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My solitaire league is the WMLMF - West Michigan League of Miniature Football. It is a fantasy league consisting of 22 teams, most of which are of my own creation. I started with 4 teams in it's 1st season, expanded it to 8 teams the next year, and then added more each season until I had reached the 22 teams that are in it now. The last few years that I ran the league I played a 9 or 10 week season (games actually, as a weeks worth of games takes me about a month to play) for each team, then ran a 4 team playoff ending with a championship game that I call the Gumbo Bowl. The WMMF is split into two conferences, each with two divisions. The Paranormal and World Domination divisions are in the North Conference, while over in the Un-North Conference is the Lifestyles and Potpourri divisions. When I decided to make my own teams, I couldn't decide whether to make them with home or away jerseys, Istead, I went with the offense having away uni's and the defense having home uni's. My reasoning is that when you are on offense, you are attacking, usually someplace away from home. When you are under attack, you are defending your home. This is opposite of many other leagues I've seen that split the offense and defense wth different jerseys. Anyways, here is a little background information and the rosters of each team........


The Paranormal Division – The Paranormal Division starts with one of the original 4 teams that I made around 15 or 16 years ago. They won the first 2 Gumbo Bowls and have been in the playoffs every year. They're big, hairy, smelly and don't even wear any uniforms. Of course, I'm talking about the Canadian Sasquatch. They prefer to pound the ball with their 2 stellar running backs, Grog and Muckman. When they aren't running the ball, they resort to Stinkwater, one of the top quarterbacks in the league. His favorite target is the undisputed top tight end, Tipper. On defense they rely on one of the WMMF's best tackles, Tank, who is always in the top 10 in tackles. They also have one of the premier defensive backs in Gopher.




4 Flowers RB             27 Stickums LCB

7 Stinkwater QB       39 Gopher SS

14 Badgas WR          40 Junior FS

20 Trotter RB           43 Ralph RCB

21 Muckman RB     55 Chappy LLB

32 Grog RB              57 Thinker RLB

50 Rocky LT            62 Spook MLB

61 Kenji RT             66 Bubbles MLB

67 Jojo RG              77 Shorty RDE

70 Ho-Chi C            82 Too Tall LDE

72 Stump LG          91 Patches NT

80 Tipper TE          96 Tank RDT

81 Theodore WR    99 Shy Guy LDT


K - 3 Bunyons


Head Coach: Shaquille O’Neal

Sasquatch 1.JPG

Sasquatch 2.JPG

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The New Zealand Zombies are a team that came from the old Miggle chat board. Someone put up a post that if you could pick any NFL player, past or present, who would be your first draft pick. 8 or 9 guys chimed in and soon it was decided that you could not pick the same player that someone else had already picked. We went through 30 or so rounds and we even made a name for our fantasy draft team. My team was the Zombies, so their roster is filled with players that I got from the draft. I thought I did pretty good. The Offensive line is all HOFers, they have four 12,000+ yard rushers, and the defense is a head coaches dream and an offenses worst nightmare. Plus they have two of the best kickers that have ever played in Reggie Roby and Adam Vinatieri. They feature some custom figures given to me as a present from Terry Popham down in Texas.



Marcus Allen RB #32

Jerome Bettis RB #36

Bob Brown OL #76

Tim Brown WR #81

Dave Casper TE #87

Dan Fouts QB #14

Franco Harris RB #32

Bob Hayes WR #22

Russ Francis TE #81

Larry Little OL #66

James Lofton WR #80

Tom Mack OL #65

Curtis Martin RB #28

Jim Otto OL #00

Art Shell OL #78

Bart Starr QB #15


George Atkinson DB #43

Cornelius Bennett LB #55

Willie Brown DB #25

Harry Carson LB #53

Willie Davis DL #87

Jack Ham LB #59

Willie Lanier LB #63

Charles Mann DL #71

Ray Nitschke LB #66

Deacon Jones DL #75

Merlin Olsen DL #74

Alan Page DL #88

Donnie Shell DB #31

Willie Wood DB #24

Louis Wright DB #20

Special Teams

James "Jimbo" Dunagan *TD #99 *Tackling Dummy

Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson KR #84

Reggie Roby PT #4

Adam Vinatieri PK #4

Head Coach: Vince Lombardi

NZ Zombies 1.JPG

NZ Zombies 2.JPG

NZ Zombies 3.JPG

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Weirdwolf's Werewolves - I was at a hobby shop one day getting some paint and brushes and as I walked past a display case I saw some figures for something called HeroClix. I noticed some were werewolves and thought that I could make a team out of them. They just happened to have 11, so I bought them all and cut off the dials that they were on and glued them to some stands. Ta da! The Werewolves were born. I played 1 season with them as an iron man squad. As that season ended, a fellow EF enthusiast (Rick Garrison?) sent me a team of Catachan Commandos figures. I was blown away. Well, I thought I could use them as another 11 man squad, or add them to the Werewolves, which is what I ended up doing. This has worked out well, as a few of the Commando figures aren't very well suited for football. But the rest are great, so they are a bonus for the Wolves.


OFFENSE                                        DEFENSE

86 OL/DL Wolfman Jack                           LB ‘Bazooka’ Joe Gumm

62 OL/DL Michael Landon                        LB Mack Truck

65 OL/DL Peter Wolf                                 DB Machete Macintyre

76 OL/DL Lynn ‘Weirdwolf’ Schmidt       CB Little John

80 OL/LB Wolfgang Puck                         WR Dirk Bronson

54 TE/LB Lon Chaney Jr.                          E Dutch Dugan

47 RB/LB Jack Nicholson                         RB Sarge Saunders

18 RB/DB Wolf Blitzer                             RB/DB Butch Barlow

36 WR/DB Michael J. Fox                       OL/DL Hank Hammer

21 WR/DB Oz                                          OL/DL Cam L. Flodge

9 QB/DB Warren ‘Full’ Moon                 DB Sam Bush


K – Harry Dogman

Head Coach: Frank Enstein



Werewolf 1.JPG

Werewolf 2.JPG

Werewolf 3.JPG

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The Cleveland Cadavers is a team created by John DiCarlo. He posted a pic of 3 players on the Miggle board and all it took was one look and I knew I had to have the team. It took awhile, but eventually he made 13 of them and let me have them for my league. I love this team. They were a bit on the light side, so I added a little more weight to them. They are a spunky bunch with a lot of guts, which is a surprise considering they are all skeletons. Red Skelton retired as the head coach and has been replaced by non other than Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Cleveland Cadavers

14 Chip Femur - QB

21 Ortho Pedic - FB/LB

29 Rolyn Bones - RB/DB

30 Strickly Dedmen - RB/LB

37 Shakey Cartledge - TE/LB

40 Junior Underworld - RB/LB

51 Dee Compose - C/DL

75 Phil Graves - G/DL

76 M. Balmer - G/DL

77 Rusty Hinge - T/DL

78 Mort Tuary - T/DL

83 Stiff Body - WR/DB

84 Nelson Brittle WR/DB

K - 1 Kicked Dabucket

Head Coach – Achmed the Dead Terrorist


Cadavers 1.JPG

Cadavers 2.JPG

Cadavers 3.JPG

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Munich's Moon Sharks is one of two fantasy teams that you can buy from Tudor. They were created by Glenn Hardaway as part of a contest from Miggle in honor of Doc Smeby who passed away in 2007. . I figured that they are a natural fit for my league, and as an added bonus, I didn't have to do any painting. The Moon Sharks had a so-so first season. They struggled in the running game, but they had one of the best receivers in Orr Bitz and their quarterback, Cray Terr was a pleasant surprise and a top fantasy pick. Defensively they had an up and down year, but remained competitive most of the time.

Moon Sharks


QB - Cray Terr

RB - Rocky Blue

RB - Apollo Fin

LT - Gil Tides

LG - Total Eclipse

C - Quarter Jaws

RG - Tooth Hill

RT - Mare Waters

TE - Fran Zee

WR - Orr Bitz

WR - Wax Zing


LDE - Wayne Ning

LDT - Dusty Swim

NT - Blunt Nose

RDT - Tiger Phase

RDE - Pred Ater

LLB - Termin Ater

RLB - Harvey Est

LCB - Lemon Crescent

RCB - Gibby Ous

S - Crusty Bull

S - Reef Setting

K – Buzz Aldrin

Coach - Neil Armstrong


Moon Sharks 1.JPG

Moon Sharks 2.JPG

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The last team in the Paranormal Division is the Lake Michigan Martians. They are led by Marvin the Martian, who had an incredible rookie year as quarterback. They needed him as both running backs, Gort and Klaatu, were inconsistent at best. Their defense basically got the job done, which led them to a playoff spot with a 5-3 record. With some improvement in the O-line, they could be a top 5 team. They are different from traditional teams in that instead of having home and away jerseys, they use home and away pants instead.



QB - Marvin

RB - Gort

RB - Klaatu

TE - Barada

E - Nikto

E - Beldar

LT - John Carter

LG - Barsoom

C - Dak Kova

RG - Djor Kantos

RT = Hal Vas


DE - Kalksus

DT - Krull

NT - Notan

DT - Nuttus

DE - Odwar

LB - Ptor

MLB - Shador

MLB - Sith Sola

LB – Tal

CB - Kadar

SS - Thark

FS – Xodar

K - Orson Wells

Head Coach – Matt Damon


Martians 1.JPG

Martians 2.JPG

Martians 3.JPG

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When you think of the World Domination Division, the first team that most people think about it the 'evil' team - the Munich Third Reich. Every hero needs a villain, so I thought I would make the ultimate villains. It didn't go over well. Boy, did I take a lot of flak when I posted them on the Miggle board. Discussions rapidly deteriorated and the post was the first one ever booted from the board. Things soften up over time, as many Efers also liked to play Axis and Allies. I think of them as more like the Hogans Heroes Germans, a bunch of goofballs with Colonal klink at QB, Sargent Schulltz at left guard, and General Burhalter and Major Hockstetter on defense. As it's turned out, they aren't bad for a football team, having won 2 Gumbo Bowls

Munich Third Reich

Offense                                              Defense

5 Wilhelm Klink.............. QB.                27 Dieter Schmidt............. LCB
7 Fritz Mueller.............. RB                    30 Klaus Werner............... SS
14 Peter Becker............. WR                  39 Dirk Lange................ FS
23 Wilfried Hofmann........ RB              41 Dirk Braun.................. RCB
25 Willie Wolf............... WR                47 Manfred Mann............ RLB
33 Sven Wagner............ RB                 48 Wolfgang Hahn............. LLB
34 Richard Meier............ RB                66 Wolfgang Hockstetter..... MLB
56 Rolf Walters............. RT                  69 Albert Kohler................ MLB
57 Hans Schultz............ LG                 79 Joseph Herrmann......... RDT
61 Maximillion Hahn....... LT              90 Sebastian Keller………….LDE  

68 Stephen Kruger ………. RG          91 Fredrich Heimell......... LDT
76 Franz Stutgart........... OC                97 Derrick Danker.......... RDE
80 Gunther Huber .......... TE               98 Albert Burkhalter.......... NT
82 Dieter Zimmermann.... WR
Special Teams
1 Franz Schultz ............... K

Coach : Werner Von Braun

Third Reich 1.JPG

Third Reich 2.JPG

Third Reich 3.JPG

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Conquering the world goes back thousands of years with one of the earliest being the Egypt Ra. Named after their sun God, the Ra is unique in that instead of numbers, they use Egyptian hieroglyphs on their backs. They are led by Moses and Ramesses on offense and Tutankhamen on defense. A tough team, they seemed to be cursed with bad luck as they led the league in fumbles and penalties. They are unique in that they feature figures from Excaliber Football.

Egyptian Ra


QB - Moses

WR - Akhenaten

WR - Kamose

TE - Xerxes

RB - Khufu

RB - Ramesses

RB - Khnum

RB - Imhotep

OL - Osirus

OL - Amenhotep

OL - Taharqa

OL - Artaxerxes

OL - Menes


DE - Neferhotep

DT - Nectanebo

NT - Khafra

DT - Sneferu

DE - Nehebkau

OLB - Anubis

MLB - Hakor

MLB - Tutankhamen

OLB - Tefnakt

FS - Horus

SS - Piy

CB - Iryhor

CB - Ka

K - Sphinx

Head Coach: Cleopatra

Egypt Ra 1.JPG

Egypt Ra 2.JPG

Egypt Ra 3.JPG

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Some years after the Egytians ruled the world, the Roman Gladiators took over. They are a work in progress. Led by their quarterback “I am” Spartacus, the only bright spot on offense was their tight end Brutus. Defensively, they are ok, but their star linebackers, Russell Crowe and Kirk Douglas seemed to spend more time complaining that they didn't get any Oscars than concentrating on the other teams plays. Naturally, they use Roman numbers instead of the standard numbers used today while wearing sandals instead of shoes,



QB - XIII - Spartacus

RB - XX - Caesar

RB - XXV - Maximus

TE - LXXXIII - Brutus

WR - LXXXIV - Augustus

WR - LVVVIX - Constantine

LT - LX - Commodus

LG - LVI - Flamma

C - L - Titus

RG - LV - Hadrian

RT -LIX - Cracalla


LDE - LXXX - Romulus

LDT -XCV - Marcus

NT - XCI - Caligula

RDT - XCIV - Belisarius

RDE - LXXV - Alexander

LCB - V - Greta

LLB - XLIII - Damascus

MLB - LIV - Russell Crowe

MLB - LI - Kirk Douglas

RLB - LXIX - Priscus

RCB - XXXVI - Tacitus

FS - XL - Andificus

SS - XLV - Hilarus


Fieldus Goalious




Roman Gladiators 1.JPG

Roman Gladiators 2.JPG

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Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the British Empire ruled the world. Though nowhere near their peak, they still have quite a bit of dominance around the planet. The London Union Jacks came to life as a tribute to Doc Smeby, a fellow electric football enthusiast living on the other side of 'The Pond', who passed away in 2007. He is the star quarterback and is surrounded by famous Brits such as running back Mick Jagger who shakes off defenders like they were groupies on the stage and William Shakespeare, who calls all the plays on defense.

London Union Jacks


1 QB Doc Smeby

14 WR Michael Caine

18 RB John Cleese

22 RB Mick Jagger

55 OL Alec Guinness

66 OL Alfred Hitchcock

67 OL Paul McCartney

72 OL James Cook

73 OL Winston Churchill

80 TE Francis Drake

81 WR Richard Starsky


5 SS Peter Sellers

21 WS Charlie Chaplin

27 CB Ben Kingsley

30 LB Isaac Newton

33 CB Eric Clapton

44 LB Eddie Izzard

50 DL John Lennon

62 DL Walter Raleigh

71 DL George Harrison

85 DL Henry Royce

94 DL William Shakespeare

K – Keith Richards

Coach – Eric Burdon

Union Jacks 1.JPG

Union Jacks 2.JPG

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Conquering the world isn't only for humans, as insects and other animals have had their runs as well. One of the most recent attempt was by the Killer Bees. Since the 50's the Bees have slowly made their way north from the rain forests of Central America. They made it as far as Kalamazoo, where they settled down and now call home. They are one of the original 4 teams that I made for the WMLMF. The Bees have one of the steadiest quarterbacks in the league in Kerry Kingbee, and also one of the top defensive backs in Norman Nest, who has twice led the league in interceptions.

Killer Bees


Offense                              Defense


16 Jason Stinger WR                    7 Hank Hornet RCB

17 Kerry Kingbee QB                  12 Willie Wasp LCB

22 Sam Swarm RB                      41 Buzz Baker SS

23 Steve Swarm RB                    45 Norman Nest FS

33 Peter Pollen RB                     52 Larry Larvae LLB

40 Nick Nectar RB                    57 Dave Drone RLB

56 Fred Worker RT                  65 Jerry Yellowjacket RDE

58 Nate Vespa RG                     66 Mudd Dauber LDE

59 Hank Honeywell OC            77 Doug Drone MLB

67 Joe Honeycomb LT               86 Harry Hybrid MLB

68 Jim B. Keeper LG                90 John Belushi LDT

80 Afri Canized TE                   91 Garrett Morris NT

88 George B. Hive WR             92 Elliott Gould RDT


1 Paul Inated K


Head Coach: Dan Aykroyd


Killer Bees 1.JPG

Killer Bees 2.JPG

Killer Bees 3.JPG

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It would be easy to dismiss the Lifestyles Division in the Un-North Conference as it is the only Division that has not had a team win the Gumbo Bowl. Make no mistake about it, it has some of the toughest teams in the league. At the top of the list is my favorite team, the Battlin' Bozos of Battle Creek. What can I say, I love these guys to death. When they are serious, these guys can play some football. Unfortunately, they are a bunch of clowns and like to goof around at times. Their head coach, Slappy O'Flaherty ( A special figure made for me by a fellow Efer that went by the name TV's Chachi Johnny Manzell ? Sorry, I can't remember his last name) has his work cut out for him.


OFFENSE                                  DEFENSE


1.4 WR                                                                 - 6 LDT

2 Cents RB                                                         AM LDE

5 ½ RB                                                              Dice 6 MLB

! RB                                                                   FM RDE

More 0r Less RB                                      Greaterthanfour SS

Percent RT                                              Left U-turn RCB

Pi QB                                                          Not Allowed FS

Pisces WR                                                One Eleven RDT

? LT                                                            Packman MLB

Snowflake LG                                              Peace NT

Squareroot 17 RG                                      Plus RLB

Target TE                                              Right U-Turn LCB

Triangle C                                                 Smilie LLB

Kicker - Bernie

Head coach: Slappy O’Flaherty


Bozos 1.JPG

Bozos 2.JPG

Bozos 3.JPG

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Quick quiz. What does Richard Simmons, Barney Frank and Liberace have in common? Why, they are all members of the San Francsco Flaming Fairies, you silly goose! Yes, the Fairies... the most politically incorrect team of all time. Don't take them the wrong way. I've known many gay people over the years, and have 2 of them on the roster. My best friend in Jr. High and High School and for many years afterwards until he passed away back in 1992 from the early cases of AIDS, Jack Stone is on defnese. And another young man I knew for a few years after High School before I moved away and lost contact, James Leach at running back. The Fairies also have a gift, a Tiny Tim figure given to me by Scott Hooper

Flaming Fairies

Offense                                          Defense


6 Tommy Cruise QB                                 26 Richard Simmons FS

11 Antoine Devries WR                            37 George Bush RCB

21 James Leach RB                                 40 Forrest Whittaker LCB

29 Robert Reed RB                                 41 Jay Walker SS

30 Gene Simmons TE                            47 Barney Frank RLB

31 Max Packs RB                                   51 George Michaels LLB

45 Johnny “Big Stick” Holmes RB      57 Chris Jericho MLB

50 Jessie “Reverend” Jackson LT         76 El Tonjohn NT

55 Larry Fudgeman RT                         77 Leroy “Bad Man” Brown LDE

61 Sam Stuffer RG                                81 Jack “Bowler” Stone RDE

67 Bubba Roper C                                87 Ron Simmons MLB

69 Tiny Tim WR                                  91 Dick Wanker LDT

71 Wonman Gang LG                         97 Rod Stroker RDT

83 Mike “Moonwalker”Jackson WR


5 Pat Medown

Head Coach    Liberace


SF Flaming Fairies 1.JPG

SF Fairies 2.JPG

SF Fairies 3.JPG

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Next up is a team I dedicated to Lynn Schmidt. I got the idea for them during the Miggle chat board fantasy team draft when Lynn named his team after his upbringing. They are a simple team that doesn't use electricity, telephones or cars and are deeply religious. Of course I'm talking about non other than the Midwest Mennonites. With a bible in their hands and a beard on their chins, the 'Nites are a force to be reckoned with. Instead of a traditional uniforms, they wear pants with suspenders and have bible verses on their backs instead of numbers. They rely on their premier running back, Speedy Ezekiel and linebackers Brother ‘Mad Dog’ Matthias and Henry ‘Hellfire n Brimstone’ McCracken . Don't overlook these guys or else they might get medieval on your heinie!



John 8:7 Stanley Steamer RB

John 3:16 Steve ‘Stone Cold’ Austin TE

John 11:25 Doug ’The Dog’ Kennel C

Luke 6:31 Steven ’Sticky Hands’ Stucky WR

Luke 12:34 Billy Bob ’Bible Thumper’ Weisser QB

Matt 5:3 Walkder Plank RG

Matt 5:5 Luthar Lamp RB

Matt 5:8 Leroy Sutter LG

Matt 6:33 Bubba ’Big Daddy’ Roth RT

Prov 13:1 Lordy Yordy RB

Prov 15:1 Mudder Smucker WR

Prov 22:1 Speedy Ezekiel RB

Tim 6:10 Roger Raber LT


Exodus 20:8 Samuel Smucker RDE

Exodus 20:13 Henry ‘Hellfire n Brimstone’ McCracken MLB

Exodus 20:14 Defender Bender NT

Exodus 20:17 Jebediah Smith LDE

Genesis 1:12 Deoder Yoder LDB

Genesis 3:22 Harry Christner LDE

Genesis 4:8 Abraham Martin John FS

Genesis 19:24 Louis Lapp RDT

Psalms 20:3 Barney Fahrney RLB

Psalms 23:1 Billy Yoder RCB

Psalms 23:4 Brian Brenneman LLB

Romans 6:23 Brother ‘Mad Dog’ Matthias MLB

Romans 8:31 Bud ‘Beerman’ Weisser SS

Special Teams

Rev 21:4 Mathew ‘The Mule’ Martin K

Head Coach   Jeremiah Johnson


Mennonites 1.JPG

Mennonite 2.JPG

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One of the newer teams in the WMLMF is the Cherokee Nation I needed a team to round out the league to an equal number, so I used an old 100% hand painted Redskins team that I made sometime in the mid-90's. I named the players after how they perform on a board, hence the names Little Turtle, Runs In Circles and Scares The Sheep. I won't go into his name as this is a family chat board and there might be children present.

Cherokee Nation


#7 QB - Geronimo

#21 RB - Doublehead

#44 RB - Little Turtle

#84 WR - Koatohee

#81 WR - Runs Like Wind

#88 TE - Tugsalot

#66 LT - Big Like Ox

#73 LG - Running Bear

#53 C - Chief Yonaguska

#68 RG - Chief Red Horse

#74 RT - Sleeping Buffalo

#38 RB - Turns in Circles

#36 RB - Fallsalot

#72 LDE - Sitting Bull

#77 LDT - Tatanka

#78 NT - Stuck In Mud

#65 RDT - Chief Corn Hole

#71 RDE - Tonto

#58 LOLB - Chief Fire Ant

#57 MLB - Screaming Owl

#52 MLB - Scares The Sheep

#51 ROLB - Chief Crazy Horse

#28 RCB - Swims With Fish

#29 S - Painted Rock

#23 S - Howling Dog

#32 LCB - Squanto

#2 K - Kicks Like Mule

Coach - Cochise

Cherokee Nation 1.JPG

Cherokee Nation 2.JPG

Cherokee Nation 3.JPG

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The next two teams are both presents from MFCA players. First up is the Hawiian Fire Lizards They were a gift from Glen Hardaway. It was Glen who got me into Fantasy teams. I used to paint and play with NFL only teams for many years. He put up some posts about teams that he made up himself, one of which was the Fire Liazards. I love this team. It was after reading about them that a bulb went off in my head. Hey, why should I paint NFL teams, when I can make uo my own?? This gave me the inspiration to create 4 team prototypes, the San Francisco Flaming Fairies, Three Mile Island Toxic Waste, Roswell Litte Greys and Kalamazoo Killer Bees. I made the Fairies, Waste and Bees, but put off the Little Greys in favor of the Sasquatch instead. After attending the Miggle convention in Detroit in 2008 I finally had the chance to meet Glen in person. We had a great time and shortly after the convention was over Glen sent me the Fire Lizards out of the blue. This is one of the prettiest teams that I have. I wish they played better, but I guess you can't always have good looks and talent at the same time.

Fire Lizards


QB - Don Ho

RB - Ko Modo

RB - Sal O’Mander

LT - Amos Cooke

LG - Kamehameha

C - Father Damien

RG - Cam Ellion

RT - Draco Blanfordii

TE - Guy Ko

WR - E. Guana

WR - Gilly Monster


LDE - Rip Tide

LDT - Han O’Lulu

NT - Owe Ahu

RDT - Moe Lokai

RDE - Johnny Flame

LLB - Inn Furno

RLB - Bunson Burner

LCB - Horned Toad

RCB - Ma Wee

S - Lee Zard

S - Alo Ha

K - Pie Napple

Coach     GB Glen

Hawaiin Fire Lizards 1.JPG

Hawaiin Fire Lizards 2.JPG

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The other Lifestyles team that I received as a gift is a team created by Lynn Weirdwolf Schmidt, the Kansas City Super Sumos. This is another team that I cherish and wish they had better luck. They are always competitive, but somehow just seem to lose the close games. They have a strong defensive line anchored by Mothra and Godzilla and a stand out wide receiver in Mr. Miyagi. They feature a mixture of Buzzball and Tudor figures and love to rub their mawashis into your face.

Super Sumos


QB #87 B Lee

RB #2 Wax Off

RB #3 Wax On

TE #82 M Kwan

TE #86 J Chan

WR #88 Sulu

WR #89 Mr. Miyagi

OL #66 Suki Aki

OL #67 Suzuki

OL #68 Terry Aki

OL #69 Tom Pura

OL #77 Sushi


DL #75 C Chan

DL #76 Godzilla

DL #78 Mothra

DL #79 Mt Fuji

DL #85 Soo zuki

LB #28 Chopsticks

LB #29 KC Caine

LB #39 Mr. Roboto

LB #38 A Takahashi

DB #1 Hopsing

DB #4 Rice

DB #5 M Kwan

DB #6 Yamiguchi

K #10 Kawa Saki

Coach Tran Zister

KC Super Sumos 1.JPG

KC Super Sumos 2.JPG

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Last, and certainly not least, is the Potpouri Division. This is without doubt the best Division in the WMLMF. It starts with the 3 time Gumbo Bowl champions That 70's Rams Team. This is the first EF team that I ever made way back in 1974. My friend, Jim Jones, was the one who reintroduced the game to me. Like many others, I got a Tudor game in 1968 when I was 12. Not knowing anything about base tweaking or actual rules, my games became pile pushing events and I lost interest, didn't play anymore and my mother threw the game away. After graduating I met Jim, who showed me his teams. Wow, he was a very good painter and had players that actually ran straight. We played for a bit and I was so impressed that the next day we went to the store and bought a 620 game and a 510 game for extra players. Together we painted a '69 Rams team in 2 days. They weren't very good and after a few months decided that I could re-paint them as a 70's Rams team and made a few base changes. They have been this way ever since with no changes. They like to run with John Cappelletti and Lawrence McCutcheon and have the quickest defense in the league. Jack Youngblood and Fred Dreyer are especially quick and hardly a game goes by with them getting at least 1 sack.

Rams Offense

11 QB Pat Haden

22 RB John Cappelletti

26 RB Wendell Tyler

29 WR Harold Jackson

30 RB Lawrence McCutcheon

32 RB Cullen Bryant

60 RG Dennis Harrah

61 C Rich Saul

65 LG Tom Mack

75 RT John Williams

77 LT Doug France

81 WR Ron Jessie

83 TE Terry Nelson

Rams Defense

27 LCB Pat Thomas

28 RCB Rod Perry

42 SS Dave Elmendorf

48 FS Bill Simpson

52 MLB George Andrews

53 LLB Jim Youngblood

58 RLB Isiah Robertson

64 MLB Jack Reynolds

71 NT Reggie Doss

76 LDT Cody Jones

85 LDE Jack Youngblood

89 RDE Fred Dryer

90 RDT Larry Brooks

Kicker  10 Bruce Gossett

Coach   Chuck Knox

Rams 1.JPG

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Oh my God, they killled Kenny!” If you ever watch Comedy Central then you know which team is next. With Stan Marsh at quarterback, Butters, Pip, Kyle, Mr. Garrison, Officer Barbrady and Jimbo and Ned, I'm talking about the South Park Cows. The children are on offense and the 'adults' on defense. Of course, Chef is their coach and Big Gay Al handles the kicking. I based their uniforms loosly on the TV show, using an alternate blue instead of the ugly green jersey and made the pants a little more cow like. They are actually a very good team and can beat anyone else in the league.

South Park Cows

Offense                   Defense

QB #4 Stan                      RDE #80 R. Marsh

RB #13 Kenny                 LDE #96 Mr. Slave

RB #20 Butters               NT #69 Mr. Garrison

TE #29 Bradley              RDT #79 Barbrady

WR #00 Pip                    LDT #86 G. Broflowski

WR #12 Kyle                 LLB #25 Jesus

LT #77 Clyde                 MLB #50 Ned

LG #71 Tweek                MLB #51 Jimbo

C #68 Cartman               RLB #26 Santa

RG #60 Token                LCB #44 Dr. Mephisto

RT #59 Craig                 RCB #37 Mr. Mackey

                                         SS #2 Mr. Hankey

                                         WS #1 Towelie

K – Big Gay Al

Coach – Chef


Well, as it turns out, I can't post any more pics in this post. I'll do a separate teams pictures post in the gallery section later. For now, I;ll finish the league


As the 4th original member of the league, the Three Mile Island Toxic Waste was the last one to finally earn a playoff spot in the last season that I played. They always had the talent to win, but poor attitudes and selfishness always did them in. Jim Baker is a standout wide receiver while Dick Cheney anchors the defense.

Toxic Waste

OFFENSE                    DEFENSE

11 George Dubya QB                   20 Don King RCB

17 Jim Baker WR                         21 Dick ‘Tricky’ Nixon LCB

19 Terry Owens WR                     37 Dick Cheney S

27 Eric Dickheadson RB               39 Ollie North S

30 Steve Colbert RB                     44 Carlos Helu RLB

32 Orenthal Simpson RB             57 Jessie Jackson LLB

41 Sean Hannity RB                    62 Ted Kennedy MLB

50 Don 'The Con' Trump C          63 John McCain MLB

52 Moscow Mitch RT                  75 Willie ‘Mayor’ Brown LDE

67 Ralph Nader RG                     77 Lindsey Graham LDT

69 Malcolm Ex LT                      83 Colon Powell RDE

70 Franklin Sinatra LG               90 Rush Limbaugh NT

81 Jerry Falwell TE                    91 Al Sharpton RDT

Kicker     5 Fidel Castro

Head Coach    Sarah Palin


The last 2 teams were both gifts as well. Mike Guttmann is a great painter and has done many teams for other people. He made a team for himself called the Tundra, but after a few years decided to paint a different version of them. One day I got a package in the mail and lo and behold, it had his old team in it. They are a perfect fit for the league and I call them the Artic Tundra. They are one of the prettiest teams I've ever seen and I'm very thankful of Mike's generosity.

Arctic Tundra

Offense                                Defense

QB #7 Michelangelo Guttman           LCB #40 Burtrub Seles

RB #22 Colonel Sanders                    LOLB #55 Thrilla Churilla

RB #30 Alan Allan Allen                     LDE #67 Ima Aiken

RB #44 Horatio Huss                         LDT #68 Neil Young

TE #81 Elias Wallace                         NT #60 Sony Phillips

WR #86 Barnabas Collins                RDT #65 Oreo Nebben

WR #80 Scale Richter                       RDE #66 Cheese Hammond

LT #58 Honeybaked Ham                ROLB #59 Adam Lambert

LG #45 Solomon Schafer                RCB #42 Vacant Lott

C #90 Winternone Summerall         MLB #95 Nintendo Madden

RG #78 Girly Manley                        MLB #88 Dawhite Swann

RT #54 Brookmeijer Blair                SS #32 Hannibal Harris

FS #34 Zeus Stafford

Kicker – MT Fields

Coach – Perma Frost


The last team was a team that I painted for Brian Hightower. He asked me to make an 11 man team based on the Sharks from the movie On Any Given Sunday. After that. He wanted me to paint 11 more. A couple of years later he decided that he wanted me to have them, so I thanked him and dubbed them the Pacific Sharks. They are a very strong team with a lot of speed. They are not only movie stars, but they also have the distinction of being the Postal League champions. What's the Postal League you ask? A few years ago we had a league where you mailed your team to another coach who played a game using your team and a different one sent by another coach. After he played the game, he sent 1 team to one coach and the other team to a different coach. Each coach used his own solitaire rules and board. To be successful you had to have a versatile team that could perform on any board and under different rule sets. The Sharks won the title and still hold the crown as we only had the 1 season. Their quarterback is Chevy Chase (Land Shark), and you're not.



QB #9 Chevy Chase

RB #31 Hammerhead

RB #33 Tiger

TE #49 Blue

WR #83 Lemon

WR #85 Zebra

LT #50 Whale

LG #68 Saw

C #51 Frilled

RG #67 Bluntnose

RT #70 Bull


LDE #81 Whitetip

LDT #82 Reef

RDT #94 Sand

RDE #95 Blacktip

LLB #58 Mako

MLB #66 Great White

RLB #57 Land

LCB #30 Bernardo

RCB #44 Chino

SS #42 Blind

WS #7 Bruce


K Red Tail

Coach    Mac DaKnife









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Thanks guys. You caught me right in the middle of posting this. I had to alter quite a bit and it took a lot of time. Also, I ran out of allotted picture posts for some reason, but I see that I can add them now. That's strange.Anyways, here's the rest of the pics of teams

Rams 2.JPG

South Park Cows 1.JPG

South Park Cows 2.JPG

South Park Cows 3.JPG

Toxic Waste 1.JPG

Toxic Waste 2.JPG

Toxic Waste 3.JPG

Artic Tundra 1.JPG

Arctic Tundra 2.JPG

Pacific Sharks 1.JPG

Pacific Sharks 2.JPG

Pacific Sharks 3.JPG

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