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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...

Jim Fitzpatrick

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...but too much happening over the last few months.  I did get my season in, though.  The Thunderbolts took the New League title, while the Gladiators (a big surprise) took the Old League.  In the Championship game, the Thunderbolts defeated the Gladiators 28-7, with a relentless pass rush that produced 1 interception (FS #20), 3 sacks (LB #55 and DB #31), and many hurries (principally from DEs #75 and #97).

Currently, I'm in my off-season, in which I consider rule changes and matters of procedure, make any uniform color changes, change/retire numbers, and do any necessary repairs.  I purchased an additional motor to help make the field vibrations more uniform, 2 new "mean 13" teams in order to expand each team's roster to 32, and a Lavatools' digital timer to allow me to stop the clock during exchanges of possession.  The second motor, in early tests, works really well, but I'll know more when training camp starts later in the spring, when I'm doing team scrimmages. 

For the upcoming season, the biggest change in appearance will by the Titans, who are getting orange trim on their previously all-black scheme (see below).  Also, the Hawks are reverting to silver numbers on their home uniforms.  The silver is difficult to see (I had the Hawks and Gladiators initially wearing silver numbers when I made home uniforms, but changed to white numbers because of visibility), and the jury will be out for the season.  I might try one of the NFL numbers in silver to see if it's any better.  For other colored numbers on home uniforms, in which the number will not be strictly white, I find using the white number, and coloring it in with a sharpie is the best option, as the Tudor colored numbers don't show up so well.  Unfortunately, sharpies have to silver ink - the silver/gray they have is really paint.

Looking forward to the coming season, and I promise I'll be posting much more.


Tudor Titans b.jpg

Tudor Titans a.jpg

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Over the years, the Lancers have won 16 championships, by far the most of any team.

Although my teams don't represent any specific pro team, there are connections in the uniforms, but with certain modifications.  For example, the Titans' new uniforms are based on those of the Chicago Bears of the late 1940s, the Lancers' are similar to (but not exactly like) the NY Giants, and so on.

I've debated whether to go to league expansion, but the 4 teams per "conference" (8 teams total) is very convenient for the 10 game season I'm now playing.  I have expanded individual team rosters to 32 players each, and I may go to 33.  This seems to be the maximum number practicable.  I wish Tudor would sell individual players at the various positions, even at a greater price per player.  It would make roster expansion much more convenient.

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