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Should EF Tournaments have Bouncers?


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A couple months ago I was reading the Capital Kings Electric Football League Rules and I came across these rules:


Coaches are encouraged to create a unique home-field experience. However, the following items are not allowed -

No pyrotechnics
Coaches may not wear any special equipment while in the process of attempting a pass. Eyeglasses are permitted, magnifiers are not.
Banging tables or chairs near the playing board is not permitted.
Music must be played at a level where the instructions from an official or dialogue between coaches can still be easily heard and understood.
Equipment which shows a clear electrical or fire hazard will not be permitted...


Unsportsmanlike Conduct (15 yards) - Called on a coach who violates the League Standards of Conduct Policy during the course of a game. The current play is blown dead and the team is penalized 15 yards for each infraction.

Depending on the nature of the offense, additional actions, including forfeiture of the game, may be taken against the penalized coach.

I was reading the Tournament of Champions Rulebook and I came across these Penalities:


8.0 Penalties

8.1 Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 15 yards from LOS + warning. Repeated acts will cause immediate disqualification of the offending coach. We are here for fun. Please behave accordingly.

8.2 Trash talking- Any attempt to humiliate or assault your opponent will not be tolerated. If the referee, after first warning a coach, feels that talk is excessive, he will call an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and mark off fifteen yards.

8.3 Abusive language- The goal of the League is to incorporate young people into the game of miniature football. As men and women of this game, there is something to be said for a "clean mouth." Cursing will not be tolerated.

8.4 Arguing with the referee- A coach may dispute a call, but if he begins to get abusive toward the official, he will be flagged with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. If a second flag is thrown for this same offense (at the official’s discretion) then the violator will automatically forfeit the game.

8.5 Spectator Interference-Spectators not involved in a game may not argue with or taunt a referee during his/her duties of refereeing a game. If a spectator interferes with a referee, taunts the referee during the game or after, the spectator will be removed from the tournament facility and the TOC Owners will conduct an inquiry into the member’s status with the TOC if a TOC member is involved.

I didn't know EF Coaches were such a rowdy bunch.

Should EF tournaments have bouncers?

Enjoy the Journey    T43.   🏈♾️


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It's a shame that these rules have to included for a children's game, but sadly, here we are. 

I've had to calm down shouting matches, and ask people to leave the facility. 

I've had to break up a potential fist fight. Again, a coach with too much spirit in him. 

I've had to deal with coaches who have gotten drunk and unruly during the course of a game. 

I had a coach who wanted to mount and light rainbow sparklers on a game board so his players could run under them, and then got mad when I said "No". We were playing at someone else's house.

I had a coach insist on using a magnifier visor to pass when playing his games, and tried to argue that it was the same as eyeglasses. This is the same coach who wanted to use a foam football that was roughly the size of a marble when passing, because he had glued 4 Saturn Footballs together. This coach also wanted to use a modified TTQB that had 3 inches of mounting tape stuck under it. Yes, quite larger than the standard size EF football or TTQB.  When I didn't allow it, he went on social media and blasted me for it. 

I went to one coach's house for games and noticed exposed wiring (as in bare copper) on working boards with children present. 

I can totally see spectator interference being a thing, I've heard some silly stuff muttered at me within earshot when I would officiate tournament games. I've seen games where several people would jump up and holler when the coach they were rooting for would score, and would do this in the middle of a tournament area, interfering with other games! 

I wouldn't say we need bouncers, but I'd highly recommend any non-solitaire league in this day and age should have a Code of Conduct.  


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2 hours ago, NO Dave said:

I'd highly recommend any non-solitaire league in this day and age should have a Code of Conduct.  

I noticed that the Tournament of Champions does have a separate Code of Conduct document and I agree those Code of Conduct rules are essential.

I live across the street from a park where the City of Cody offers a Spring Soccer Tournament and every spring I see the same spirited behavior from the soccer parents.

2 hours ago, NO Dave said:

It's a shame that these rules have to included for a children's game, but sadly, here we are


In a different post you wrote, "This hobby means more when you do more. Go out and meet the community." I agree with you 100%.

Enjoying the Solitaire Journey.     T43.     🏈♾️

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As the son of a coach, I’ve seen some crazy stuff from parents and others that should be in Ripley’s. Sadly, my family never experienced the half of it, and this was 50 years ago! You haven’t lived until your family has been up all night with regular check-ins from the sheriff’s department because of a death threat from a parent irate at having his son pulled from a game. I’m with Coach T. I’m enjoying my solitaire journey, but I’m so thankful to those of you trying to expand the base by sharing with the youts! I don’t want this game to die with my generation. I truly believe it will not!

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