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Long Island Electric Football League (Established 1972)

(2016) Long Island Super Bowl XII NFC Detroit Lions vs. AFC New England Patriots Write-Up

Detroit Lions vs. New England Patriots.

One of the beauties of any work that we take pride in is the result of hours of vetting until we get the right mix for a team. The Detroit Lions historically in the Long Island EFL were a losing franchise until we started understanding the draft as we got older. The Lions quickly went from worst-to-first becoming one of our top teams as a beneficiary of the draft. With a strong front line in front of Detroit's running back Dexter Bussy, the Lions transformed into a winner. With a great draft a top team should always be challenged for the sake of the league.

Each season we would now work on the teams who finished with the worst records and they would get the first round draft picks the following season of anywhere from a hundred fifty to two hundred new player bases from Tudor Games. We had great success with the concept making each team fiercely competitive from week to week in our 7 game season format.







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