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Well, my Father’s Day gift arrived today! With thunderstorms popping all afternoon, I was afraid the game would arrive and get rained on, blown away, or aliens would appear and discover electric football. Could change the trajectory of the universe. Anyway, the board and Saints field cover are gorgeous! Now I have to wait for Sunday. I am so stoked! BTW, 49 days until the Hall of Fame game! I’ve used my quota for exclamation marks.


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I also received a new electric football game for Fathers' Day. 😃 Except mine is hardly new (manufactured circa 1990). 👴 I bought mine off of eBay and I wanted the butterscotch bases for my Suncats team. Good thing I didn't want a working field because the battery case and motion generator crumbled in my hands.


I now have 48 butterscotch bases and as I wrote in an earlier post I just don't think it's possible to have too many bases. I'm not sure where Playtime got the mold for the football figures. 🤔


Sometimes, when I buy these old games I'm touched by sadness. If the game was sold, then the recipient never peeled his favorite player's number and stuck it on his best player, then did anyone ever play with this game? In truth, I doubt a child, or adult, ever played with this game. Kind of reminds me of the Island of Misfit Toys. 😪


When you look at the box the players are obviously Tudor figures and they're riding on green, double-clip bases. So, I'm assuming the Playtime marketing team never saw the final product. At least their legal department had the foresight to print a disclaimer. Yet, considering the theme was Monday Night Football, and the Monday Night Football broadcast team wore gold jackets, where did the red goal posts and yard markers come from? 


I'm considering using the blue figures on a new Heritage team, or using the blue figures on an existing team which isn't currently a Heritage team.

The options are countless. 💯 I'll have to give it some thought.

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️

P.S. Note the UPC code ends in 43. That's gotta be an omen!

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