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Touch up or Re- Paint on 67 Bigmen NFL figures!?

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Hey Coaches and Trainers, I recently bought some NFL & AFL 67 Bigmen and had a question.  I'm carefully removing 50 year old Varsity numbers, trying not to damage the original paint jobs...but some of these players have obviously been played with and are in sketchy shape....do i just do a touch up or full blown repaint....some teams look terrific, while others look pretty bad...What's a GM to do🤣 If I have to I'll keep the same uniform from that period...I have a Redskins Home Uniform( Dark burgundy,  Yellow Pants, black shoes, with one RB whose had paint thinner used on his Helmet...they also don't have the War Spear from the 60's)....kinda like to get that on...but I don't want to devalue these great teams, appreciate your thoughts!!

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Thanks ...I needed that...started touching up and re-numbering these classic players and actually pulled out a couple of Street & Smith Pro Football Annuals to get the proper numbers.  I'll post some photos in a few days to show progress....some of these paint jobs are actually pretty sloppy...and they  are original!!

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2 hours ago, mccaber said:

Those are some good looking figures.

Yeah the AFL teams are in almost mint condition...just had to touch up some minot spots.....the NFL teams must have been used alot because they are beat up lots of paint chips...I have a ton of Pactra and Testors paints so I can mix to match the paint jobs.....really excited and now I can figure out my schedule for a Solitare Season in the Frozen Tundra Electric Football League!!

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On 5/11/2020 at 7:25 AM, 11 Angry Men said:

These are the 67 Big Men AFL teams that are in relatively good shape....the NFL teams are a different story but I'll post progress on them...I want to match that dark burgundy...brownish in fact for the Redskins...don't want to screw this up👍👍🤣

67 AFL Teams.jpg

Great looking old classics....i have found best way to remove old bigmen numbers is warm water and ur thumb nail...its like most things...take ur time....as far as touch ups...it hurts resell...but if you plan to keep them...then hey ...make them look better.....what i do with the old classic teams is i never touch up...if i buy a set that looks bad i just keep them until i find a replacement team or individual players to make my team better....but hey...love to look at the old classics....thanks for sharing.

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