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LONG ISLAND EFL 2023 Kicks off with the Hall of Fame Game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants!

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longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.b90b1e19da73a4533b5e238a19b6018f.jpgGIANTS RALLY IN OT TO BEAT DOLPHINS 23-17 IN HALL OF FAME GAME!



OIP(1).jpg.5131a7178fdf4dddf5ce8cf7439b6347.jpgAugust 15, 2023 (Long Island NY). The Long Island Electric Football League remains in the Tudor Games Forum and first and foremost congratulations to Bryan Nutt, an awesome historic figure at the reins of Tudor Games. Best wishes to the past owners of the hobby who were terrific to deal with.  Nutt will be able to leverage relationships and modify the game with the hopes that Tudor Games brings back some of the historic past like old game boards, foam footballs, and quality kickers! We have always purchased decals from Beenut for this league because of the quality he produces so hopefully that is a sign of the future for electric football hobbyists. We are excited!

The Long Island Electric Football League kicked off their Hall of Fame Game between the 2022 defending AFC and NFC Finalists. It was Coach Joey Pizz' New York Giants (7-3) edging Coach Billy O'C's Miami Dolphins (7-3) 23-17, in Overtime!  What an intense battle!  Sometimes coaches are superstitious about playing in a Hall of Fame Game as they don't want to show teams too much, or give other coaches the upper hand before the regular season begins, but these two teams came out to win! Both teams are premier teams in the league with nothing to lose. They were both finalists in their respective conferences in 2022 with Miami losing a huge game and one of the greatest games in the history of the Long Island Electric football league 58-57, to the LIEFL 2022 Super Bowl XVII Champion Kansas City Chiefs, in the highest scoring game ever in the league. The New York Giants played tough All season reaching heights they've never reached before in terms of their offense, only to lose to a determined San Francisco 49ers football team 51-44! New York had the top offense in the LIEFL in 2022, so we were excited to see how they start the season.  Granted the game has no consequences other than pride. 

The opening kickoff saw last year's kick return champion New York Giants Ahmad Bradshaw (21-1467-6TDs) run back a 42-yard opening drive. Six plays later that Dolphin defense was tested and came up big with the new draft bottom player base of Bob Kuechenberg who now anchors the front line behind LIEFL All-Pro's Jason Taylor and Larry Little. Miami stopped the Giants offense and held them to a field goal holding at 5:07 remaining in the half after eight plays. Giants lead 3-0!
IMG_20230815_150032328(1).thumb.jpg.226600d7c8fbcbdd57029bef58262bc4.jpgOn Miami's kickoff, LIEFL All-Pro Mark Duper (14-736-2TDs) had an electrifying 100 yard kick return into a wide open field cut open courtesy of that Miami front line. Dolphins take the lead back, 7-3 with 3:18 remaining in the half! Wow! The pace of the game is explosive with coach Billy O'C going wild!
On the next New York Giants return, it was Bradshaw again exploding again, this time for 41 yards on the kick return, hit hard by AJ Duhe who made a tremendous tackle. It was time for the Giants to build on the 24 yards that Saquon Barkley had in the Giants first drive. Barkley ran behind the new player base in the draft of Leonard Marshall and George Martin for nine yards to end the half with the score 7-3 Miami.
The Giants wasted no time after switching sides of the field at the half when Saquon Barkley exploded for a 30-yard touchdown through the left side of Miami's defense and into the endzone to give New York the lead, 10-7! (Main Photo Above--Courtesy of Be Funky Cartoons). 
New York's defense played tough after Mark Duper ran back a 54 yard kick return. Dolphins running back Larry Czonka, who is using a 45 year old played base which once belonged to guard Bob Kuechenberg,  was stopped on the first two runs and held to just two yards. Dolphins Coach Billy O'C said he has a plan for Csonka to give him some carries. On 3rd down, Csonka  exploded for an awkward 44-yard touchdown run to make the score 14-10 Miami, with 6:36 left in the game! Both teams and coaches are playing with a opening season passion.
Like we've seen so many times before the speedster Ahmad Bradshaw returned a 50 yard kick setting up the run in perfect field position for Saquon Barkley and that New York Giants front line. One play later Barkley launched into the endzone through a passage way on the left side of the field right past Dolphins defender Manny Fernandez and down the left sideline for a spectacular 50-yard run giving the Giants the edge, 17-14!
After that tremendous touchdown by the Giants to take the lead, Duper ran back a 57-yard kick return, and then he had a 15 yard pass reception bringing the ball to the 28-yard line as Miami ran the clock out and kicked the field goal to tie the game at 17-17! The game went into overtime with the Giants winning the coin toss! 
The New York Giants wasted no time in overtime after a 45 yard kick return by Bradshaw. On first down Barclay was stopped by the Dolphins defense, but on second down Bradshaw took a heroic 65 yard pass play down the right lane of the field to win the game in overtime 23-17, stunning Coach Billy O'C who couldn't defend against the big play! Great performances by both teams as we begin Week 1 on August 25th!
Ahmad Bradshaw starts the season as the Hall of Fame Game MVP!  Saquon Barkley messed with the Miami defense, and his consistency continues with nine rushed for 134 yards with two touchdowns! Mark Duper had three touches for 211 yards!


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On 8/16/2023 at 1:04 PM, Coach Shawn said:

Great game report!  
l love your stadium.  Is the homemade ?

Our guy who made it said it was easy to make.  He used sheets of foamboard which he bought at the dollar store and he crafted it the way he wanted  to make it look like a coliseum.  He bought stickers and posts and made it what it is.  

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7 hours ago, Long island EFL said:

Our guy who made it said it was easy to make.  He used sheets of foamboard which he bought at the dollar store and he crafted it the way he wanted  to make it look like a coliseum.  He bought stickers and posts and made it what it is.  

The beauty of the foam board he said is that you can craft that right into any stadium that you want or any size field. 

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