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what color is this?

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8 hours ago, Chris Harris said:

Any idea what colors or color I need to achieve this?

For the Cowboys you have to pick the year first, and that will inform the color of the pants and the helmet.

"Of course, it would be nice if the Cowboys could simply wear one consistent shade of silver on all of their pants and their helmet, but that’s another battle for another day." Uni-Watch.com Cowboys Confirm Two Different Patches, New Pants Color

In the picture the pant color is Royal Blue added to Metallic Silver with matching helmets. I believe that's accurate, but I wouldn't bet on it.

T43 🏈♾️

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For the '92 team you will need what the style guide calls " nickel green" for the pants and the silver/blue mix for the helmets.  The '89 to present helmets are not as blue as the old figures in the photo.  For the modern helmets I'd start with 95% silver, 5% pearl and 5% Royal blue.  For the pants I'd start with 97% silver, 1% Royal Blue, 1% pearl and 15 green like you do platforms with.  I've done these many times over the years and two things I can tell you; 1) these mixes will be lighter shades than the figure pictured.  Don't worry, they should be. 2)  The contrast of the helmets and the pants will be noticeable, again don't panic.  they really are much different than what even the best HD Tv shows you.  Jerry Jones was once asked by a local reporter about why he changed the uniforms when he took over the team in '89.  he said they matched on TV and smiled, and at that time they did appear to match much better than the do now.  optical illusion.  the pants have been nickel green since the '60's because Tex Schramm had a 60's model car that was that color.  What really changed were the materials available to the uniform makers over time.  The nickel green got lighter, the helmets got more silver with less blue metal flake.

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Yes, mine are just about that color if not the same.

I was using all the colors you were except the grass green.

That made all the difference in the world and something I never would have thought of myself.

If I may ask, where did you get the cowboys logo across the front of the jersey.

There are some College teams I am thinking about doing.

I've been using and am happy with and will continue to use Beenutts decals, but not sure if he makes those types of decals.


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On 6/23/2023 at 8:54 AM, nefgm.org said:

Beenutt can make any decals you want. You just have to ask. 

Thanks, I knew he would. I always feel bad ordering from him because I'm not sure how active he still is.

I would hate for my orders to be a bother to him.

I always try to order over 100 dollars an order when I do.

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