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Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding during our transition to South Carolina!

I'm so excited about what is coming for Tudor Games!  We are restocking all inventory now.

College Painted teams will be available this week!  Can't wait!

New improved ultimate games are being tested now with removable magnetic boards for NFL and College Field Covers.  We are testing a new remote and improved power supply to provide more power so that one motor will be more than enough!

ITZ bases will be available on the website very soon!  Can't wait!

We are developing a simple ruleset that will be used in all our solitaire and tournament play - this will be introduced soon!  It will be called "Read and React".  I think you will love it.

We will be offering tweaked bases by Joel Pritchard soon on the website!

NFL painted teams will be in by Christmas time!!!!

I was even able to get my wife Anne out of retirement to work in the warehouse.  Now that is by far my biggest accomplishment so far.

Can't wait - the future for this hobby is bright!


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2 hours ago, nefgm.org said:

We are testing a new remote and improved power supply to provide more power so that one motor will be more than enough!

I wonder if this...


ITZ. Super Power Pack 3

Super Power Pack 3.0 Motor Contains one (1) complete Super Power Pack 3.0 electric football motor.  Give your board the best vibration and watch your game play improve!  Players will move faster and smoother than before.  The motor uses magnets to attach to the playing surface.

... Is the power supply Bryan is referring to, or is Bryan designing a new product?

Joel Pritchard is quite capable of tweaking bases. The following was printed in the THE TWEAK WINTER 2009


In addition to all the tourney action that took place on Sunday, the MFCA hosted the 2010 Skills Challenge. We had some very intense competition! Your winners from the skills competition were....

Passing: Norbert Revels 240 points
Fastest Man under 3.3: Joel Pritchard 37 5/8 inches
Fastest Man 3.4 and over: Karim Campbell 34 3/4 inches Strongest Man under 3.3: Geno Hendricks 13 3/8
Strongest Man 3.4 and over: Joel Pritchard 10 1/4

Enjoy the Journey.    T43.    🏈♾️


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Not sure about the Power Supply. The one you mention is a corded and not a battery operated power supply. Bryan has a better relationship with the Klingbeils at ITZ than Doug Strohm did. So it may be something they are working on together. 

Joel Pritchard is a personal friend of Bryan's and has won many tournaments and competitions. So yes Joel is some one whom definetly has a proven track record of being a master base tweaker.  



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