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Long Island Electric Football League (Established 1972)

2020 Long Island EFL SUPER BOWL XVI AFC Miami Dolphins (8-1) vs. NFC Green Bay Packers (8-1)



Long Island Electric Football League Super Bowl XVI MVP Green Bay Packers Sterling Sharpe (Above) runs back his electrifying game winning 100 yard touchdown run as Green Bay went on to win their first ever LIEFL Super Bowl 52-49, in one of the most thrilling and intense championship games of all-time! Sharpe finished the day with a heroic  530 all-purpose yards, with four touchdowns, including two 100 yard touchdown runs!

December 27, 2020. Coquina Key Florida. It has been another amazing year for the Long Island Electric Football League. 

Super is the right word for the 50 carries 1393 total yards, and 12 action packed touchdowns scored between the now AFC Miami Dolphins (8-3), and the underdog NFC Green Bay Packers (9-1), in Long Island Electric Football League's Super Bowl XVI, between two of our best coaches! Green Bay's Sterling Sharpe walked away with LIEFL-Super Bowl XVI MVP honors! Sharpe shined as he lit up the scoreboard with a historic 530 total yards, with four touchdowns, two of them for 100 yards, including the game winning, thrilling 100 yard touchdown with 29 seconds left in the game, with the Packers trailing 49-46, with no timeouts left for Miami, beating the Dolphins 52-49 in a thunderous, roaring Super Bowl!

The game was intense and exhilarating! It was filled with roars, and huge surprises as Sharpe and the Packers were just as magical as the Miami Dolphins career in this league. LIEFL host Ray Negron said, "It was Green Bay's night, and any league that can last 49 years in a hobby is a night to be respected." 

Green Bay Coach Ed Viggs (23-11), walked away with a payday, a ring, and he will receive a trophy as well for the second straight year after this memorable and incredible game over Coach Billy O'C (22-11)! They say, "The third-time is a charm" but the Green Bay Packers and Coach Ed Viggs has taken criticism all season long regarding his Packers.  But Viggs silently did his talking on the scoreboard by not backing down an inch to a "high-octane" offense against my Dolphins. He played absolutely flawless!" Green Bay scored just 74-points this season, so what happened and how did they pull this off? Coach Ed Viggs said, "Sorry, I don't give my strategies away, but never think anything is impossible, and that goes for life too. These coaches trashed my team all year long and that motivated me more than you know for this game. These Packers put on a clinic tonight in how to win the biggest game of their career, how about that Sterling Sharpe? Hooyah!" 

SB17art.thumb.png.1d93985ee52555a45e880159c78b0c69.pngPackers.jpg.2aa7b7cfb45f5119affc95ac6899464d.jpgWhat an exciting opening kickoff as Green Bay's Sterling Sharpe, the NFC Championship Game MVP, picked up where he left off last game, this time returning the ball 85 yards to the Miami 15-yard line to open the game for Green Bay! Miami's defense stood tall on first down, stopping running back Packers running back Terdell Middleton, pushing him back 15 yards on the first two two plays, but on third down big Jim Taylor, the unsung hero found an open field and scored a 30-yard touchdown on a pass from Coach Ed Viggs, to give Green Bay the lead 7-0, with 9:13 left to go in the first quarter! The energy was buzzing in Coquina Key St.Pete, Florida!

The excitement was overwhelming as AFC Championship Game MVP Mark Duper opened the Dolphins scoring drive with a hundred yard kick return to ignite Super Bowl XVI, tying the score at 7-7, with 7:58 remaining in the first quarter! Holy Cow!  What a run!

Packers.jpg.2aa7b7cfb45f5119affc95ac6899464d.jpgWOW! WOW! After a gorgeous 54-yard kick return by Sterling Sharpe, fullback Jim Taylor on first down ran the ball 46 yards into the end zone to give Green Bay the lead 14-7, with 4:47 left to go in the first quarter and the Packers are on fire! Miami is in for a game as the Green Bay offense came to finish off what they started last week against Washington! 
Coach Viggs must have saw something in the Dolphins game last week against the Chargers because he's taking advantage of any soft spot he can find, and while Miami tackle Manny Fernandez is an excellent player, Green Bay's All-Pro defensive tackle, Forrest Gregg out-schooled Fernandez by trapping him inside the line on that last play while Taylor ran outside for the touchdown. What a great play and great coaching by coach Ed Viggs using his powerful trap play to get into the endzone!
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.dd3169082395fe5355e6dee2880cff54.gifDolphins return man Mark Duper blazed 61-yards downfield on the ensuing kickoff as the two minute warning sounded for Miami at the 39 yard line of Green Bay. On first down Mercury Morris ran 19 yards to the Green Bay 19-yard line, and Morris was hit hard by Packers All-Pro linebacker Ray Nitschke, who's had an amazing year making himself a fiercely respected player in the NFC. What a great atmosphere to play a game in, especially a Super Bowl!
To begin the second quarter, the Green Bay defense kicked in as the Dolphins lost five yards on the play. After being stopped on first and second down, Billy O'C hit Mercury Morris on a 29-yard slant pass for a touchdown to tie the game at 14-14, with 11:39 remaining in the half!76356531_SB12(1)art.thumb.png.7e54d69bb34f7f0ea90c49f68fe9d678.png
Packers.jpg.2aa7b7cfb45f5119affc95ac6899464d.jpgOn the next kickoff for Green Bay, Sterling Sharpe returned the ball for 35 yards. Miami stopped Jim Taylor on the first two runs, but on third down, the Packers and Coach Viggs shifted the offense, by giving the ball to Terdell Middleton who was wide open on a great pass by Viggy, after the Packers lost almost 20-yards. Middleton shocked everyone blazing 74-yards downfield to the Miami 13-yard line, with 5:30 remaining in the  half! What an explosive play! 
On first down it was Middleton again carrying the ball, but this time he failed to pick up any rushing yardage. On second down, Middleton was stuffed six yards behind the line of scrimmage, caught in the backfield by Miami defender Mark Clayton at the Dolphins 22-yard line, with 2:32 remaining in the half.
The excitement was endless. On an absolutely amazing pass play Coach Viggs continued his passing magic by throwing a risky rocket into the end zone hitting a wide open Sterling Sharpe for the touchdown!  Coach Viggs and the Packers explode on the Dolphins! They then went for a two-point conversion. After the Jim Taylor scored on the Packers two-point conversion from two yards away Green Bay took the lead 22-14 with 1:21 remaining one of the best first halves' of the playoffs! Miami called their first time out of the half with one more remaining. 
On the kick return Jim Taylor and Sterling Sharpe, the two rising Stars for the Packers, saved the day, tackling Mark Duper who had an open lane in front of him at the 38-yard line as Miami called their last time out of the half with one minute remaining. The next play for Miami was spectacular! Mercury Morris broke free at the Dolphins 38-yard line on a pass from Billy O'C, taking it 62 yards into the end zone for a Miami touchdown! And from two yards away, Dolphins fullback Larry Csonka scored to tie the game 22-22, with 20 seconds left and Green Bay called their first time out, with one remaining. 
As time was running out Sterling Sharpe returned a 35 yard kickoff. And with 11 seconds left, Green Bay called their last time out! Viggs went back to the air connecting with Sharpe who caught a 9-yard pass as time ran out with a score tied 22-22 at the half! In the LIEFL, coaches are not allowed to kick a field goal beyond 66 yards, and time ran out on the Packers as the half ended. What an amazing first half of football with the score, Miami 22-Green Bay 22!
The first half was perfect! In analyzing the first half, the two teams about evenly matched. Jim Taylor came up big for the Packers scoring two touchdowns in the first half, and for the Dolphins, Mark Duper's 100-yard kick return grew the intensity of the game, but Green Bay matched the Dolphins intensity! This is the same Packers team that coaches around the league laughed because they were thought to be a bust, especially by coach Johnny-Freeport. Miami's Mercury Morris had two touchdowns in the first half setting up a beautiful highly anticipated third quarter.
1200px-Super_Bowl_XVI_Logo_svg.thumb.png.ae44a86817b850d38bec0ecdf6f952ae.pngTHIRD QUARTER ACTION: 
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.dd3169082395fe5355e6dee2880cff54.gifTo start the third quarter Miami's Mark Duper exploded on a 47 yard kick return to set up the Dolphins running game. Miami got their offense going immediately in the third quarter as Mercury Morris on first down, took an end-around off through the eight hole right end for 53 yards into the end zone to make the score 28-22, with 13:23 remaining in the third quarter! Larry Csonka scored on another two-point conversion for the Dolphins to make this a 30-22 game, Dolphins in the lead, with 11:22 remaining in the third quarterPackers.jpg.2aa7b7cfb45f5119affc95ac6899464d.jpgOh baby! Sterling Sharpe changed the mood of the game again quick, exploding for a blazing 100-yard kick return to light up the scoreboard 30-28! These Packers are not backing down! Sharpe's spectacular run gives this place something to roar about! What a play! The place is going crazy as Coach Billy O'C looks flustered and in disbelief!
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.dd3169082395fe5355e6dee2880cff54.gifOn the next kick return Mark "Super Duper" blasted off for a 60-yard return. And on first and second down, Mercury Morris ran for 17, and then 15 yards, as Miami took the ball to the Green Bay 8-yard line, with 3:23 remaining in the third quarter as coach Billy OC worked the clock. This has been a spectacular strategic game. On the following play, Morris scored his third touchdown of the game from 8 yards away to give Miami the lead again 36-30, with 2:54 remaining in the third quarter! BOOM!
The Dolphins went for the two-point conversion. Miami has played like a powerhouse on offense and the team criticized the most this season was the Packers for their offense, but not today!  Green Bay is right there with Miami hanging tough on every play. Mercury Morris caught a rocket from Billy O'C for the two point conversion to give Miami the lead 38-30 with 2:16 left to go in the third quarter!
Packers.jpg.2aa7b7cfb45f5119affc95ac6899464d.jpgOn the ensuing kick return, Green Bay's Sterling Sharpe exploded for 69 yards to keep his team in the game. Sharpe has come a long way in the past two seasons, but these playoffs has made him a star! He's been nothing less than outstanding, as the two minute warning wound the third quarter down with Miami ahead of Green Bay. Miami's offensive line has been terrific today but there's no denying that Green Bay has been just as good as the Miami Dolphins, who are chasing their seventh LIEFL-Super Bowl title! On the following play, the Packers were forced to pass on second down, losing 15 yards on the play before at their own 47 yard line. Dolphins LIEFL All-Pro defensive end Jason Taylor, made a tremendous stop on Terdell Middleton. And now Green Bay is forced to come up with an answer on second down as the third quarter came to a close!
We are on to our final quarter of LIEFL-Super Bowl XVI, with the score Miami 38-Green Bay 30!
When play picked up again, Terdell Middleton tore it up to begin the fourth quarter with a 36-yard first down, bringing the ball to the Miami 12-yard line with 14:16 remaining in the game. There will be no quitting today from this Green Bay team, and Miami hasn't been able to get an inch off of the Packer defense. 
On a stunning play coach Viggs pulled off a huge 12-yard touchdown on a surprise quarterback sneak to tie the game after the two-point conversion by Middleton making the score 38-38 with 12:15 remaining in the game!
What brilliance! WOW!
We all know in this league how hard it is to get to this point, where you work so hard as a coach to get here and these two fierce competitors Viggs and O'C will never give into each other with the score tied 38-38 on second down for Miami!
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.dd3169082395fe5355e6dee2880cff54.gifThe Dolphins are just rolling ahead with another 13-yard pickup by Mercury Morris.
Miami keeps pushing through the Green Bay defense, and two plays later the Dolphins were at the Packers 40 yard line, with 5:21 remaining in the game. On another explosive run by Morris, he ran thru the left side of the line for a 40-yard touchdown run! What a play! On the two-point conversion, Mark Clayton broke free at the two-yard line to catch the two-point conversion in the end zone, giving Miami the lead 46-38, with 3:40 remaining in the game, and this one is going to end in a nail-biting thriller because we suspect, the Packers are not finished yet!
Packers.jpg.2aa7b7cfb45f5119affc95ac6899464d.jpgOn the next kick return by Sterling Sharpe, Sharpe was clobbered at the 35-yard line by Mark Duper with 2:27 remaining, with the pressure mounting. We are down to the final two minutes of the game as the two minute warning sounded off! Coach Viggs and the Packers are going to go for it all! On the next play, Don Hutson broke free at the Green Bay 35-yard line from Mark Duper
again for the first down! On first down, the No-Quit Packers Sterling Sharpe caught a 19-yard touchdown pass in the end zone to make the score 46-44, with 1:14 remaining in the game! That was Sharpe's third touchdown of the game in this thriller!
With time running out and no timeouts left the Dolphins ran the ball 56 yards on the kick return from Mark Duper, and they were forced to kick a field goal, giving Miami back the lead 49-44! The pressure is on the Packers now!
Oh my God! With the game on the line, the pressure overboiling, the place roaring with just 29 seconds left on the clock with no timeouts left for Miami, Green Bay's Sterling Sharpe exploded for 100 yard touchdown on the last play of the game to give the Green Bay Packers their first ever LIEFL Super Bowl victory! This place has exploded with a huge roar as we witnessed one of the greatest Super Bowl finishes of all time, with the Green Bay Packers (9-1) defeating the returning AFC Champion Miami Dolphins 52-49 in dramatic fashion!  
1653742063_SB1(4)ART.thumb.png.5e2eba5b75bdaea0c496d14b7f47d729.pngAll year the Packers have played spectacular football and today they beat a fantastic football team! Sterling Sharpe earned LIEFL-Super Bowl XVI MVP, and the Packers are going wild! What a Super Bowl! The key to the game was scoring because there was no stopping these two perfectly matched teams in this game. Sterling Sharpe finished the day with 11 carries for stunning 530 yards with four touchdowns, with two thrilling 100 yard touchdowns, one of them drowned the Dolphins!
Coach Billy OC said, "We came here ready for this game but so did Viggs and the Packers, and that is what this hobby and Super Bowl should be all about, sportsmanship, class and artistry of the craft. Viggs is a big game professional. What a game!"
Coach Viggs said, "I've played in a lot of great games but this one stole the cake of the best game I have ever played in! Sterling Sharpe was the difference, he did so much on his own with the desire for success, and today we proved to this league that we can play with anybody.  We are the Cinderella team of 2020, and I can't wait until next season!
That was one of the best electric football games I ever played. Yeah baby, how about them Packers!" The Long Island EFL concludes it's season with the LIEFL All-Pro Game back in New York!
sbmvp.thumb.png.51fe8faf83e6f3dbe0159b5ff918faee.pngThe GATORADE SUPER BOWL XVI MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Green Bay Packers Sterling Sharpe
49 MIAMI DOLPHINS (8-3) Coach Billy O'C
MIAMI DOLPHINS OFFENSE: RUSHING: Morris 13-183-3/40TD REC: Morris 1-29-1/29TD, All-Purpose: Morris 14-212-4/40TD, Duper KR: 7-392-1/100TD, REC: Clayton 1-2-0/2PTC, REC: Csonka 2-4-0/2x2PTC
TACKLES: Kuechenberg (2), Clayton, Duhe, Taylor, Csonka, Duper
TOTAL OFENSE: 24-610-5/100TD
52 GREEN BAY PACKERS (9-1) Coach: Ed Viggs
GREEN BAY PACKERS OFFENSE: RUSHING: Middleton 5-0-0/0, Taylor 3-46-1/46TD, REC: Taylor 3-34-1/30TD/2PTC, KR: Sharpe 7-478-2/2x100TD, REC: Sharpe 4-52-2/22TD, Sharpe All-Purpose Yards: 11-530-4/2x100TDs, Rodgers 1-12-1/12TD, Hutson 1-51-0/51
TACKLES: White, Cole (2), Nitchske (2), Jenkins, Sharpe, Taylor (2), Middleton
TOTAL OFFENSE: 26-783-7/2x100TDS









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