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Plays are independent from formations. 

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Inside TOEPRO Football 

Plays are independent from formations. 

Basic to football, plays are coach’s method to execute to advance the ball.  They are unknown to the defensive team until the play starts.  It surprises us.  
Huh, US?3438CF1E-16C8-4227-8ECA-1D6B88084944.thumb.jpeg.0278e8dfb5e717e14160b0a7fd12264c.jpegYes, US!!!  The defense, the Coach and the fans watching, everyone.  In EF it should surprise you also because although you sought the opening and created the play, the defensive scheme is unknown to you. DD0C0E37-0D91-4DB7-BEE4-9C0B849B8B10.thumb.jpeg.65ce120b35ae4b9612059d0a0c91cd68.jpegRun plays fall into these types. 
BOOT, COUNTER, DIVE, DRAW, END AROUND, LEAD, SNEAK, SWEEP and TOSS. 4F3F0A1B-CBF2-4225-B22F-33635BB491E1.thumb.jpeg.50a730f86501e5225f3b4a202f6641fd.jpegPass plays fall into these types.
ARROW, CURL, DIG, FADE, FLAG, FLAT, GO, IN, OUT, POST, SCREEN, SLANT and WHEEL.84B75E3C-EBAA-423B-9EBD-36A50B27D234.thumb.jpeg.e673eeb3573a8bea5087c0da96f7f87b.jpegA recent Coach (TOEPRO Football fan) stated it best when commenting (in part):  
     I'm slowly learning that the hundreds of formations are all variants of a much smaller number of specific types of formations, and that the formula for a play/scheme is the formation + the movement and actions of players + reacting to whatever the opponent does (something that's not always clear to non-football players - it never really occurred to me they were INDEPENDENT from one another). It's far less complicated than it first seems…. 
…The challenge is knowing why one formation is better than another for rushing, passing or misdirection, and that's when you have to just study the playbook and realize that football is as much a mental game as it is a physical one.A12240CB-BDDF-4F87-B143-70CA409C6507.thumb.jpeg.1725e872da0ac9e2565ef97b949a58e2.jpegHe’s correct.  By playing TOEPRO Football, you call the play, derived from the formation and live with the results. 

It’s that “independence” that surprises us and in TOEPRO Football, it can. 

3C7C6539-FF13-4771-84A1-A967DCBD1745.jpeg.a67354b3906cc642b18e6c9ed200f492.jpegFrom days as a kid, I offer you this.

Kit Kinchen
Commissioner, TOEPRO Football 
Professional Football on an Electric Field

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Goodness, half of the Electric Football "Strategy" videos put up by certain heroes need to come back and pay attention to this. They only extrapolate upon one outcome instead of considering all the options given in a certain play. It's certainly a very detailed nuance of the game, which requires some attention to detail. 

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