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Long Island Electric Football League (Established 1972)

1976 Long Island Electric Football League, Super Bowl II, AFC Oakland Raiders vs. NFC Chicago Bears

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Long Island Electric Football 1976-77 Tournament Super Bowl II.

What is incredible about these records is that we actually had the savvy as nine and ten year old's to save an enormous amount of data that we wrote down as a rule in our league.  The manila folders for each team for each season are mind-boggling!  The time warp has returned into a throwback era which we saved everything! All stored in boxes, bins and in a really old dresser in our garage. It's hard to explain some of the things we do when we our kids, but thank goodness for having the foresight to initiate a lifelong tradition of keeping impeccable records for the Long Island Electric Football League. We are rich with tradition and incredible that we save every season on paper, now on computer since we started the league nearly 50 years ago! We would love to know your thoughts and read all about your leagues.

1976 Long Island Electric Football Championship Tournament.pdf

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