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AC-DC adapter for the Field Motion Generator Motor

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My 11 year old nephew has become a big fan of electric football and he has asked me to help to adapt his tudor board to run on AC power.  I know that Tudor once sold the Ultimate Converters but that is no longer the case.  So, I'm trying to find an appropriate AC to DC adapter that is suitable for the tudor motors.  Does anyone know the VDC rating of the motors and how many amps they draw?  In this situation, I would simply forgo the Play Action Remote Control and instead use a simple on/off switch.  But I don't want to smoke the motor! 😀


Thanks in advance.

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Well, the remote gets two batteries, correct?  That's 3 vdc.  Amperage can't be very much at all, but it will only draw what it will draw.

For $15 on Amazon you'll find a universal Belker 3.0-12V ac-dc converter with all sorts of plug ends.  That's 3 amps max I think.  Another is Soulbay that supplies 1 amp max for like 13$.

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Ok Sports Fans!

Here's an update to the AC power adapter for the Tudor motors in lieu of the battery-operated play action controllers.  After some diligent research I found out that the adapter needs to be precisely 6V/1A.  Obviously, preferably UL listed. 

I have in fact purchased a suitable adapter along with a 3.5mm plug adapter and an inline momentary button switch.  This all cost me about $15.00.  It is possible you can get the components cheaper, but that's not too pricey.

I love the battery-operated system because it allows me to take the game anywhere.  But I would like the option of running it on AC power while at home. I think this might just provide that solution!

Once I get all the components in hand (which will be soon), I'll connect the switch, plug it in and let you know how it goes!


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I'm really glad you put the Lenink option up for consideration, Lolo.  I took a look at it.  Lenink does make a 6V output version (4-battery model).  And you would definitely want to try the 6V model, not the 2-battery model from the link above.  It only has a 3.5V output.  

The benefit I see immediately of the 6V Lenink is that you can simply use the Play Action Controller without having to wire a momentary switch of your own.  This is very convenient.  But there are a disturbing number of negative reviews for the Lenink which make me kind of wary.  And I don't see any UL listing.

Once I get my 6V option up and running, I'll let you know what I find out.  And I may try the Lenink as well just for comparison purposes!  But for now, I will pass in favor of the DIY option.

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