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OK fans, until I get my new website up and running, I'll jam in the files I have found here to put a spotlight on UNREAL teams and such. Most will have a team mascot post and a helmet logo post which will be turned into a decal as I begin paint up my teams. And, HUGE THANKS to my longtime friend Al Dunham for sending me some pics of the Fire Lizards which I'll post here as well. I also just discovered a FIRE LIZARDS field cover that was done for me and it is off the charts, if I must say so myself! I'm going to order a field cover for every team so I'm going to be quite busy these next couple of years. I also found a Swamp Moose cap that was custom designed and I remember I had T-shirts made for all the teams as well. I had planned to have an UNREAL online store to promote teams. I think I'll do that again too. Why not make a buck or two while enjoying the hobby? LOL (but not L too loud, cuz I'm really going to do this! ) Enough lip flappage, let see some pics up in here! 








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BATON ROUGE SWAMP MOOSE The flagship team of the UNREAL league (of course the Moon Sharks are protesting since they were the first to be sold by Miggle and Tudor Games!)  


OMG! Why are all these pictures the size of billboards? What a space hog (new team? LOL) these are. This is way bigger than they were in my cellphone! I need to chop these gargantuan photos down to size somehow before I crash the Tudor site! My bad...what a data porker I am! I'll figure it out somehow and clear some space on the servers so other people can post things! To quote Bugs Bunny "What a maroon!"

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11 hours ago, GreenBayGlenn said:

I need to chop these gargantuan photos down to size

Personally, I like the pictures large 👍 because I don't have to put on my reading glasses. 👓  Go Swamp Moose! 🦌

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️

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Thanks Bob and Greg! Now I remember why it took me nine kinds of forever to paint this team. I hand painted the helmet logos and pants stripes which are detailed and tedious to say the least. Now the mystery is solved, Mr. RavennaAl (he always wondered when I would finish painting them since it was taking me months on end)!  Now that I'm painting me a team for my league (I gave the original Fire Lizards to Al Dunham), I can't see these days like I did back then, so I'm going to "cheat" and use decals for the helmets and pants stripes this time! 

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do I really have to give a reason for edit? What is this the fed govt? LOL
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