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Show us your Stranger Teams - The Crazier, The Better!

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Here's some crazy creation teams that I've put together over the years - 

Photo 1: The Darkstar Dragons: From an old Sega Football Game, these guys are green and have tails! 

Photo 2: The Bogalusa Bygones: Old figures and Fab 5's make this a team straight from a bygone era of football! 

Photo 3: The Federation RedShirts: From the final frontier, these guys come ready to play! 

Photo 4: The Regula Robots: From a distant planet, these 'bots come ready to conquer humanity on the gridiron! 

Photo 5: The Zom-Squad: I built this team from a leftover bunch of 40K skeletons and some of my leftover broken Fab 5 guys. Re-purposing at its best. 






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Almost every team I have could be considered strange. But, if I had to pick the most unusual, I would go with my favorite one - the Battlin' Bozos of Battle Creek, starting with their 'uniforms', the classic Bozo outfit from the TV show. It is complete with the 2 large 'buttons' on the shirt, an over sized belt buckle and a large collar around the neck with red striping. They have the white bald head with red hair and large red noses. Perhaps the most unusual is the 'numbers' on their backs. They don't have conventional numbers. Instead they have off beat numbers and symbols, such as 5 1/2, the Pi symbol, a smilie face, 6 dots like on a dice #6, a triangle, a + sign and many more. Even their coach is different. Who else would be smoking a cigar while shaking a rubber chicken?  What can I say, I love these guys.


Bozos 1.JPG

Bozos 2.JPG

Bozos 3.JPG

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Dave, I remember the Bots! Love your teams. The Bygones look like they are living in a black and white world, nice touch! The Zombie squad reminds me of the Cadavers. I wonder if they are made from the same figures? John DiCarlo made them for me so I'm not sure. They are one of my most prized possessions 👍

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