually ends up simulates the bounces of a real ball and forces the coaches not to bunch all the players in one small spot

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