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👀 Correct EF Defense and Military Tactics

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Asked this great question by an EF Coach anonymously who allowed me to share the context with other EF members. 

Coach K,
I hear you always talking about “true EF defense” but I was also in the military and just wanted to get an understanding about the similarities relative to electric football.  Thank you. 

Hey Coach and fellow Vet,
Just as in military tactics when you are in a defensive posture, you are “pre-positioned” to thwart an attack from land-air-sea. Your defensive positioning is passive. May have greater strength in the MOST LIKELY avenues of attack (based on known information about the field(down, distance, tendencies)) called the “order of battle” at higher levels.  It has some weaknesses but those are camouflaged so the offense won’t go immediately to attack that area to get behind your line.  That’s why when on “lookout” you are posted up to observe but when the battle starts (initiated by the start of the play) your actions (defensive scheme) is exposed to them.  

Just like military tactics and football defense, deception is key also. Show blitz (to change offense belief a run play will be unsuccessful) but cover disrupting passing routes.  The issue here is you are stationary and the formation of the attackers is stationary except for the pivot demonstrating WHERE they will attack and calling out the type of play (run-pass-kick) stating the HOW initially. 

They may change conditions and in battle (the down), you REACT to it with everything available to you but if in EF, you are setting up the “defensive position” based on HOW and/or WHERE you can SEE the attack primarily coming from, that’s counterattacking because there’s no weaknesses to thwarting the offensive KNOWN plan.  You just position your “defense” to “attack the attack”. 

That’s why ambushes are OFFENSIVE MILITARY TACTICS although we are in defense of a country and in EF, it’s called by me as SEE-FENCE. 

I hope the block of information on military tactics and what is the CORRECT electric football defensive scrimmage procedures are made clear through the eyes of an old war veteran.  

There IS a right way to play.  
Carry on. 😂


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I saw it. However, I prefer to use a variant of "See Fence" with a bit more blitzing. My thought process on defense goes back to something I learned at the Academy - 

"The object is to disrupt and destroy your enemy's resources and limit his decision-making process" 


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