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Long Island Electric Football League (Established 1972)

(1979-80) Long Island EFL, Standings, Stat Leaders, Playoffs and Super Bowl IV, NFC New Orleans Saints vs. AFC Miami Dolphins

1979-80 Long Island Super Bowl IV Final Standings, Playoffs, Super Bowl, and Synopsis of League Statistics.

The Miami Dolphins were creating a dynasty in the LIEFL, playing outside tournaments on several occasions and winning against other kids who played electric football outside of our immediate group of friends. but the LIEFL also used other teams to compete in tournaments, one of them was the Dallas Cowboys who played really well in tournaments.

It seems everybody wanted to challenge the Dolphins and in one game we didn't realize the difference at the time between the big men and the standard players until we put the Dolphins on the field. We just thought that Joe Cerabino's Eagles were just bigger players.

O'Connell's Dolphins beat Cerabino's Philadelphia Eagles 67 big men in what was one of the Dolphins most challenging games that we have on record beating them 3-0 on the road! 

Later in the 90s when Miggle Toys had their first or second Super Bowl when the company flew people to Chicago to play in the World Championship of Electric football, O'Connell read an article in Long Island's newspaper, Newsday, about electric football which featured Long Island Miggle tournament's Byron Jackson who was flown to Chicago to compete against the best buzz-ballers in the world. O'Connell decided to get in touch with Jackson and challenge him after reading the article. O'Connell decided to use his number #10 ranked LIEFL team in the Dallas Cowboys to play Jackson's Chicago Bears. The two agreed to play and it was game-on. O'Connell's Cowboys dominated Miggle's Long Island Champion Jackson's Bears 21-7. Cowboys running back  Emmitt Smith rushed for over a hundred yards and he had  three touchdowns for O'Connell's Cowboys. It was a very proud moment for the league! Jackson called our play "Bully-Ball" ... 











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